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Ketchum leadership communication monitor india study 1

  2. 2. About the Study At a time of considerable uncertainty, the Ketchum Leadership Communication Monitor 2012 is a response to the global hunger for effective leadership – political, corporate, religious or community-based. Ketchum Global Research & Analytics and Ipsos Observer, a worldwide strategic business line within Ipsos, fielded a survey to 3,759 respondents in 12 markets from December 14, 2011 – January 10, 2012. These were the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Poland, China, Singapore, India, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa and Brazil. The survey also included an oversample of 1,273 Influencers. “Influencers” are the 10-20% of a population that lead the way in public opinion. The Ketchum Leadership Communication Monitor examines attitudes to today’s leadership around the world and explores the fundamental role of communication in informing and delivering effective leadership. The study suggests that even the best leadership is not only impotent if poorly communicated, but also flawed unless communication guides its development in the first place.
  3. 3. Objectives of the Study  This global study starts from the premise that effective leadership is essential to achieving any of society’s goals – whether in politics, business, spirituality or community-building. Against this background, it sets out: 1. 2. 3. To assess how To rank the most To provide practical today’s leaders and important leadership counsel on a path to their communication attribute and more effective are judged communication leadership and behavior of effective leadership leaders communication  As such, it will serve as a benchmark to track evolving perception of leaders, what is expected of them and the required response.
  4. 4. Perceptions of Effective Leadership: A Contrast Effective Leadership in Effective Leaders: India v/s Global Experiences Economic CrisisIndia Global Business leaders 56% Political leaders 45% Local community 36% leaders Leaders of non-profit 33% organizations Sportspeople 29% Leaders of religious 27% institutions Celebrities (film and 21% music)
  5. 5. Business Leaders Top Leadership StakesKey Leadership Attributes Business Sports Politicians Celebrities  Confidence in business leaders among Indians has Leaders Persons actually grown in the last one year by 50%Making tough decisions 47% 35% - -  People are looking forward to clear business visionDemonstrating an ability and ‘collaborative solutions to challenges, rather 49% - 50% 35%to show results than going it alone’Providing a clear overall, 46% 35% - 34%long-term visionConfidence Levels in Leaders India Global +24% -11%
  6. 6. Industry Leadership:Some Surprises, Some Expected Industry Leadership: India v/s Global Perceptions India Global • 45% of Indians state banks demonstrate effective leadership as against 32% globally • Financial services firms are perceived effective among 40% of Indians whereas globally 30% consider them effective • Knowledge and service sectors of IT, Telecommunications, Banks, Media, Financial Services, Entertainment and Insurance dominate the top ten slots, both in India as well as globally • FMCG and alcoholic beverages are the bottom of the rankings
  7. 7. Corporate Leadership Perception: Key Attributes India Global  Quality products / services, customer services and financial strength are key attributes that drive business leadership in India whereas globally the attributes are trust, employability and quality of products & services  Corporate Social Responsibility, philanthropy and charity rank very low both in India and globally as contributors towards a leadership perception
  8. 8. Leadership Demeanor: Command to Lead Leadership Style: India v/s GlobalIndia Global  27% of Indians say that a leader who is a one-way authority, defining tasks and roles for others but retaining responsibility for outcomes is among the best leadership styles (vs. 12% global), whereas other markets favor situational leadership
  9. 9. Effective Leadership Attributes: The IndianViewpoint Restoring Confidence Through Effective Leadership  India wants its leaders to provide a clearer overall vision for how economies, businesses and other organizations can survive  Being open and honest about the nature and scale of the challenge ahead is also deemed essential Focus on Results Oriented Behavior (Global Data) Hidden Drivers Key Drivers • Provide clear overall, long-term • Making tough decisions vision • Handling controversial issues or • Ability to show results crises calmly and confidently • Ability to delegate responsibility • Bringing out the best in others • Ability to work with different personality styles Relatively Unimportant Table Stakes • Inspirational rhetoric • Leading by example • Telling a compelling story about • Admitting mistakes their organization • Communicating in an open and transparent way
  10. 10. Communication: A Strategic Ally Communication: Perceived Necessity Levels Leader’s Communication: Driving the Business’ Success Effective Communication Investing Intent 44% Recommending Working at Company 43% Purchase Intent 43% Optimal Communication Style for Effective Leadership The Benefit of the Doubt in a Time of Crisis 38%Uses all three communication styles, adapting them to the particularsituational need 37% of effective leadership is linked to effectiveVariety of messages according to each audiences demands, gaining theircommitment to the overall intended direction communication 25% • There is a distinct relationship between a leader’sCentral message to different audiences, taking particular needs intoaccount, allowing for alignment of their situation to the central goal ability to communicate and perceptions of that leader’s effectiveness. 16%Consistent clear message, giving direction from the center to all audiences • Effective business leader communication has the 21% most impact on intent of investing in the company.
  11. 11. Credible Communication SourcesCommunication Sources Credibility Weightage  TV and print media rank highest on credible media to build leadership with scores of 41% and 40%  Facebook with a score of 39% is in sharp contrast to global rankings where it scores low at 16 % score  In-person contact scores 31% in India in a sharp contrast to 50% globally Trust in Leaders when Quoted in Media Distrust Summary Trust Summary Sports Non-profit Business Religious Celebrities Local community Political
  12. 12. About Ketchum Sampark Ketchum Sampark is India’s leading strategic communication consulting firm with a proven track record of building leadership positions for corporate and brands across categories. The firm’s comprehensive public relations and communications services include brand marketing, corporate communication, employee communications, financial communications, issues and crisis management, public affairs, and digital marketing. With over 18 years of experience and seven offices covering more than 80 markets across India, Ketchum Sampark offers a deep understanding of the cultural, commercial, political and media characteristics of each regional Indian market. Ketchum Sampark is an integral part of the Ketchum network. Ketchum ranks among the largest and most geographically diverse public relations agencies in the world with operations in more than 70 countries through over 100 offices and affiliates. Named 2012 Agency of the Year (PRWeek) and the winner of an unprecedented three consecutive PRWeek Campaign of the Year Awards, Ketchum partners with clients to deliver strategic programming, game-changing creative and measurable results that build brands and reputations.
  13. 13. Thank YouContact InformationKetchum Sampark Pvt. Ltd.Mangalam House38 Walchand Hirachand MargMumbai-400 001+91-22-40425550Email ID: