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How does a VPN work - A Quick Guide by VPNSTORE


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Know what the purpose of VPN is and how VPN works with browser and application, and allows the user to access the restricted content.

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How does a VPN work - A Quick Guide by VPNSTORE

  1. 1. How does a VPN works
  2. 2. When a user tries to access a website/restricted content over the internet by using a VPN connection. VPN Provider BrowserUser
  3. 3. Browser/App request VPN Provider to access the Connection VPN Provider Browser Application Using the local IP address.
  4. 4. VPN provider requests VPN server for the connection VPN Provider VPN Server
  5. 5. VPN server accept the Request from VPN Provider VPN Server Website Server VPN Server requests the Website server to access that website with an new and unique IP Address.
  6. 6. Website server accept and open-up the connection for VPN Server Website Server VPN Server
  7. 7. VPN Server open-up the connection back to the provider. VPN Server The provider allows the user to access that website. VPN Provider
  8. 8. Finally, the user can access the restricted website or content. Here, the New IP Address is allocated to the user and the user remains anonymous.
  9. 9. Importance of VPN Access blocked Content Anonymity Privacy & Encryption