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takeOn is a mobile competition platform for fun, for companies to crowdsource, to find global solutions. Coming on iPhone 2nd week Nov., then 2 weeks later Android, then WinPhone. Download it for free, use it for fun, or use it to crowdsource your company contests with everything built in!

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  • Final brandedbrochure for takeOn Competiton Mobile Platform

    1. 1. A revolution in mobile entertainment, social networking and competing! Create fun competitions to share with the world, participate in other contests, vote for entries of other users, and win prizes! Harness the power of the world by crowdsourcing company decisions, find new talent to sponsor or hire, let us evangelize your company on social media, and gain insightful business analytics! Meet the Team, Learn Our Mission, Our Values, and Our Community Involvement COMPETITIONS! • PEER-TO-PEER VOTING • “BRANDED” COMPETITIONS • PRIZES and OPPORTUNITIES • BE FOUND! • CREATE WACKY, JUST-FOR-FUN CONTESTS!
    2. 2. “takeOn” is a new type of entertainment on your mobile device that combines fun, wacky competitions created by you and voted on by the world or only your chosen friends. Rack up points on our Leaderboard for Creating Competitions, Voting, and Entering Competitions to get social media notoriety and win weekly prizes. It’s also a platform for new and innovative ways for Companies (“Branded Competitions”) to crowdsource solutions to company questions, gaining new fans across many new channels, and receive powerful and insightful analytics on your Branded Competitions. Our Platform will help you find new talent to sponsor the world over, find solutions to company problems without having to hire a full-time employee, or use our platform within your corporation to promote, gain insights, or see what talent you have in your organization that you weren't aware of! Let us promote your next game or event during the event, creating even more buzz than via traditional channels or individual social media sites! Below is a sampling of the great genres in which to create competitions, but don’t limit yourself – takeOn encourages out-of-the-box thinking!  HUMOR  TRAVEL  FILM  BLOOPERS  ENVIRONMENTAL  PHOTOGRAPHY  FASHION  EVENT-DRIVEN  FOOD/DRINK  HEALTH/FITNESS  PHILANTHROPY  SPORTS/EXTREME  FESTIVALS  MUSIC  BRAINSTORMING  DESIGN  PETS  TECHNOLOGY  BOOKS/LITERATURE  PUZZLES/MORE Do what you normally do with your friends, but use your mobile phone to take a video or photo and share it with the world via a competition or an entry to an existing one! Submit contests, enter a contest, or vote on a contest on the fly, as you’re out there living your life doing what you love best! What do you rock at? Show the world how you can hot dog that snowboarding course via a snowboarding contest or look for “Branded” contests looking for your talent! Do you have a bizarre talent? Or have you just seen the funniest blooper ever? Create a contest on that! The opportunities abound…  NATURE  DISCOVERY  ADVERTISING  ISPY/HUNTS Do you have specific problem-solving skills? Put them to use for companies, organizations, and win prizes for your talents! Solve world problems in the environment, in technology, in the sciences/math or other areas of expertise. Share your philanthropic endeavors, and more! COMPETITION! • HAVE FUN! • BE FOUND! • PRIZES! • “BRANDED” COMPETITIONS! 1 of 21
    3. 3. When you join takeOn, you become a Participant, meaning you’ve “begun the fun!” Participants create fun competitions for the world or a select group of friends to compete against in a never-ending list of genres. If you’re waiting for class to start, sitting at a doctor’s office, or anywhere at all, you can create contests within approximately 1 minute! You can also vote on other competitions, submit entries on other competitions that other participants have started. The more you participate in these activities, your “Leaderboard” points accrue, and if you have the most points at the end of the week, you win great prizes! You can invite your friends to join the fun, and share your proud competition entry to multiple social media networks right from the mobile app! Use our integrated chat functionality to talk with your friends without leaving takeOn! You’ll be notified each time someone votes for your entry, leaves you messages, enters your contests, to remind you that an important competition is closing to check to see where you stand and so much more! Import your contact list and invite them all to join the fun, and watch our YouTube channel to see if you’re featured. Make yourself go viral! Many competitions will have their own prizes, but look for our Company “Branded” competitions where you have a chance to win big-time prizes and even “dreams come true” opportunities! Create competitions within your area of expertise or study to find answers to your real-world problems, help solve world issues, or use your innovation to create something new. Showcase your inventions on takeOn and be discovered…or, see if anyone has a better solution than you do. The possibilities are endless, but the fun is guaranteed! Or, simply look at our site daily for a great belly-laugh! COMPETITION! • HAVE FUN! • BE FOUND! • PRIZES! • “BRANDED” COMPETITIONS! 2 of 21
    4. 4. Best Britany Spears Imitation Best Skateboard Tricks The Best Pillow Fight Contest How fun would this be? Get together with your girlfriends and your mobile camera and crack up while watching each other imitate Britany Spears…in good times or bad… Do you have dreams of becoming the next “branded” skateboard pro? Upload your best skateboarding video and compete to win the sponsorship of a world-famous skateboard (and more) company… Gather the gang together on a Saturday night to have the pillow fight of your life! Have a blast while vying to win and be featured on YouTube, Facebook, and more… COMPETITION! • HAVE FUN! • BE FOUND! • PRIZES! • “BRANDED” COMPETITIONS! 3 of 21
    5. 5. Participants 48 Entry Media Video Genre Film End Date 12/15/2013 “Thriller” Dance-off! So ‘ya think you can dance? And you love Michael Jackson? Then here’s the contest for you! Grab all your zombie friends and let’s see who’s the best “Thriller-dance” entry for this competition! COMPETITION! • HAVE FUN! • BE FOUND! • PRIZES! • “BRANDED” COMPETITIONS! 4 of 21
    6. 6. Capture our wacky world as you’re living it! Everyday we see hilarious things around us…share via a competition and thusly share the laughter! COMPETITION! • HAVE FUN! • BE FOUND! • PRIZES! • “BRANDED” COMPETITIONS! 5 of 21
    7. 7. Train your brain, solve puzzles, outsmart your peers. This genre includes all types of brain teasers, word plays, and many more Rubic-cube-type puzzles! COMPETITION! • HAVE FUN! • BE FOUND! • PRIZES! • “BRANDED” COMPETITIONS! 6 of 21
    8. 8. Help solve the world’s problems with your unique input and ideas. The collective brain, via crowdsourcing real-world problems and third-world issues, can produce the best and most surprising results. COMPETITION! • HAVE FUN! • BE FOUND! • PRIZES! • “BRANDED” COMPETITIONS! 7 of 21
    9. 9. “My baby is cuter than your baby!” … “No way! Mine is the cutest!”… Families make for some of the most amusing and unbelievable moments for a contest! What’s yours? COMPETITION! • HAVE FUN! • BE FOUND! • PRIZES! • “BRANDED” COMPETITIONS! 8 of 21
    10. 10. A crowdsourced competition is an effective tool for engaging audiences, reinforcing brand awareness, and expanding your customer database via mobile devices. They create a positive association with your company and generates repeat interactions with your current user-base while simultaneously expanding your consumer reach. We connect you with our biggest influencers so that you get the exposure and interaction with the largest market possible. Create customer advocates who will become company evangelists, spreading the good word about your company long after your competition ends! takeOn additionally amplifies this effect via massive social media blasts about your competitions and we motivate users to tell their friends and share on their own social media sites! Exposure, exposure, exposure! Corporations today realize the new b2c (business-to-consumer) marketing environment. Your loyal customers become your online activists and spread good news about your company through multiple social media outlets. When you engage your fan-base to help you, you give them an ego-boost online, and this loyalty spreads like fire! You can solve internal problems that you can’t solve in-house, harnessing the collective intelligence. You can come up with great new slogans, product names, etc. by increasing the amount of people helping you for a (relatively) small price (prizes). Additionally, you generate many more suggestions coming from a wide-variety of backgrounds, life experiences, and unbiased users. The benefits for companies are a tremendously long list… Looking for the next star for your action sports company? They might live in an area you’ve never heard of, but with the power of mobile devices, videos can be taken anywhere. COMPETITION! • HAVE FUN! • BE FOUND! • PRIZES! • “BRANDED” COMPETITIONS! 9 of 21
    11. 11. In-house generated competitions on your own website are expensive to execute and only reach whomever visits your site. takeOn’s platform has everything you need to run a successful competition built-in the application for you! Everything you need to run a crowdsourced competition comes “out of the box”: an established user-base, photography, videography, competition structure, participation incentives, social media blasts, tapping the ever-growing user transition from stationary computers and laptops to mobile users, and powerful analytics and business intelligence1. This gives you the ability to run as many competitions for any reason that benefits your company – even if it’s just for fun (with your companyrelated prizes or benefits for the winners), just to gain a larger fan-base. Samples of company-related prizes include (but not limited to) the following (it’s up to you, usually tied to your product or services):  Monetary Rewards  Sponsor New Talent  Feature on Commercials  A timeframe where your product is free  A job!  Product Promotion with Winner Entries  Free trips  A Product of Winner’s Choice  Free Restaurant Meals, Movie Tickets…  Some Braniac Prize (If Genre Fits)  Publication of Winner’s Entry  Concert Tickets, the list is endless! Some of the Major Sponsor Benefits (SB) are explained in the next few slides… 1 At the time of this writing, we are still building up our complete analytics and business intelligence solutions COMPETITION! • HAVE FUN! • BE FOUND! • PRIZES! • “BRANDED” COMPETITIONS! 10 of 21
    12. 12. If you read the infographic to the right, you can readily see “How Your Brand Can Catch Fire on Social Media”. You’ll also gain insight as to “why” people interact with your brand. 77% of consumers read posts and updates from brands, 58% do it because they are a customer, and 57% of “Likers” want to receive discounts and promotions (VIOLA!). You want your fans to interact with you in fun yet beneficial ways because statistics show that 56% of users who “Like” or promote your brand through our competition platform are more likely to make a purchase (VIOLA!)! The spread and reach doesn’t stop there. 17% of your “Likers” share their experiences and news stories with others about your brand, 13% of fans post updates about brands they like, and finally, 75% of women and 74% of men happily share their preferred brands (VIOLA!). Let’s look at some more statistics in this infographic. Look at the section that states “What you should offer to keep fans engaged.” 67% want exclusive offers (VIOLA!), 60% want to interact with other customers and share their experiences (VIOLA!), 57% want games, contests, and other unique experiences (VIOLA!), 50% want service and support, and 41% of users want to share their ideas for new products and features (VIOLA!) takeOn has all of this built into the platform! takeOn provides the ability for users to share your awesome competitions via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Groups, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram (VIOLA!)! 1 1 Some of these social media sites are still being implemented at the time of this writing COMPETITION! • HAVE FUN! • BE FOUND! • PRIZES! • “BRANDED” COMPETITIONS! 11 of 21
    13. 13. Mobile phone sales have skyrocketed in the past decade due to significant advances in technology and new innovative trends in the market. Web devices have reshaped every aspect of our society. Understanding the impact that smartphones have in our world can give perspective on not only the accomplishments of technology, but a perspective outlook towards the future. Although the infographic to the right is difficult to read if you’re reading this non-electronically, the study done indeed predicts the title of this slide. Today, more than 6 billion (out of 7 billion people worldwide, more than 87% of the world population) are mobile users (VIOLA!)! Out of those mobile users, 1.2 billion use the mobile web, and there has never been such a rapid adoption of a consumer device since the invention of the television. Why wouldn’t you want to harness this huge user-base for your company? If we look at the usage of mobile internet demographics, we find that 51.3% are male and 48.7% are female. By age group, 6.9% are ages 13-17, 17.2% are between 18-24, 25.6% are between 25-34, 20.7% are between 35-44, 15.6% are between 45-55, and 14.6% are over the age of 55. And believe it or not, the fastest growing age demographic in mobile adoption is currently over 55 years old! Combine that information with using mobile devices on some social media sites, we find 680 million out of 1.6 billion monthly active users use Facebook, 200+ million videos are watched on mobile devices every day, and 82.5 million out of 165 million users use Twitter on mobile (VIOLA!). In the US, 25% of internet users are mobile only, 8 trillion text messages were sent in 2011. Mobile ad spending was 3.3 billion in 2011 and is predicted to be 20.6 billion in 2015. 1 in 7 searches is now sent from a mobile device. And 71% of smartphone users that see a captivating TV, press, or mobile advertisement will immediately do a mobile search (VIOLA!). Go “takeOn the World” by using our mobile platform to promote your company in many ways. Over 300,000 apps have been developed in the past 3 years, and apps have been downloaded 10.9 billion times! COMPETITION! • HAVE FUN! • BE FOUND! • PRIZES! • “BRANDED” COMPETITIONS! 12 of 21
    14. 14. As you can see in the infographic to the right, most companies simply can’t afford do develop their in-house business intelligence or sometimes unknown web analytics. This is unfortunate, because customer analytics is a vital tool used to discover important information, anticipate customer behavior, and drive loyalty, among many other valuable insights that help improve all aspects of their organization – including sales and marketing optimization, inventory planning, fraud prevention and more. 69% of companies that responded to this survey use customer analytics to support core sales and marketing goals (VIOLA!). 63% stated they use analytics to enhance customer satisfaction (VIOLA!). 46% use analytics to increase customer loyalty (VIOLA!). But the uber-powerful information someone can use from analytics doesn’t stop there. Customer analytics are also used to identify critical trends that impact the products or services companies sell and the channels used to sell them. 62% use it for improving product or service design (VIOLA!), 60% use it to optimize marketing and channel benefits (VIOLA!), and 49% use it to design or improve customer channel strategy (VIOLA!) If you’re not using customer analytics based on data to measure the key performance indicators (KPIs) for your company, you’re simply guessing. Let takeOn help you with this! COMPETITION! • HAVE FUN! • BE FOUND! • PRIZES! • “BRANDED” COMPETITIONS! 13 of 21
    15. 15. The infographic to the right is entitled “The Digital Marketing Trio of 2013.” Boy, we’ve come a long way from the old days of “Build It and They Will Come”. Companies have to be not only technologically savvy, but data-savvy in order to make proper business decisions. Let takeOn’s platform take over that headache for you! 2013 will have some of the biggest growth spurts in digital marketing that we’ve ever seen. The “Digital Marketing Trio” consists of 3 key elements; Social, Mobile, and Content (VIOLA!). Social media produces almost twice the marketing leads than trade shows, telemarketing, direct mail, or PPC (Pay-per-Click) do. It has lead conversión rates 13% higher than average lead conversión rates. 46% of online users rely on social media when making purchase decisions, and 63% of Companies say posting valuable content on social media has increased marketing effectiveness (VIOLA!) 52% of marketers found customers via Facebook in 2013, 43% found customers on LinkedIn, and 36% found them on Twitter (VIOLA!) Now things get even more interesting! 70% of people in the US say they would like to receive offers on their mobile phones (VIOLA!) The number of US mobile coupon users will jump from 12.3 million in 2010 to 53.2 million in 2014 (VIOLA!) Mobile searches related to restaurants have a conversión rate of 90% with 64% converting within the hour. 98% of text messages (our “Notifications”) are read, compared to 22% of emails, 29% of tweets and 12% of Facebook posts (VIOLA!) SMS marketing coupons are 10 times more likely to be redeemed and shared than mail or newspaper coupons, and 22% of mobile coupons are shared with at least 1 friend (VIOLA!) Moving on to content marketing, 61% of consumers say they feel better about a company that delivers custom content, and they are more likely to buy from that company (VIOLA!) and 78% of consumers believe that organizations providing custom content are interested in building good relationships with them (VIOLA!) Leads from inbound/content marketing costs on average 61%m les than outbound marketing tools (VIOLA!) COMPETITION! • HAVE FUN! • BE FOUND! • PRIZES! • “BRANDED” COMPETITIONS! 14 of 21
    16. 16. takeOn can be live at your next event, driving event awareness, event activities, and event awesomeness! We’ll be there cheering on attendees who share the most on the internet about your event, giving out prizes (supplied by you) for your biggest event advocates! On the other hand, we can do this without our engaging personalities and simply monitor the results from afar. Let’s take an example of one of the biggest events for our US user-base, the Super Bowl. In the infographic to the right, you’ll see how prevalent and ubiquitous smartphone usage is being used, monitored, and analyzed today – and this is guaranteed to grow at an unbelievable rate! During Super Bowl XLVI (the statistics shown were very, very accurate predictions, the power of analytics – VIOLA!), 60% of mobile users looked at or used their mobile device during the event. 83% of viewers used their mobile device more than in the previous years Super Bowl (rising trends – VIOLA!) 39% of viewers under the age of 45 will be watching the game with their device in hand, to share great moments online (VIOLA!) Approximately half of all viewers age 18 and older checked their device up to 10 times (on average) during the game (VIOLA!) And even though Super Bowl fans are super dedicated to the game, 13% used their mobile device during game play! During the halftime show, 26% of men and 13% of women turned their attention to their mobile devices instead of watching the show (VIOLA!) 22% of users between 18-34 used their mobile device more frequently than in past years (VIOLA!), an average of 19 times during the game (VIOLA!) 97% of mobile users watched the game with at least one other person, and almost half of viewers using their mobile device know someone is watching them online during the game (VIOLA!) Even 31% of mobile users 55 and older had someone watching their online posts as well (VIOLA!) Let takeOn make these percentages grow astronomically at your next event! COMPETITION! • HAVE FUN! • BE FOUND! • PRIZES! • “BRANDED” COMPETITIONS! 15 of 21
    17. 17. Big Green Idea Contest Solve global issues within your company or for the entire world; using the takeOn platform, ideas for the better of us all can be solved, whether one step at a time or with a “Eureka!” moment.. Best Image Newsletter for Our Corporate Make it known to your user-base just how special you are…how much you stand out among the rest…and are out-of-the-box thinkers by holding competitions for your emails or newsletters, and more… Fundraising Contests Whether your fundraising efforts are for internal use, use for promotions, or philanthropic fundraising corporate initiatives, why limit the creativity to just your Sales or Marketing Team? The world is your oyster… COMPETITION! • HAVE FUN! • BE FOUND! • PRIZES! • “BRANDED” COMPETITIONS! 16 of 21
    18. 18. Below are the two main pricing models for using the takeOn platform. On the next slide, you’ll see an “Introductory / Promotional” pricing model that will be available for a limited amount of time after our beta launch. Following that, you’ll see current and future additional purchase options for Sponsors. PRICING OPTION 1 - No Variable Component, Only Flat Fee (total due at signing):  OPTION 1 To be featured as “Contest of the Day” on any day during the duration of your competition USD 1,000  OPTION 2 To hold a competition for One (1) Week USD 2,500  OPTION 3 To hold a competition for Two (2) Weeks USD 5,000  OPTION 4 To hold a competition for One (1) Month USD 10,000 PRICING OPTION 2 – Small Flat Fee + Variable Components Based on Users (flat fee due at signing, variable fees paid when competition is over; we will hand over data then, as well): Variable Components To be featured as “Contest of the Day” on any day during the USD 100  OPTION 1 duration of your competition + Variable Component  OPTION 2 To hold a competition for One (1) Week + Variable Component USD 250  OPTION 3 To hold a competition for Two (2) Weeks + Variable Component USD 500  OPTION 4 To hold a competition for One (1) Month + Variable Component USD 1,000 Unique Participants USD 0.50 per participant Unique Voters USD 0.10 per voter Sample: If 1,000 people submit 100,000 votes, the Sponsors only pay us 1,000 * 0.10 = USD 100 COMPETITION! • HAVE FUN! • BE FOUND! • PRIZES! • “BRANDED” COMPETITIONS! 17 of 21
    19. 19. PRICING OPTION 3 – Introductory / “Early Adopters” Promotional Offer Both Pricing Structures 1 and 2 are offered FREE FOR THE FIRST 1,000 UNIQUE VIEWS OR THE FIRST 100 ENTRIES, upon which the Sponsor pays the full price at this time, based upon a prior chosen Pricing Structure ( 1 or 2 ), before the free promotional offer begins. ADDITIONAL PROMOTIONAL “FREEBIES”, FOR 1 MONTH ONLY! • takeOn will include Business Intelligence and Analytics for free. There will be an additional fee for this in 1 month after launch. This data will be given to you within a week of the contest ending • takeOn will give you free banner space for 1 month after launch • As an “Early Adopter”, you will receive an additional 10% discount on all subsequent competitions held with takeOn Prize Distribution Options: • • • takeOn can take care of all prize distribution logistics at our cost, paid up front, or… takeOn can take care of all prize distribution at cost and bill you (NET 15), or… You can sign a contract stating you will distribute the prizes yourself, and if you fail to deliver, the liability lies with you, not takeOn 1 Some of these additional opportunities for Sponsors to gain additional exposure via Ads and more, and the types of analytics being given to Sponsors are still being implemented at the time of this writing COMPETITION! • HAVE FUN! • BE FOUND! • PRIZES! • “BRANDED” COMPETITIONS! 18 of 21
    20. 20. Kim Schmidt Pranav Kanoria • takeOn’s Pioneer, Thought Leader, and CEO • BA and BSC from Duke University • Rich Experience in Managing Companies in Diverse Industries such as Cement, Industrial Gases, and Real Estate • 3 Years Experience as a Management Consultant with Accenture India where He Worked on Multiple Assignments Across Varied Industries such as Oil and Gas, Petrochem, Textiles, Real Estate, and Power Ashok Hingorani • Distinguished, World-Renown Developer/Architect Team Owner • Master of Technologies • Microsoft MVP • Worked side-by-side with Ray Ozzie, who took Bill Gates’ place when Bill retired from Chief Software Architect at MSFT • Global Philanthropist Saumya Khona • 13 Years Experience as an Entrepreneur Working in the Field of Design, Advertising, and Digital Marketing • Founder of Many Companies, such as the following: Flaky, Mellow and Grounded; Geronemo; Field of Dreams; and Partner in Home Grown India COMPETITION! • HAVE FUN! • BE FOUND! • PRIZES! • “BRANDED” COMPETITIONS! “Miss Community”, “Kim the Connection String”, Leads 2 Dev User Groups totaling 700 members, 7 Technical Certs, Merged 3 PubliclyTraded Companies into 1 Web Presence in 7 languages (incl. Chinese and Japanese), Involved with 2 Books, “Smart Business Intelligence Solutions with MSFT SQL Server 2008” and “Hacking Silverlight”, Won “Best Technology” Windows 7 Incubation Week at MSFT, “Princeton’s Global Network 2013-2014 Honorary Woman of Distinction”, “2013 Edition of Worldwide Who’s Who”, “National Asso. Of Professional Women’s 20112012 Woman of the Year” 19 of 21
    21. 21. takeOn Competitions Indian Global Headquarters: c/o Asiatic Oxygen, Ltd. c/o Bagalkot Cement & Industries, Ltd. Stadium House, Block No 1, 6th Floor Veer Nariman Road Churchgate, Mumbai – 400 020 - India Phone: 91 22 43552000 US Headquarters: +1 949-466-7033 takeOn Social Media Sites/Web Presences Facebook Twitter YouTube StumbleUpon Google+ LinkedIn Groups *Coming Soon! Pinterest Sponsor Site *Register Now for Discounted Rates! Instagram takeOn Blog tumblr. Webpage COMPETITION! • HAVE FUN! • BE FOUND! • PRIZES! • “BRANDED” COMPETITIONS! 20 of 21
    22. 22. Now “Go takeOn the World!” COMPETITION! • HAVE FUN! • BE FOUND! • PRIZES! • “BRANDED” COMPETITIONS! 21 of 21