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Ideafy overview jan 2014


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Ideafy overview jan 2014

  1. 1. Innovation for U Ideafy overview January 2014
  2. 2. About Ideafy Ideafy™ offers a complete range of methods, software and services to boost enterprise innovation
  3. 3. About Ideafy Our mission: Innovation for U! help our clients make the most of their innovation potential and create great user experiences! Our skills: innovation management & software development! Ideafy LLC founded in 2014 and based in Fresno,CA in the United States! Taiaut SAS founded in 2012 and headquartered in Bernardswiller, France! Incubated by SEMIA and member of the ng Connect Program innovation ecosystem
  4. 4. Innovation ideafined ENTERPRISE INNOVATION! Key success factors! ! Skills! ! Processes! ! Tools Innovation is adventure!
  5. 5. Ideafy portfolio Brainstorming and idea management software suite CONSULTING! COACHING! EXECUTION! ! ! ! Strategy! Program! Ecosystem Training! Facilitation! Content development !5 Installation! Integration! Customization! Maintenance
  6. 6. Supporting end-to-end innovation
  7. 7. Ideafy software solution Web application for PC browsers and tablets Highly efficient graphical user interface Remote collaboration anywhere, anytime Brainstorming Idea Management !7 Community
  8. 8. The Ideafy experience !8
  9. 9. Our innovations Methodology user centric! Technology next gen web! Deployment à la carte! Business model disruptive
  10. 10. Methodology End-user focus is the alpha and omega! Collaborative approach! Problem identification and solving! Idea formatting! Elevator pitches (R2)! Value chain analysis (R2)! Innovation projects (R2)! Events (brainstorming contests / innovation challenges) (R2)
  11. 11. Hot technologies HTML 5 / CSS ! ! couchDBlucene real-time web Javascript CouchDB nodejs ! PhoneGap SmartOS ! Client side Server side !11
  12. 12. Easy & flexible deployment In the cloud or in the enterprise network! ! Free and publicly accessible platform hosted by Joyent Unlimited number of clients (PCs or tablets) !12
  13. 13. Business model Price per instance starting from 30k$* or 12k$/year**! unlimited number of clients On premise or hosted managed service ! À la carte services! look and feel! custom features and/or plugins! integration! maintenance! administration (cloud only)! admin and user training *installation support included! ! ! **Starting PaaS including redundancy and load balancing
  14. 14. Are you ready to Ideafy? Unique, comprehensive solution! Rapid flow of new ideas ! Remote collaboration ensures a quick return on investment! Web technologies ensure flexible, fast and easy deployment options! State-of-the-art, open & extensible tools to match your evolution needs! Public beta at
  15. 15. INNOVATION MADE EASY Thank you Enterprise Edition