Entrada Script (Draft)


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Entrada Script (Draft)

  1. 1. Entrada Starring: Ajay Chander as Charlie Foster/Ghost Renu Tank as Janet Foster, Charlie‘s Mother Ashley Sangu as Timmy Goodwin Shahrukh Ali Farrakh as Danny Kundera Vinay Kilaire as Cole Orwell Prologue Scene FADE IN: Establishing shot of the house, slowly tracking inwards, nighttime. Charlie should be in bed. Janet is downstairs. She can hear voices upstairs. She listens to it as she leans against the banister. [MUFFLED WHISPERING VOICES] MOTHER: Charlie? [WHISPERING CARRIES ON] MOTHER: (Louder) Charlie? She follows the sound upstairs and looks into Charlie‘s room from the top of the stairs. Charlie‘s door is slightly open enough to see inside. She can see Charlie sitting on the floor, cross-legged, rocking back and forth, and whispering at the same time. She can also see a white glimmer of an object on Charlie‘s wall. After she notices this, Charlie‘s door slams shut. Janet runs to open the door, only to find Charlie is in bed and nothing is on the wall above him, as if everything is normal. She then goes back out the room and closes the door. She stays by the door listening to him. [WHISPERING STARTS AGAIN] Janet storms into the room and finds Charlie in the position she saw him in before and the object that she barely saw before was a white mask. There is also writing all over the wall. Janet snaps Charlie out of his trance and drags him out of the room, away from themask. The next day, Janet walks out the house towards the rubbish bin by the sidewalk. We move to a view from inside the rubbish bin. Janet opens the bin and throws the mask in and closes it. [WHISPERING VOICES SLOWLY FADE IN] Charlie opens the bin with his eyes blank, appearing possessed. He takes the mask out of the bin. The next thing we see is Charlie disappearing with the mask into a forest. – FADE OUT
  2. 2. SCENE 1 We move to a field with a forest nearby. 3 people are on an expedition for the Duke of Edinburgh award. We see Timmy video logging, zooming in on his face. Danny is playing ―D4NNY – Goodbye‖ from his phone. Cole is up ahead looking at the map with the compass in his hand. Timmy is playing with camera. Cole has a camera as well. Timmy‘s Camera TIMMY: Is it on? Is it on? [Realises its recording.] Oh yeah, yeah, it‘s on. This is Danny and Cole. [Shows Danny and Cole] DANNY: Are you recording me? [Smiles at the camera] Have you heard this song? It‘s called Goodbye. Cole,look at this! [Cole turns around] COLE: [Tuts and looks at them with an annoyed look on his face] TIMMY: What? COLE: I‘m trying to figure out where to go and you guys are messing around. [Sighs and walks on] TIMMY/DANNY: [Curses him] We cut to all three of them walking. The sun is setting. Cole is on the phone to another group on the expedition. Timmy has the camera. Cole is up ahead and Danny just in front of Timmy. TIMMY: Batty man ‗vlog‘, take 2, we‘re lost! [PAUSE] Seriously though, where are we going? DANNY: Just follow Cole, man. CUT— they‘ve all stopped surrounding Cole and his phone, which is on loudspeaker. We can hear Cole and someone from the other group talking.
  3. 3. COLE: We are past Waidbury footpath and we went through the field next to Beachwood. PERSON ON PHONE: Sir said not to go that way. He made it specifically clear that we shouldn‘t go near that place. He seemed kind of eccentric about it. COLE: I‘m sure its nothing that bad. I guess we‘ll just go back the way we came. Tell Sir we‘ll be back at the campsite in about an hour. PERSON ON THE PHONE: Alright. [Cole hangs up phone] COLE: Okay, we‘re going back. DANNY/TIMMY: [Act frustrated and tired] Cut to another shot of them walking through the field, except its darker now. Cole stops which the other two do as well. COLE: I‘m sure this was the way back. DANNY: Are you sure? COLE: Yeah, we followed the route all the way back to here. They stand there, trying to figure out where to go. COLE: Okay, we can cut through the woods until we find this road here… [Points at map] TIMMY: Oh, yeah safe. Cut to them walking through the woods. Timmy is carving words on trees as he passes them. Danny has the camera. DANNY: What‘re you doing, man? TIMMY: [Laughing] COLE: Hurry up! TIMMY: Alright man, chill out. Cut to another shot of them walking through the woods, its almost night time now. DANNY: How long have we been walking through these woods? COLE: I‘m gonna call [Person from other group‘s name]
  4. 4. PERSON ON PHONE: Where have you guys been? We‘ve been trying to contact you guys for about an hour now. COLE: We haven‘t had any calls. Where‘s Sir? PERSON ON PHONE: He‘s not here; I think he‘s getting another group. Tell me where you are and I‘ll ring Sir. COLE: Okay, we‘re in the woods next to Beachwood. PERSON ON PHONE: All right, Sir said, if you guys rang, set up a tent because he might be a while. He‘ll be there around 11 ‗o clock. COLE: All right, thanks. CUT – All three of them are inside the tent. Timmy is messing with the camera. Danny is resting and Cole is on his phone. Timmy is taking pictures of himself. [Camera shutter noises] DANNY: Shall we tell scary stories? TIMMY: Yeah, yeah, come! DANNY: Alright, once, yeah, there was this guy, called…Cole! He was at home all alone one night. He heard a noise downstairs; he thought it was his parents coming back home so he took no notice. Then he heard another noise down the hall from his room. And then to his surprise, the worst thing he ever witnessed….a cat. [All laugh] COLE: Yo, guys, look at this. There was this boy, who went missing in these woods. [Shows Timmy and Danny a news article on his phone] COLE: [Reads article] Charlie Foster, age 17, was last seen entering Beachwood forest on October 15th. TIMMY: It‘s fake man. BCD News are always chatting rubbish. DANNY: Hold on, you might be right you know. Let me see that. TIMMY: I ain‘t believing in noCharlie Costa coffee, yeah. If I want a cup of coffee, I‘d go Starbucks, get myself some of them creamy chocolate cookies. You get me? [Puts fist out towards Danny] DANNY: Trust me! A huge gush of wind blows on to the tent. They are all startled. TIMMY: What the hell was that?
  5. 5. COLE: Calm down, man, its just wind. TIMMY: Well, the wind needs to chill out. COLE: I‘m going to get some fresh air, I‘ll be outside if you need me. [Goes out the tent] CUT TO—Cole‘s Camera We are now with Cole as he is sitting against a tree outside the tent. He‘s looking at the map with his torch. COLE: So we are here… [Points on map with torch] …and the road is there. [Points to road on the map] …but that‘s weird ‗cause we‘ve been walking for like… [Sound of stick breaking] Cole looks up. A silhouette can be seen of a figure but Cole doesn‘t notice it and looks around. Then he looks back at the map. COLE: Ah, nevermind…um…where was I? [Sound happens again] Cole looks up again. The silhouette is gone. COLE: Sir? [SILENCE] COLE: [Louder] Sir? [SILENCE] COLE: [Sighs] I need to go to sleep. –FADE OUT SCENE 2 FADE IN—Timmy‘s Camera We are inside the tent. We can see all three of them sleeping inside the tent. A shadow of the same figure can be seen walking past the tent. The zip of the tent can be heard. As this happens, all three of them wake up. TIMMY: Danny, did you hear that? DANNY: Yeah.
  6. 6. TIMMY: Cole? COLE: [shushes] [SILENCE] [A sound of something running] DANNY: That might be Sir. COLE: Let‘s go check. Danny and Cole go out the tent. Timmy picks up the camera and follows them. CUT TO-They‘re outside the tent, looking around with their torches. Timmy then notices someone sitting in a tree above. It is person with a white mask and black clothing. He is looking straight into the camera. Timmy is stunned. DANNY: Timmy? You see anything? [Timmy is still stunned] DANNY: Timmy! [Shaking Timmy] What‘s wrong man? Timmy turns the camera to Danny. DANNY: What‘s wrong! Timmy moves the camera back to the spot where the figure was and points his finger to it as well. The figure is gone but the branches are moving as if someone was moving them. CUT TO-A few minutes later, the camera is set down next to Timmy. Cole and Danny are sitting in front of him. Cole has his camera as well. COLE: Timmy, just talk man. Timmy stays silent. CUT TO—Cole‘s Camera COLE: Maybe whatever he saw, he caught it on camera.
  7. 7. Cole holds his camera to show Timmy‘s camera screen. Danny is operating the camera, to find the footage that Timmy just recorded. Danny finds the footage and can see the figure that Timmy was stunned by. DANNY: What the hell is that? COLE: Zoom in on it. Danny zooms in on the figure‘s face. It is a white face, with red swirls on its cheeks and has long black hair. DANNY: [PAUSE] Cole, what do we do? CUT TO—Timmy‘s Camera COLE: We can‘t wait for Sir anymore. Timmy, you alright now? TIMMY: I‘m scared man. COLE: Don‘t worry, get your bags, leave the tents; we‘re leaving now. DANNY: Leave the tents? COLE: Yes, man, we need to get out of here right now. CUT TO— All three of them are walking through the woods. Cole has the map, Danny is behind him and Timmy is following. [Cole stops] TIMMY: Why‘d we stop? COLE: [Shushes][PAUSE] Do you hear that? [Loud screaming noise] TIMMY: What the hell was that!? The figure emerges from the dark and starts running towards them. COLE: Run back! They start running back the way they came. DANNY: This way! Danny and Timmy go one way and Cole goes the other way. Cole looks back and surprised to see the other two are not there.
  8. 8. COLE: Dammit! CUT TO— Timmy‘s Camera DANNY: Where‘s Cole? TIMMY: Ah, crap! COLE! CUT TO—Cole‘s Camera Cole is walking slowly, looking around as he does. He then hears footsteps behind him. He looks behind him but can‘t see anything. He carries on walking while still looking behind. He then hears the same sound in the opposite direction. He looks but again can see nothing. The sound can be heard again, behind him but this time it is much closer. Cole pauses and then quickly looks behind him. He sees nothing except Danny‘s torch. He then notices Danny and Timmy in the background. COLE: Hey guys! HEY![waves] CUT TO— Timmy‘s Camera TIMMY: Yo! Cole! Where are you! DANNY: [Searches for Cole with his torch] Danny spots him waving at them. CUT TO—Cole‘s Camera COLE: Hey! Guys! I‘m here! CUT TO—Timmy‘s Camera Cole is then suddenly dragged by his feet away from Danny and Timmy into the darkness. Danny and Timmy run after him, yelling his name. Cole‘s camera is left on the floor where he fell. CUT TO—Cole‘s Camera Danny and Timmy run past it. Scene 3 CUT TO—Timmy‘s Camera Cole is gone. Timmy and Danny are sitting on the floor with their heads in their hands, in total disbelief and shocked.
  9. 9. TIMMY: Can‘t believe he‘s gone. DANNY: What‘re we gonna do now? [Both stay silent] DANNY: [Sighs]Let‘s just go. TIMMY: Where are we gonna go? DANNY: I don‘t know, okay! We have to get out of these woods, don‘t we? TIMMY: How? That thing‘s just gonna get us! [Danny stays quiet] Look what happened the last time we tried to get out. Cole got killed! DANNY: We don‘t know that yet! TIMMY: What do you think happened to him! DANNY: Okay, genius! What shall we do then? Cole always knew what to do. TIMMY: I don‘t know man. [PAUSE] Danny gets up off the floor. DANNY: Look, I‘m getting out of these woods, are you coming? Timmy looks up at Danny and then gets up. CUT— They are both walking through the woods again. TIMMY: Do you even know where you‘re going? DANNY: This is the way Cole lead us last time. He knew where he was going. CUT— They are both still walking. They are slightly tired right now. Timmy is looking around to see if he can see anything in the distance. He looks to his left and the Ghost is right in front of him. The Ghost pushes Timmy away to a far distance away from him and Danny.
  10. 10. DANNY: [Shouts] Timmy! Danny starts running towards Timmy but is stopped by the Ghost and is bought to the ground. The Ghost slowly turns his head to Timmy before flying upward, taking Danny with him. [Danny screaming] [Crack sound] to [Silence] TIMMY: [Shouts] Danny! [SILENCE] Danny‘s mangled body is flung at Timmy. TIMMY: Danny! No! Oh my god! Scene 4 Timmy runs away in the opposite direction. He runs for a while crying and sniffling as he does. When he gets tired he stops.He carves a weapon out of a stick. He then puts it away. TIMMY: [Quietly to himself] What am I gonna do? [PAUSE] TIMMY: [Shouts] Okay! I know it‘s you, Charlie! [SILENCE] Charlie Foster isn‘t it? I know your story! [Sound of whispering can be heard] GHOST: (Timmy…) Timmy looks around. GHOST: (Timmy…) TIMMY: Stop…Stop! STA hand comes across onto Timmy‘s mouth and stops him from talking. The person whispers. COLE: [Shushes] Timmy…calm down. Timmy turns his head with the camera and, to his surprise, it is Cole.
  11. 11. TIMMY: [Mumbles loudly with Cole’s hand on his mouth] COLE: [Shushes again] (I‘m going to move my hand, you need to be quiet.) Cole slowly moves his hand from Timmy‘s mouth. TIMMY: How are you still alive? COLE: Nevermind that, look, we need to get out. TIMMY: How? I don‘t even know where we are. COLE: We need to go South. Moss grows on the north side of the trees. [Points at moss on tree] Timmy points camera at the moss on the tree. Cole is behind him. COLE: Timmy, you need to get out. [Echoes] TIMMY: Alright, let‘sTimmy looks behind him and Cole is gone. TIMMY: Cole? He takes a step forward and steps on something. Then he finds something below him underneath some debris. He picks it up and notices its Cole‘s camera. It‘s still recording. TIMMY: How did this get here? He plays it back to the last few minutes and can see himself, talking to no-one. Cole was a hallucination. TIMMY: What‘s happening to me? GHOST: (Timmy…) Timmy looks around. TIMMY: Cole? GHOST: (Timmy…) [PAUSE] GHOST: (Running to meet death? I am in no hurry to meet him. Alas, I‘ve met him a thousand times before…)
  12. 12. TIMMY: [Looking around] Who are you? GHOST: (I have had many names…devil…ghost…Charlie…but amongst those names… I have never been called Timmy…) TIMMY: What? ...What do you mean? GHOST: [Getting louder] (Your are mine Timmy Goodwin) Timmy turns around and the Ghost is standing in front of him. The Ghost grabs Timmy and holds him up. Timmy drops the camera on the floor. We can still see them. The Ghost is holding Timmy against a tree. Timmy gets his wooden stick out and stabs the Ghost in the neck. [Ghostly cries, trees rustling wildly and thunder can be heard] The Ghost lets go of Timmy and backs away from him. He stays a few feet away from him crying in agony. His body then shakes as lightning can be heard. He then drops to the ground facing the camera. Timmy is on the floor panting. A huge light then bursts from the Ghosts body. Timmy screams.—CUT TO BLACK. Scene 5 FADE IN--- It is the next morning. We can see Timmy‘s feet close to the camera and Charlie‘s dead body where it lay. He is no longer wearing the mask. Timmy wakes up. We don‘t see his face. He picks up the camera and examines Charlie‘s body. He then points the camera to his point-of-view before slowly turning it towards his own face. Whispering sounds slowly fade in as he does. It is then revealed that Timmy is now wearing the mask. He looks at the camera. He then hears a search party looking for Cole, Danny and Timmy. He turns his head as he hears this. PEOPLE: Cole! Danny! Timmy! After a few moments, he drops the camera and walks past it. ---FADE TO BLACK. CREDITS ROLL