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Six Fundamentals of a Well-Built Venture

Slide that showcases fundamentals for creating a well-built venture. Detailed explanations for questions raised within the slides can be found at

Entrepreneurs>New Venture Template.

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Six Fundamentals of a Well-Built Venture

  1. 1. The Six Fundamentals of a Well-Built VenturePresented by: The Wayne Brown Institute
  2. 2. The Six Fundamentals• Innovation• Value• Persistence• Scarcity• Appropriability• Flexibility
  3. 3. Innovation“Entrepreneurship is an act of innovation that involves endowing existing resources with new wealth-producing capacity.” Drucker (1985)Innovating acts endow old resources with new value “new combinations” which achieve wealth producing capacity when product and market are matched.Two Sub-questions are raised:• Is it a new combination?• Is there a product-market match?
  4. 4. Value• Is there a net buyer benefit?• Are there margins?• Is volume sufficient?
  5. 5. Persistence• Is it repetitive?• Is there a long-term need?• Are resources sufficient?
  6. 6. Scarcity• Is it non-imitable?• Is it non-substitutable
  7. 7. Appropriability• Is there no slack?• Is there no holdup?
  8. 8. Flexibility• Is uncertainty minimized?• Is ambiguity reduced?• What is your level of Core Competence?
  9. 9. Got Questions? You should.Get detailed explanations of the Six Fundamentals of a Well-Built Venture. Entrepreneurs>New Venture Template Please email other questions to