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IWAMA: Improving wastewater management in the Baltic Sea Region


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The leaflet Improving wastewater management in the Baltic Sea Region presents the focus areas and major activities planned in the framework of the IWAMA project.

IWAMA aims at improving resource efficiency in wastewater management of the region. The project actions are distributed along three main fields: capacity development, smart energy management and smart sludge management. The leaflet offers an overview of the planned activities including development of pilot investments, launching training webinars and holding workshops, among other events.

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IWAMA: Improving wastewater management in the Baltic Sea Region

  1. 1. For news, inquiries and more information, visit: Lead Partner Union of the Baltic Cities (UBC) Sustainable Cities Commission Björn Grönholm tel: +358 44 9075987 Vanha Suurtori 7 FIN 20500 Turku EUSBSR Flagship status for Priority Area “Nutri” Budget: EUR 4.6 million Duration: Mar. 2016–Feb. 2019 In IWAMA the quality of sludge will be measured and assessed during the sludge management audits and key figure data collection considering specific technologi­ cal and regional features. A uniform and thorough guidelines for applying the au- dit concept for smart sludge manage- ment will be developed and tested. Nu- trient removal process will be enhanced through advanced sludge water treatment and new low-cost solutions for sludge hygienisation, stabilisation and drying. Pilot investments: yy Full-scale sludge humification beds in Türi and Oisu WWTPs, EE yy Reject-water treatment system in Tartu WWTP, EE yy Energy-efficient sludge drying in Jurmala WWTP, LV IWAMA will demonstrate on the macro re- gional level how an improved mana­gement of energy efficient nutrient reduction is ap- plicable in varying sizes and advancement levels of wastewater treatment facili­ties. Reduction of nutrients and electrical en- ergy consumption will be implemented through the smart energy management concept based on key figure data collec- tion and audits in a wide range of WWTPs in the region. Pilot investments: yy Nitrogen component control system in Daugavpils WWTP, LV yy Energy optimized control system in Kaunas WWTP, LT yy Full-scale advanced control system in Grevesmühlen WWTP, DE yy Combined anammox-constructed wetland pilot-plant in Gdansk WWTP, PL Smart energy management Smart sludge management Audit and test with us!Learn with us! IWAMA activities will enable structured life­long learning and expertise exchange of WWTP staff to increase mainstreaming of the best available technologies and to pro- mote the uptake of smart sludge and en- ergy­management in WWTPs of the ­Baltic Sea Region. Activities include: yy development of training materials package on smart energy and sludge management yy 4 online training webinars yy 6 international onsite workshops yy 5 national dissemination events yy facilitation of national knowledge based communities of water experts in BSR countries Transferring knowledge and know-how across the borders Capacity development Improving wastewater management in the Baltic Sea Region IWAMA Interactive Water Management
  2. 2. The B alticSea Union of the Baltic Cities, Sustainable Cities Commission, Turku St.Petersburg Scientific Research Centre for Environmental Safety Russian Academy of Science Turku Kakolanmäki WWTP Lahti Aqua Ltd Environmental Center “ECAT-Kaliningrad” Communal Unitary Manufacturing Enterprise, “Minskvodokanal”, Minsk Open Joint Stock Company, “Slonimskiy vodokanal”, Slonim Polish Water and Wastewater Operators’ Association, Jastrzębie-Zdrój Sewage Management Facilities Lübeck Eurawasser Nord GmbH Rostock BlueKolding Kalmar Water Technical University of Berlin DWA Regional Group North-East, Magdeburg Aqua & Waste International GmbH, Hannover Estonian Waterworks Association, Tallinn Lahti University of Applied Sciences Linnaeus University, Kalmar University of Tartu Kaunas Water Ltd Environmental Center “ECAT-Lithuania”, Kaunas Water and Sewage Company Ltd, Szczecin Joint Body Grevesmühlen, Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal Gdansk Water Utilities Ltd Tartu Waterworks LtdTüri Water Daugavpils Water Ltd Jurmala Water Ltd Baltic Sea Challenge, Turku, Helsinki Universities Water Associations Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP) Others Associated Partners Working together The Baltic Sea Challenge initiative The project will build up a strong knowledge based transnational network of water experts in the Baltic Sea Region and challenge them to make a concrete commitments for improving the state of the Baltic Sea. Commit with us on IWAMA AIMS at improving the resource efficiency in wastewater management in the Baltic Sea Region by developing the capacity of the water sector operators and implementing pilot investments to increase the energy efficiency and advance the sludge handling. IWAMA ACTIONS are distributed along three main fields: capacity development, smart energy management and smart sludge management. to improve the state of the Baltic Sea 10 Countries 17 Partners Associated Partners 12