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Smr english presentation 140612


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"Servicios de Maquinado y Refacciones de Imuris"
Product and Services catalog

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Smr english presentation 140612

  1. 1. CurriculumSMR is a LLC, founded in Imuris Sonora, by three partners it started operations on May 2009 and to this date we count the following names among the main customers: Avent Prestolite Wire BE Aerospace EDS MFG GE Productos Tyco Medical Indsortek Multidicona CRISP Invernaderos Global Integral Services IIPSA
  2. 2. Quality PolicyIn Servicios de Maquinado y Refacciones de Imuris S. de R. L. de C. V., we are committed on achieving excellence in quality, service and cost; continuously improving our performance.
  3. 3. MissionIn Servicios de Maquinado y Refacciones de Imuris S. de R. L. de C. V., our mission is to provide our customers with the best products in quality, price and service of excellence, manufactured in an environmentally responsible way, and meeting the performance and growth requirements from our associates and shareholders.
  4. 4. VisionServicios de Maquinado y Refacciones de Imuris S. de R. L. de C. V. is the first option for our customers, our products and services provide the best quality and service vs. price ratio in the market; we reliably serve the industrial sector on the northwest of the country.
  5. 5. Products and Services• SMR represents an option for the needs of the maquiladora industry in the areas of: – Assembly boards, test and poka yoke fixtures – Machining, repair and maintenance – Service and spare parts for machinery and equipment – Tooling and special parts fabrication – Procurement and sale of raw materials Plastics, metal, extruded aluminum. – Facility’s installation: electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic
  6. 6. Equipment/Technology/ProcessesWe use several technologies/procedures to process thematerials :Mechanical grindingManual and CNC millingManual and CNC latheElectrical Discharge Machining EDMPlasma cutterWelding MIG /TIG (aluminum, stainless steel, etc.)
  7. 7. Machinery - Equipment 3 Grinding machines 6 Manual milling machines 1 Milling machine CNC 3 axis 1 Milling machining center CNC 3-4 Axis 1 EDM machine 2 Manual lathe 13x40 y 16x54 2 Lathe CNC 6x12 y 30x40 2 Saw cutters horizontal, vertical 1 Heat treatment oven 2 Welders MIG, TIG 1 Plasma cutter
  8. 8. Precision Machining– Special parts Fabrication– Crimping tooling– Molds repair
  9. 9. Fixtures and Boards• Design & fabrication of assembly and test boards• Integration of keyed fixtures, color sensors, seals detection through vacuum test, PLR’s detection, etc.
  10. 10. Fixtures and Boards
  11. 11. MIG, TIG Welding– General welding– Stainless steel welding– Aluminum welding– Cast Iron welding
  12. 12. EquipmentMaintenance Solutions
  13. 13. Molds repair
  14. 14. Tooling fabrication• Crimping tooling• Boot insertion tooling
  15. 15. Machinery andequipment Spare Partsand Service
  16. 16. Material Procurement– Plastics: ABS, Acrylic, BakeliteCPVC, Delrin/ Acetal, Durapol, Durestone,G-10/FR-4 Sheets, G11 Sheets, Komatex,NY 6 MGS, Polycarbonate, Polyethylene,PVC Gray, Teflon, UHMW, Urethane,Liquid Urethane, Adhesives type 3, 4, 16– Metals: Tool Steel A2, D2, S7AISI-SAE-4140, Stainless Steel, Aluminum,Brass, Bronze, Copper, Cold Rolled,Titanium– Special Alloys
  17. 17. Fasteners• Bolts and fasteners – Hexagonal (grade 2, 5, 8, super 9) – Flathead – Plow • Security screws – Bent, anchor, J form, specials • Construction screws• Nuts • Threaded rods – Hexagonal, flange, coupling • Rivets and pins – Castle, slotted, squared • Structural – Lock, closed, butterfly • Steel and nonferrous• Washers • Milimetric• “Socket” bolts and fasteners • Boxes and enclosures for hardware
  18. 18. Supply of Extruded Aluminum and accessories – Structural engineering design – Work stations building – Shelving and storage building• Wide variety of sizes and applications for all types of loads in stock NEAT* ESTHETIC * ORGANIZED * RE-ASSEMBLABLE* SPACE SAVING
  19. 19. Facility installations • Electrical • Pneumatic • Hydraulic
  20. 20. Standard Accuracy +/- .002” Job Warranty Our production equipment is subjected to regular maintenance according to the internal procedures to ensure its optimal performance and accuracy. In the same way, our measuring equipment is under a strict calibration control; the scheduled calibration is performed by an external service, and we perform an internal daily check up before start of production as well. We can also assure that our direct personnel is fully trained and capable of operating the production and measuring equipment for the process that are assigned to them, we maintain a skill-knowledge matrix that allows us to assign the tasks accordingly and to keep track of their development. All of these allows us to extend a full warranty on the material and workmanship for our jobs
  21. 21. Work Platform / Materials / TreatmentsWe use several software platforms to receive the job information from our customers in different formats, example: Solid Works 2011 that enable us to work with files in Solid Works (*.sldprt), Drawing (*.drw), AutoCad (*.dwg), ParaSolid (*.x_t, *.x_b), IGES (*.igs), STEP (*.step), CATIA (*.cgr), ProE (*.prt), Rhino (*.3dm), etc.The actual team we have formed, and the experience of our associates allow us to work on a great variety of materials and processes; among them: all kind of common steel, Stainless Steel (300, 400 series) Tool Steel (A2, D2, M2,S2,S7,O1, P20,H13, etc.) Steel Rule Die, Aluminum, Bronze; In the plastics and compounds: Delrin / Acetal, UMHW, ABS, Nylon, PVC, Polycarbonate, Porex, G10, etc.We can also provide Heat treatment (Hardening) and some Chemical Treatment as well (Externally) like: Clear and color anodizing, Black Oxidize, Passivation, Hexavalent Chrome, Trivalent Chrome, Powder Coating.
  22. 22. Immediate Availability Urgent JobsJust like we have a diversity of machinery and equipment for the different processes that your company requires, in the same way we have dedicated to develop our associates to offer a well trained work force dedicated to satisfy our customer needs.Today we have 9 people for the areas of Production, Quality, Sales and Administration, working on one shift per day so it is feasible to increase it and start a second shift as required. We also have the availability to make arrangements to work during the weekend if required by your production needs
  23. 23. Value AddedIn summary, at SMR we have managed to bring together a good number of machines and equipment for the main areas of machining, with a group of associates that have great experience in different areas and a management team with 20 + years in production, engineering and management areas related to the maquiladora Industry.All of the above enable us to be in the best position to understand the customers needs, specially in the maquiladora Industry, the rhythm, the deadlines and special requirements.We at SMR can provide a value added with our products and services by not only producing your parts from a print, but involving us in the required processes, participating in your problem analysis and helping to provide a complete solution in addition to an absolute availability of our resources for your requirements.
  24. 24. Contact• Lucas D. RosasCel. 6622297154E-mail:• Mario A. RosasCel. 6623171256E-mail: ventas02@smrmx.comDirección: Luis Proto # 22Colonia CentroImuris Sonora 84120Phone: (632) 326 0748Sitio web:
  25. 25. Index• Slide 1 • Machinery and equipment• Curriculum Spare Parts and Service• Quality Policy • Material Procurement• Mission • Fasteners• Vision • Supply of Extruded• Areas Aluminum and accessories• Equipment/ • Facility installations Technology/Processes • Standard Accuracy +/- .002”• Machinery – Equipment Job Warranty• Precision Machining • Work Platform / Materials / Treatments• Fixtures and Boards • Immediate Availability• MIG, TIG Welding Urgent Jobs• Equipment Maintenance • Value Added Solutions • Contact• Molds repair