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Advantage Mihan


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Advantage Mihan a presentaiton given by Mr. Nitin Gadkari. President of BJP.

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Advantage Mihan

  1. 1. Presentation on The t ti l f Th potential for employment - skilled, semi-skilled, unskilled businesses - small & medium scale in and around Multi-Modal International Hub Airport at Nagpur by Nitin Gadkari 2008
  2. 2. What Nagpur has to offer ? • Central location in Indian Sub-continent and Strategic place on International aviation routes for cargo hubbing hubbing.
  3. 3. What Nagpur has ? • Second Capital of Maharashtra • Beautiful & Developed city of India p y • Population 3 million • International airport • Rail, Road & Air connectivity to all parts of India What Vidarbha has ? Tremendous potential - needs development • Vidharbha consists of 11 districts with 20% of Maharashtra's population • It is a backward region as compared to the rest of Maharashtra • Backlog of Development piled up to Rs. 16,000 Crores • It has 80% of minerals of entire Maharashtra • 75% of forest with wild life and natural beauty of Lakes and waterfall for tourist attraction.
  4. 4. Existing Transportation Network - Nagpur Road Rail Air
  5. 5. Positive Points for MIHAN • India’s fastest growing cosmopolitan city with India s high per capita income • 27 E i Engineering colleges, 8700 graduates yearly i ll d t l • 13 medical colleges, 3,000 doctors yearly
  6. 6. International Hubbing Potential • Europe - S E Asia S.E. • Europe - S. Pacific • Africa - N.E. Asia Nagpur • CIS - S.E. Asia • Europe - S. Asia • 200 Domestic flights • 300 International flights Fly over Nagpur everyday presently Nagpur Air Trafic Control (ATC) is one of the busiest with range covering Nagpur, Aurangabad, Latur, Nizamabad, Indore, Bhopal, Nagpur Aurangabad Latur Nizamabad Indore Bhopal Raipur and Jabalpur Jabalpur.
  7. 7. Multi-modal International Hub Airport–The MIHAN Project The Impressive Main Entrance Gate of MIHAN
  8. 8. MIHAN – Multipurpose project • Project Area - 4354 hectares • E Expansion of existing Airport i f i ti Ai t – Second runway - 4000 x 60 meters – New terminal building - 3 Million Sq.ft • Special Economic Zone in 2086 hectares – IT Parks – Dedicated Power Plant – Health City – Value added, Export units added
  9. 9. The MIHAN Project • Being developed by the State Govt. in co-ordination with Govt. of India • TEFS – by consortium of International consultant lead by L&T Ramboll, Ramboll Zurich Airport and others • Estimated project cost Rs. 3,500 Crores for Airport • GOM provided Rs. 115 Crores • MADC Investment in infrastructure in SEZ around Rs. 2,500 Crores I t ti i f t t i d R 2 500 C • Estimated private investment Rs. 40,000 Crores in SEZ • SEZ and Airport are complimentary.
  11. 11. Way to MIHAN
  12. 12. The 5 BIGGEST Opportunities in MIHAN Logistics and Manufacturing, Processing Infrastructure and Service industries IT Park Health City Hospitality and Tourism
  13. 13. Jobs and Service already in Demand Work on logistics and infrastructure has begun Highest demand is in construction industry Engineers, Architects, Planners, Managers Supervisors, Masons, Plumbers, Carpenters, Electricians, S per isors Masons Pl mbers Carpenters Electricians Landscapists, Gardeners (Maali), Labourers, Accountants, Financers, Charted Accountant, Construction Materials Suppliers, Transporters, Mechanics. pp p The construction activities in and around MIHAN will continue for the next 20 years at least and jobs will be in demand
  14. 14. Infrastructure Undertaken for MIHAN Network of 3, 4 & 6 lane roads, work started at cost Rs. 150 Crores
  15. 15. Infrastructure Undertaken for MIHAN State-of-the A t St t f th Art Telecommunication
  16. 16. Infrastructure Undertaken for MIHAN MODERN ELECTRICAL SUB-STATION
  17. 17. Infrastructure Undertaken for MIHAN Dual water (Domestic & Non-domestic) supply system with capacity of 100 mld
  18. 18. Infrastructure Undertaken for MIHAN Sewage & storm water drainage disposal system (Singapore Pattern)
  19. 19. Infrastructure Undertaken for MIHAN 400 Acres of beautiful Residential areas
  20. 20. Infrastructure Undertaken for MIHAN •Work for Modern Township project started •Reatox Builders – First City MIHAN – 31 Acres Construction :- 1,00,000 sq. ft 2,300 flats + 5% LIG – Low income group + 5% convenience shopping Construction work force :- 2000 skilled Labour 4000 unskilled Labour Mahindra Life Space :- 25 Acres allotted, work will begin shortly for 1800 flats
  21. 21. Infrastructure Undertaken for MIHAN • Two Plots of 22 Acres each i.e. total • 44 acres is reserved for commercial complex – 400 shops • R id ti l areas Residential • Golf course • Vast Playing Grounds Fast track approvals by MADC
  22. 22. International School
  23. 23. Rail / Road Terminal
  24. 24. Rail / Road Terminal • Road Terminal - Sical Logistics • Warehouse - 9,00,000 sq. ft • Truck Parking - 852 Trucks • Dormitories - 30 000 sq ft 30,000 sq. • Administration - 25,000 sq. ft • Open plots of 3 Acres each -14 Nos.
  25. 25. International Airport The new Nagpur Airport looks Grand gp p and it will become much-much bigger once it is transferred to SPV, for MIHAN. We are happy that the Central Government Cabinet has given its approval to the transfer of the Airport, so that the world class, massive, Dr. Baba S Saheb Ambedkar International Airport at Nagpur will be completed. When completed, the airport alone will offer 50,000 direct and indirect jobs.
  26. 26. Airlines Operating from Nagpur • Air A bi Ai Arabia • Air Deccan • Air I di Ai India • Indigo • Jet Airways • Kingfisher • Go Airways • Spice Jet • Qatar Airways
  27. 27. Coal-Fired Power Plant Water Reservoir 125 MW Power plant expandable to 225 MW
  28. 28. IT Park
  29. 29. MIHAN – The Opportunity for IT Professionals 15 IT companies have taken possession of Land in the SEZ at MIHAN. MIHAN  Satyam Computer Services Ltd. (40,000 Jobs)  Larsen & Toubro Ltd. (L&T Infocity) (15,000 Jobs)  HCL Technologies Ltd. (95,000 Jobs)  ADCC Infocad Pvt. Ltd.  Zeta Softech Pvt. Ltd.  Wipro Technologies (50,000 Jobs)  TATA Consultancy Service (35 000 Jobs) (35,000  Zeon Solutions Pvt. Ltd.  DLF Universal (1,30,000 Jobs)  Lipi International  Flora Projects Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.  Hexaware Technologies  Caliber Point Business Solutions  Blue Planet Infosolution (India) Pvt Ltd. Pvt. Ltd  IT Shastra (India) Pvt. Ltd. TOTAL 4 lac Direct Jobs in First Phase
  30. 30. MIHAN – The Opportunity for IT Professionals Three of them have started construction of their IT Towers DLF Universal U i l Total Area Allotted -140 Acres IT Towers – 90,00,000 sq. ft Employment : Direct 90,000 IT professionals 30,000 Others
  31. 31. MIHAN – The Opportunity for IT Professionals Shapoorji Pallonji (Kolland D (K ll d Developers) l ) Total Area Allotted - 100 Acres IT Towers – 7,70,000 sq. ft q Employment : Direct 77,000 IT professionals 23,000 23 000 Others
  32. 32. MIHAN – The Opportunity for IT Professionals Caliber Point Business Solutions Total Area Allotted – 5 Acres IT Towers – 1,00,000 sq. ft Employment - Direct 10,000 IT professionals 3000 Others
  33. 33. MIHAN – The Opportunity for IT Professionals Let us understand what will be th i b the impact of this alone !!! t f thi l 1,77,000 IT Professional’s Average Pay Rs. 40,000 p.m. i.e. Rs. 708 Cores per Month or Rs. 8500 cores per annum 56,000 other jobs @ Rs. 15,000 p.m. i.e. Rs. 84 cores per month or Rs. 1008 cores per annum th R Thus a total of 9500 cores will come into the economy econom Of Nagpur and Vidarbha e er year, just Nagp r every ear j st because of these three IT Towers Imagine what will happen when all the I i h t ill h h ll th 15 Towers are completed.
  34. 34. Up-coming HCL at Nagpur 140 Acres Land Acquired in q MADC Promoted MIHAN Project For creating HCL World Class SEZ Facility 100000 Direct Jobs
  35. 35. Hotel - Shopping Mall - Convention Centre • Project - Hotel - Shopping Mall Convention, Centre • Area - About 40,000 sq. metres • Architect - Hafeez Contractor
  36. 36. Are we ready for it ? Let us see what they will need !!! Lakhs of good quality residential accommodation g q y
  37. 37. Are we ready for it ? Let us see what they will need !!! Shopping for lakhs of high and medium income People Daily Needs, Convenience Stores, Thousands of Kirana shops, Vegetable shops, Departmental stores, Garment shops, Jewellery etc..
  38. 38. Are we ready for it ? Let us see what they will need !!! Entertainment : Thousands of Restaurant, Pubs, Shopping Malls, Theaters and Events.
  39. 39. Are we ready for it ? Let us see what they will need !!! Services :- Laundry Haircutting Saloons Beauty Parlours, : Laundry, Saloons, Parlours Gymnasiums, House Keepers & domestic help, Security Guards, Taxis, Tour & Travel service, Maintenance services, Banking and Insurance services etc..
  40. 40. Are we ready for it ? There is fantastic scope for all !!!
  41. 41. Health City
  42. 42. Highlights of the Health City • Rs 800 Crores project Rs. • 1000 bed Hospital • World class diagnostics • Nurses training center with hostel facility • Recovery residences • Wellness and health centre • Hotel stay for the patient's relative patient s • Hundreds of Doctors, Nurses, Para medical staffs, Attendants, Pharmacists and the administrative staff will be required for this hospital • Opportunities will be there for security, House keeping, catering, maintenance service providers etc.. Employment Potential : 5000 Jobs
  43. 43. Opportunities in Special Economic Zone Textile & Garment • Project - Setting of Textile units • Advantage – Vidarbha is a center for man made fabrics and synthetic fabrics – Vidarbha is rich in cotton produce (Long, Medium & Short Staple) – Potential to put-up a composite textile unit p p p for spinning, processing, weaving, printing, manufacturing garments and exporting them and individual unit for all of them – Th There are units iit in N Nagpur producing d i artificial yarn like Nylon & Rayon, e.g. Indo-Rama- excellent potential for blended textiles – Pure silk (Kosa) is also being produced in Bhandara, Gondia, Gadhchiroli and Chandrapur
  44. 44. Opportunities in Special Economic Zone Agri - Processing • Project - Setting of Agri and Food Processing units • Advantage Ad t – The area is rich in oranges (Santra), Sitaphal, ber & other fruits, cereals, vegetables, flowers, Meat & Poultry and Medicinal hubs. Distinct advantage for Petitgrain Oil Bhivapur Red Oil, Chillies and Vaigaon Haldi – Cultivation can be done on contract basis – Contracting firms allowed to cultivate the land – Scope for export of frozen Sweet water prawns and other fishery Produces
  45. 45. Up-coming Corporate in MIHAN Many manufacturing and processing units have been allotted land in SEZ MIHAN b ll tt d l d i • Tata’s TAL Manufacturing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. • Leela Ventures (INDIA) Pvt. Ltd. • Paramount Conductors Ltd. • Davalu Daal & Oil Mills • Prominent Service Industries • Boeing – MRO • TATA SATS AIR Catering • Max Aerospace & Aviation Ltd. – MRO Engineers, Managers, Technicians, Secretaries, Accountants, and Service Providers. ……………… get ready!!!
  46. 46. This is where, I wish to request businessmen of Vidarbha, who have great opportunity in SEZ MIHAN to start j i t ventures in collaboration with Global t t joint- t i ll b ti ith Gl b l companies, specially in Textile and Agro processing and not to let go of this great chance chance. This will also help to bring the farmers into the main stream of Economic development and earn handsomely through these enterprises.
  47. 47. Tourism & Hospitality - Nature’s gift to Vidarbha Bhandara, Chandrapur, Tadoba, Pench, Gadhchiroli, Chikhaladara, Melghat, Navegaon, Nagzira, Totaladoh, Ramtek and Khindsi have great scenic beauty and potential for Eco-Tourism…. wildlife, waterfalls, forests, mountains, Lakes, dams etc… t f ll f t t i L k d t
  48. 48. Tourism & Hospitality - Business Opportunity MIHAN will attract business travelers creating g demand for Hotel Rooms, Conference, Convention Center and Tourism . Vidarbha is the Tiger country and Nagpur is the Tiger capital of India. This advantage will be translated into economic benefits with Star Hotels, Jungle resorts, Health Spas and Tour operators being in great demand. Hospitality and Tourism will offer Largest employment potential i thi region lik S th E t L t l t t ti l in this i like South-East Asian countries & European nations, which survive on Tourism, giving opportunity to every individual and professional. professional
  49. 49. Tourism & Hospitality -Opportunities for the common man So we have enough j g jobs and small business opportunities coming pp g up for Chaiwala, Rickshawwala, Tour Guides, Artists, Performers, Event Managers, Drivers, Bearers, Cook, Waiters, small gift/souvenir shop keeper………… all stand to benefit. ift/ i h k ll t d t b fit 5 big hotels are already coming up in Nagpur. Nagpur
  51. 51. Moving ahead each day FIRST CITY TAL WATER PURIFING TANK
  52. 52. Educational Initiative • Educationist should immediately come together & map skill sets. • Educational I i i Ed i l Institutions should take responsibility to introduce new courses, h ld k ibili i d full time or part time to fulfill the need of the hour. • Job oriented vocational courses should be started at night to take advantage of the existing infrastructure. infrastructure • Small Airports in Amravati, Akola, Yavatmal & Gondia should get into JV with big companies to start pilot training schools, which will fulfill the need of almost 6000 pilots in India. p
  53. 53. Courses which will fetch great jobs ITI & Polytechnic courses 1 Year Courses 2 Year Courses 1. Molder a. Plastic Processing Operator 2. Hand Compositor b. Draughtsman Civil 3. Forger & Heat Treater (Blacksmith) c. Draughtsman Mechanical 4. Cutting & Tailoring d. Fiber Reinforced Plastic Course 5. Diesel Mechanic e. Radio & T.V. Mechanism 6. Sheet Metal Works f. Turner 7. Wielder 7 Wi ld g. Fitt Fitter 8. Carpenter h. Motor-vehicle Mechanic 9. Book Binding i. Electronics Mechanic 10. Plumber j. Machinist (Grinder) 11. 11 Wireman k. k Electrician 12. Console Operator cum Programme Assistant l. Refrigerator & Air Condition 13. Letter Press Machine Operator Mechanic 14. Winder 15. Mason 16. Stenography (English)
  54. 54. Courses which will fetch great jobs 1) Department of Hotel Management & Catering Technology • All Department in Hotels p • Guest Relations / Customer Relation Executive in Hotels & Corporate Offices • Manager in Industrial Canteens • House Keeping Executive in Offices • Tourism Sector 2) Department of Applied Electronics • Electronic Testing Centers • D T P. Operators D. T. P • Software Development • Corporate Offices • All Automated Offices 3) Department of Cosmetic Technology • Health Spa • Skin Clinics • Consultants • Consultants in studies involving Clinical Trials • Herbal Ingredients & Herbal Treatments
  55. 55. Courses which will fetch great jobs 4) Department of Interior Design • All Design Section of Offices • Landscape Designers • Designers in Furniture Manufacturing Industries • Consultants to Offices 5) Food Science & Nutrition • Quality Control Analyst in Food Industries • Diet-Counselors • Health Club, Gym • Low Cost, Nutrition’s & Locally Available Food-Marketing • Low Cost Nutrition’s 6) Human Development • Daycare Centre for Children • Counseling (Psychological) • Cruces & Baby Sitting • Nursery School • Geriatric Care-Care of the Old. (Day care centre for the old)
  56. 56. Courses which will fetch great jobs 7) Textile & Clothing • Retail Sell of Textile • Fashion Design • Textile Exhibition • Textile Shop Keeping 8) Resource Management • Human Management • Facility Management • House K H Keeping i • Maintenance of Household Equipments • Organizing Event 9) Home Science Extension • Management of Rural People • Management of Rural Resources • Mass Media • Development Schemes • Organizing Event
  57. 57. Courses which will fetch great jobs 10) English Communication Skill • Mass Media • Reception • Communication English • Foreign Languages • Translations 11) Aviation Courses • Pil t/Fli ht Crew Courses Pilot/Flight C C Cabin Crew Courses • Instructor Courses • Air Hostess Training Course - Aviation, hospitality and Travel Management g , p y g • Commercial Pilot Training 12) Logistics & Supply Chain Management (Specialisations)
  58. 58. Rehabilitation Package MADC has announced this package for affected farmers & farm workers. Among the packages offered by the Govt. of Mah. this package is the first of its kind which gives the maximum benefits to them and is well accepted. The rehabilitation proposed for rural area is on the East of National Highway No. 7 Mouza Khapri (Rly) and for urban area the site is at Mouza Chichbhauvan. The package details are as follows : • The farmer in rural area will be given 300 sq. m of plot for construction. g q p • The farm worker will get 150 sq. m of plot for construction. • The affected people in urban area will be given 25 sq. m of plot for construction. • For shifting purpose grant of Rs. 10000/- will be given. • A training centre for affected people will be opened for educating them for upcoming jobs and businesses and a grant of Rs. 1 crore per year will be provided from MADC for 5 years. ill b id d f f
  59. 59. Rehabilitation Package In addition the following basic amenities will be provided: • 2 way tar roads with path ways. ways • Storm drainage pipelines. • Drinking water pipelines. • Electric supply. • Sewage pipelines. • Community hall. • Primary Health centre. • Cemetery Cemetery. • Sulabh Sauchalaya. • Primary / Secondary school with playground. • Gardens. • Bus stops. • Gram Panchayat offices. • Weekly markets. • Gram Sevak / Thalati office. • ITI Centre. • Prayer Hall.
  60. 60. My appeal… • Youth of Vidarbha should brush-up their skills and qualify for the emerging opportunities • Universities and Educational Institutions must introduce special courses to fulfill the demand in various sectors coming up coming-up in MIHAN • On this forum, I appeal to Govt. of Maharashtra that while development is a must, at the same time Govt. must take utmost care of the project affected people.
  61. 61. Awake! Arise!! …Stop not, Stop not till the GOAL is reached
  62. 62. Thank You Presentation made by