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Teachers European House for newbies. How to get started in TEH social network

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TEH How To

  1. 1. Teachers European House Social Network european-house.ning.com
  2. 2. Concept map Teachers European House Introduction TEH how to Log in & Layout Email & Forum Ning TEH Community TEH Rules Media File Sharing Chatting & Inviting Profile & Notes european-house.ning.com
  3. 3. Teachers European House Introduction european-house.ning.com
  4. 4. What is NING? Ning is a privately held American company. It allows to create social networks on its Internet platform. It is free for users. So they embed some ads. Hope users can bear it! • european-house.ning.com
  5. 5. What is Teachers European House? Teachers European House (TEH) is a social network. TEH was created on the Ning platform. It is intended to be a meeting point for teachers involved in the Comenius project “Building a European House.” european-house.ning.com
  6. 6. What does TEH offer? It offers tools to communicate, share or collaborate with its members. Services offered: Forum. Blog. Chat. Photo and video repository... european-house.ning.com
  7. 7. TEH Usage Rules TEH is a moderated social network. It is supervised by the Administrator (Spanish partner). Suggestions accepted! TEH is a private social network. It is visible to members only. Member teachers are allowed to invite new teacher friends. No students! european-house.ning.com
  8. 8. TEH snapshot http://european-house.ning.com european-house.ning.com
  9. 9. Teachers European House How to european-house.ning.com
  10. 10. How to log in first time Somebody, already TEH member, sent me an invitation. I receive an email message in my mailbox account. I have to click on the “Click to Join” button I fill in my NING ID and profile and that's it. european-house.ning.com
  11. 11. european-house.ning.com
  12. 12. How to log in later on I launch my web browser. I type on the address bar: european-house.ning.com I type in my email address and password Click on “Sign In” I am done. european-house.ning.com
  13. 13. european-house.ning.com
  14. 14. What can I do within TEH Take a look at the layout: Header (Title and subtitle) Navigation bar across the top (everything that can be done is right there). Left vertical frame (some of the main features: notes, forum, photos...). Center frame (latest activity of the members). Right frame (mailbox and some other features). european-house.ning.com
  15. 15. european-house.ning.com
  16. 16. european-house.ning.com
  17. 17. What's cooking on the Community If I wish to know members activity in TEH, I will take a look at “Latest Activity” frame. It is located at the centre of the main page. Do not get overwhelmed. You don't have to read any single thing. Just take a look. european-house.ning.com
  18. 18. european-house.ning.com
  19. 19. What if I need to send an email To send or receive email messages, go to the inbox on the top right corner. european-house.ning.com
  20. 20. european-house.ning.com
  21. 21. OK, I need to discuss on anything Look at the Discussion Forum! Just in case somebody is already debating on something you are interested in. Then, I will be able to reply to that discussion. If I need to bring forward some new ideas for discussion, I will have to add a discussion. european-house.ning.com
  22. 22. european-house.ning.com
  23. 23. european-house.ning.com
  24. 24. What if I need to display a picture If I wish to show to members pictures or videos, I will go to the “Media” tab and choose “Photos/Videos.” Click on “Add Photos/Videos” link on the top right corner. european-house.ning.com
  25. 25. european-house.ning.com
  26. 26. european-house.ning.com
  27. 27. european-house.ning.com
  28. 28. Say I need to share a file If I wish to share a digital file with members, I will go to the “Media” tab and choose “FileSharing.” We have a 5 Gb file storage to save any document related with our project. european-house.ning.com
  29. 29. european-house.ning.com
  30. 30. european-house.ning.com
  31. 31. Say I need to open a chat session If I wish to talk to somebody who is on line right now, I will go to “Chat” under the “Members” tab. I also access to a chat session if I click on “Teachers European House Chat” on the bottom right corner. european-house.ning.com
  32. 32. european-house.ning.com
  33. 33. european-house.ning.com
  34. 34. european-house.ning.com
  35. 35. OK, I will invite new friends If I wish to invite new friends to TEH, I will go to the “Invite” tab. Then, I click on “Enter Email Addresses Manually.” Next, I type my friend's email address on the “Send To” field and click on “Send Invitations” european-house.ning.com
  36. 36. european-house.ning.com
  37. 37. What if I wish to change my profile If I want to change my photo, full name and so on, I will go to “My page” tab. european-house.ning.com
  38. 38. european-house.ning.com
  39. 39. What's new If there were some important announcements to broadcast, It would be placed on the “Notes” tab. It is at the top left corner of TEH Main page. european-house.ning.com
  40. 40. european-house.ning.com
  41. 41. Remember! Once you finish your work on TEH, you should sign out. Social Networks, like TEH, are “Web 2.0” style. Anything may change in order to improve usability. european-house.ning.com
  42. 42. The End european-house.ning.com