Battleship marketing


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Battleship marketing

  1. 1. Battleship Marketing By Victoria Dixon
  2. 2. Film Trailers• Film trailers are a way to try and sell the film that has been produced and make it publically known. It is the most exciting moments of the film thrown into 2 minutes or so to entice the audience to go and see the film.• They are made to sell the film and to show the technologies they have used in the making in the film. They try and get the attention of the audience so they go out to see the film.• Film trailers are generally for everyone to get a taster of the film, so they can then decide if they want to go and watch it or not. Although at the cinema they usually put film trailers on that relate to the film that the audience has gone to see.• Film trailers work by enticing the audience into wanting to go and seeing the film by showing them the best bits of it in short quick shots.• You find them in a range of places such as trailers before the movie at the cinema, on web pages as advertisements, on TV during the adverts, on social networking sites like FaceBook, on Youtube (sometimes they are also featured/advertised on the homepage) and on the film’s own website.• They are usually released at the times when they know they will get the most viewers, such as in the summer holidays, around Christmas and Easter. This is when the school/college/university holidays are to allow more people to consume the film, as they will have free time. Also they are mostly released on a Friday as it is the start of the weekend, when people are most likely to see the film.
  3. 3. Trailers••• Final Trailer
  4. 4. Film Postersfor
  5. 5. Conclusion• All the film posters are similar and all have the same font style and background, but are all different images and promote different actors such as Liam Neeson and Rihanna. The background and fonts with the images sum up the genre which is sci-fi and action, because of the weapons and spaceships on the posters. This is apparent because even the posters look jam packed with action so people will expect the film to be also full of excitement. The costumes also help show that its scifi because they’re dressed in army uniforms and the girls aren’t wearing much makeup, suggesting the film is serious and things like that aren’t important.