Library2 For Austin LRC


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Orientation to library services, online resources, and contacts for the Austin Educational Center students and faculty.

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Library2 For Austin LRC

  1. 1. LeTourneau University Margaret Estes Library [MEL] All you ever wanted to know about using the resources and services of MEL and your LRC!
  2. 2. LeTourneau University--MEL Library Resources and Services 1. Overview of Library Services 2. Overview of Search Strategies 3. Overview of Library Catalog 4. Whom do you call??? 5. Overview of Online Databases
  3. 3. LeTourneau University--MEL 1. Library Services Mission Statement MEL exists to provide access to appropriate and well- organized reference and research materials, both online and in print, and services in support of the institution's academic programs, both traditional and adult. In so doing, MEL seeks to support the Educational Center LRC in its mission to the Austin students, faculty, and staff.
  4. 4. LeTourneau University--MEL 1. Library Services Objectives To assist you with your information needs for course research. To familiarize you with the basic features of libraries and library research. To guide you to the locations of the most popular reference tools and collections available through MEL. To teach you basic search strategies and short cuts. To demonstrate the process of online / web based information retrieval. To help you formulate the best questions and terms for your topic. To provide a Directory of Online Databases available through MEL’s website and to provide a Directory of TexShare Libraries for local print resources.
  5. 5. LeTourneau University 1. Library Services TexShare Card privileges and responsibilities TexShare Academic Libraries and Online Catalog links : [] Austin Public Library Austin Community College System libraries UT library system [Perry-Castenada is the main research library] St. Edwards Scarborough-Phillips Library Concordia Founders Library
  6. 6. LeTourneau University—MEL 2. Search Strategies Academic Library: Materials focused in your area. Ebscohost, LexisNexis, Xrefer, and NetLibrary Austin Public Library: reference materials and TexShare database access. Special Libraries: corporations, government department libraries, Texas State Library & Archives / Library of Texas . Interlibrary Loan – if you locate a book in an out-of-town library or one in MEL and wish to check it out – contact MEL [ ]. Austin Educational Learning Resource Center – your local support and first point of contact .
  7. 7. LeTourneau University--MEL 2. Search Strategies Research tips Define your search topic either as a question or a sentence. Determine how your topic should be selected – reference tools, indexes, databases, journals, interviews. Create a research plan. Clarify your purpose and objective. Familiarize yourself with the literature before you begin to write. Learn that the librarian is your friend. Scan books & articles before you read to determine qualification. Take your lap top to the library to type in notes. Buy End Notes to easily create the Bibliography.
  8. 8. LeTourneau University--MEL 2. Search Strategies Research tools Card Catalog: C2 for MEL, or online OPACS Use bibliographies, indexes, and dissertations to find leads. Use Journal/Periodical indexes such as the Readers Guide to Periodical Literature (FirstSearch – for advanced research only) Use Newspaper Indexes: Wall Street Journal (LexisNexis General News). Over 30 online databases, searchable altogether through Central Search, one search interface!.
  9. 9. LeTourneau University 3. Library Catalog [Public Library] [Academic Library] DEWEY DECIMAL LIBRARY OF CONGRESS 000 General Works A General Works B Philosophy 100 Philosophy C History - Auxiliary Sciences D History and Topography 200 Religion E American History F American History 300 Social Science G Geography - Anthropology H Social Science 400 Languages J Science, Political K Law 500 Pure Science L Education M Music 600 Technology N Fine Arts P Languages 700 Fine Arts Q Science R Medicine 800 Literature S Agriculture T Technology 900 History U Military Science V Naval Science Z Bibliography, Library Science NOTE: The letters I, O, W, X and Y are intentionally omitted in the LC summary. These have been held back, or reserved, to allow for expansion of the system.
  10. 10. LeTourneau University--MEL 3. Library Catalog Most libraries now have online catalogs instead of print or card catalogs. The idea is similar, but you must be a much better speller to use the online catalog! MEL’s C2 Online Card Catalogue: The University of Texas : TexShare Libraries have online catalogs listed at
  11. 11. LeTourneau University--MEL 4. Whom do you call? Austin Educational Center: Learning Resource Center Open M–Th, 10:00AM – 10:00PM. Murlene Watwood Email: (Director of the Austin Educational Center) Phone: (512) 419-9145 Main Library [MEL in Longview] Henry Whitlow Email: (Director of the Margaret Estes Library) Caroline Geer Email: (Coordinator of Information Resources) Phone: (903)233‑3271 (800)388-5327 FAX: (903)233‑3263 Web Site:
  12. 12. LeTourneau University--MEL 5. Online Databases Online Database access points Off campus – Ebscohost [Business] User: offcampus / Password: gacs FirstSearch [OCLC] Authorization: 100201836 / Password: letour Interlibrary loan-enabled site = order ILL materials directly through FirstSearch Facts on File ID: letu / Password: fof MergentOnline Username: austin / Password: letu Password: letu
  13. 13. LeTourneau University—MEL 5. Online Databases Online Database access points Off campus – Password info: use your LetNet account logon Access to: LexisNexis [Business, Legal, Medical full text articles] PolicyFile [Chadwyck-Healey] Archives U.S.A.[access to over 400 archival repositories] Digital National Security Archives Electric Library [articles, images, transcripts, maps] LION [Literature Online] College Source [catalogs of U.S. institutions] NetLibrary [over 40,000 full text books] – create an account
  14. 14. LeTourneau University--MEL 5. Online Databases Austin Educational Center Access Login ID: austingeneric / Password: gen7ARM • Archives U.S.A. — A database of over 400 archives nationwide with links to original material online. • College Source — All the college catalogs in North America. • Central Search – Search all the databases in ONE search interface! • Electric Library — Popular, ethnic, national and international, full-text magazines and newspapers. A photo archive, maps, and radio and television transcripts also available. Online dictionary available. • LexisNexis® Academic Universe — a mega-database of full-text, national and international magazine and newspaper articles. Divided into News, Business, Health, and Reference databases. The Reference database includes business quotations, biographies, country and state information, and the World Almanac. • LION — A complete literature resource—fiction, non-fiction, drama, poetry—with author biographies and literary criticism. Both primary and secondary texts online. Chat with an author online! • NetLibrary — Over 40,000 ebooks available in the shared library collection, and over 500 more in the LeTourneau University private collection, plus thousands of “free” books.  Browse the collections for 15 minutes—tables of contents, chapters, indexes.  Create a NetLibrary account from any LeTU-domain computer or call Caroline to set it up.  Check out books for 24 hours at a time for reading or research.  Access NetLibrary from any computer with Web access world-wide.  American Heritage Dictionary embedded so you can look up words as you read! • Xrefer – help with getting started, online citation styles, full text reference books!