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How to survive a recession


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At UKNetWeb we specialise in the technical and strategic aspects of working with the internet.

During the planning stages of website builds we have become accustomed to identifying technological routes to improve business efficiency, drive sales and improve marketing. Areas that are extremely important to the bottom line of any business.

With fears of a recession growing and a never ending deluge of stories about rising prices, the credit crunch and low consumer confidence we decided that we should share some of our in-house knowledge; identifying routes for businesses to use technology as a means to drive profitability.

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How to survive a recession

  1. 1. How to make the most of new technology to survive a recession. Released July 2008 maximising potential minimising risk
  2. 2. Contents Introduction Recession, What Recession? Who’s Feeling the Pinch? How Can Technology Help? Improving Efficiency Marketing Effectively Cutting the Costs of Communication Glossary Acknowledgements maximising potential minimising risk