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Website where the client and his peers could feed in the information and update it using the internet. This could only be accessed by a password and the records can be updated, corrected or added directly.
It would have hundreds of maps, more than hundred thousand photographs and a very interactive database about Rainforests.

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  1. 1. Case StudyStructured Knowledge BankOn Worlds Largest RainforestAbout The Client:The client is one of the reputed ecologists with Rainforests around the world as his areaof specialization. The client is also a passionate wildlife photographer which makes hisidea of developing a structured knowledge bank a futuristic one.Client Situation & Challenges:Most of the client’s photographs for publication were aimed at scientific and semi-popular books. But with the rising printing costs and increasing inclination towards webas a medium, the client wanted to make use of the online database. Since, the clienthas an enormous database of 100,000 plus images, a lot of them would be rendereduseless if they remain unpublished. So, the client wants to have a website whichshowcases a structured knowledge bank of his study of the worlds largest rainforests.The website had to be interactive so as to garner maximum interests from the viewers.Solution Offered:The solution was envisioned in two stages for simplicity and easy of actions:Stage one: was a basic website where the client and his peers could feed in theinformation and update it using the internet. This prototype could only be accessed by apassword and the records can be updated, corrected or added directly.Stage two: was to have hundreds of maps, more than hundred thousand photographsand a very interactive database about Rainforests. The client wanted the pages to befairly simple, without having much content or control on each page.
  2. 2. This was to facilitate easy accessibility of the website keeping in mind the slow netconnections. If viewer/ user(s) are interested in more information than already on thepage, there would be a link which one can click and get the full information.Salient features of the system included: Huge data in terms of content and photos can be uploaded Scientists can add, remove or edit content with ease using any internet connection Dynamic site contents (database driven, no static pages) Non commercial, fund raising through sponsors One stop site for any information on Rainforests Ease of use to both client and the public using the site Content wise simple pages, makes it accessible even with slow internet connectionAgile Methodology Features: The client has an enormous database of 100,000 plus images, a lot of them would be rendered useless if they remain unpublished. So, the client needed an option to show all the images based on its category and taxonomy hierarchy. Besides developing the application, vEmployee team suggested a third party Javascript tool called High-Slide which was free of cost and which would save a lot of development time, money and effort. The team customized the script to show all the images which were assigned to a particular species and all the images specific information in a pop-up gallery. This cost effective & space optimizing solution proved very helpful when compared to flash components which are high in cost and size. vEmployee team also used a third party tool called lead tools which could re-size the images without loosing the quality of the image. Client could now upload all sizes of images in the server. The application incorporated with the third party tool (Lead tool) reads the images from the server folder and re-sizes it. This has resulted in a reduced image size thus rendering the images more faster in the gallery. The tool also creates the thumbnails of the images without any distortion. The agile methodology features have all proved to be very helpful to the client. Even with the use of third party cost effective components, there has been no compromise in quality of the final product.
  3. 3.  Client has a lot of PDF files in the server which are related to the articles that he has posted in the web site pages. vEmployee team sugested the use of one more third party tool called dtSearchNetApi2 which could index all these PDF files and search for a keyword in all the PDF files which were in particular folder. The administrator can search for the keywords in the PDF files and assign the PDF files to the corresponding articles. This third party tool reduced a lot of .net server side code. Report functionality is of essence in any application and this application was no exception. The client was looking for a out of the box report which could would be fully customized and could also generate the reports according to the clients input and show it in the HTML format. The vEmployee team extended their working hours in developing a report page in just 3 days and fulfilled this urgent requirement; besides that, page also allowed the user to copy and paste the data into any format like text, rtf or word documents.Technology Used:The technologies used by the company were C#, ASP.NET, SQL SERVER 2008, Javascripts.The third party vendors used are: Component one Cute Editor High Slide- Image Gallery Lead toolBenefits:The site thus developed was a structured knowledge base of the rainforest across theglobe. It captured the minutest of details which was monitored by experts andscientists, making it more credible. Thus, the solution offered facilitated an importantsource of information and knowledge about rainforests.
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