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Secure Element Solutions for different platforms

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Secure Element Solutions

  1. 1. Secure Element The component in a mobile phone providing the security and confidentiality required to support various business models (m-gov, mpayment, m-commerce, m-security, etc.) in this environment, is referred to as a Secure Element (SE). The Secure Element is isolated in the phone’s operating system and hardware and can only be accessed by authorized programs. Another layer of security is provided by requiring you to enter a PIN before accessing the Secure Element to transmit your m-credentials during transactions.
  2. 2. Motivation for Secure Elements Necessary for several Applications: - Payment - Ticketing - Government - Secure Authentication - …. Because it is considered: - Trusted - Secure
  3. 3. Current Secure Element Implementations – Embedded in Mobile Phone – SIM Based – Removeable Secure Element (SD Card)
  4. 4. Architecture HTTPS SMS (encrypted)
  5. 5. Secure Element Protocols - NFC - HTTP - SMS - Bluetooth
  6. 6. Security Algorithms - Public Key Infrastructure - RSA - Elliptic Curve Cryptography - Encrypted SMS - Encrypted Instant Messaging - HTTPS (SSL)
  7. 7. Our Solution Secure Element in: 1) Phone ‘s memory with a specialized App for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 2) SIM card as JavaCard, SIM Application Toolkit Applet for all mobile phones. 3) External, removeable, SD card with a specialized App for Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone. Transactions over - NFC - SMS (encrypted), - HTTP, HTTPS
  8. 8. Secure Element in the SIM - JavaCard (SIM Application Toolkit ) applet in the SIM - User Interface as: - SIM Toolkit Menu or - Smart Card Web Server (SCWS) - Transaction based upon - Encrypted SMS (ETSI 03.48) - BIP (HTTP)
  9. 9. Secure Element in Phone’s Memory/SD - App installed in the phone (android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, etc) - User Interface in the App - Transaction (based upon the phone’s features) via: - Encrypted SMS - HTTPS - NFC
  10. 10.