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Základ prezentace praha twinspace


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Základ prezentace praha twinspace

  1. 1. Twinspace Presentation The Contact Seminar Prague 8th May – 9th May 2014 Presenters : Eva Münchová, Pavla Šabatková What is eTwinning? eTwinning is the Community for schools in Europe.
  2. 2. A safe collaborative platform for teachers and pupils to use in a project. The TwinSpace offers privacy to each project and is available once the project is approved by the NSS. Activities (outcomes) in TwinSpaces can be published on the Internet by their administrators or can be private only for project participants  What is Twinspace ?
  3. 3. You can edit your own profile You can easily contact all the members of the project via Twinspace mailbox.
  4. 4. You can invite pupils, other teachers and visitors in your team : You can also select the role of these new TwinSpace members Teacher Member (some editing rights) or Teacher Administrator (full rights). Pupil Member or Administrator Visitor (viewing rights only);
  5. 5. You can organise and manage all your project activities in the first place !
  6. 6. Each TwinSpace is equipped with a private Chat room for teachers and pupils to use throughout their project(s) A chat room is an online area for real time text-based discussions. You can also use Staff room and your pupils can use their own space called Pupils´corner.
  7. 7. Thank You for the Attention  Contacts : Eva Münchova Pavla Šabatkova