Trekbin's Platform Offering


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Trekbin's Platform Offering

  1. 1. Integrate ExtendBuild Platform Service Offering
  2. 2. Value PropositionCERTIFIED AND EXPERIENCED TEAM OFTECHNOLOGY PROFESSIONALS COMPRISING OF Developers User Interface and Salesforce Consultants Design Professionals Project Managers Salesforce Administrators Business Analysts Test Engineers E-mail, Call +1 (207) 899-1639
  3. 3. Mobile Wide Industry Development experience, helping Customers capability in iOS,to formulate optimal Solutions in dedicated Research andFinancial Services, Healthcare Development teams for Media, Real Estate User interface libraries and Green Energy, etc. Social media integration We are nimble; Enterprise-class execution at reasonable rates and Process driven quick turnaround times approach backed by a Delivery model that has been perfected to provide Quality, Agility and Single Point of Contact from Predictability Requirements phase to Post-Production. E-mail, Call +1 (207) 899-1639
  4. 4. Trekbin’s core focus is on, and the Founders have Professionalbuilt the Company as Developers Project Management and continue to be actively using On-demand engaged in Project tools and reportage Execution Code reviews and User experience oversight User Interface and Design Expertise A strong culture of Knowledge Management and Training driven by the Founders ensuring every Professional is abreast of the most optimal way of solving a problem E-mail, Call +1 (207) 899-1639
  5. 5. Recent Projects and Capabilities Large Sites im plementation for a Gre en Energy Company Us ers r over 320 rce p ages fo fo stom Visual th cu I nta tion wi AP l Im pleme rid R EST r Por ta D ata g ter Custom e uer y SVs hatA jq rI the C s tom t fo e d cu ppo r eo f , etc Ad vanc n d Su ledg l ers e nt a n ow e du l opm g hk S ch D eve rou s, t ion , th o e sse p lica ent r oc g e ap lopm tc hp x c han deve Ba ppE n , A ca tio p ex pli ,A d ap o rce able alf er -en V isu att E-mail, Call +1 (207) 899-1639 Ch
  6. 6. APPEXCHANGE Product Wireframing ENABLING SERVICES Product Deveopment Quality Assurance Security Audit Requirements User Interface Design Packaging and Publishing Conversion from PSD/AI to HTML Mainitenance and Support Managing Road-map and Versioning INTEGRATION TOOLS AND END-POINTS NATIVE FORCE.COM Quickbooks General Development - Visualforce, Cast Iron Apex classes and Triggers GreatPlains Batch processes FinancialForce Scheduled Apex Pervasive Data Tools Sites Informatica Customer Portal THIRD PARTY API/ CLIENT-SIDE DATABASE INTEGRATION USER INTERFACE TECHNOLOGIES Twilio ExtJS SQL Server jQuery Facebook Twitter MOBILE DEVELOPMENT LinkedInSkill sets iOS Development E-mail, Call +1 (207) 899-1639
  7. 7. Packaged SolutionPROJECT MANAGEMENTPainless, Template-based Project Management, with Resource TrackingTIME MANAGEMENTEasy to use Time Tracking, with Billability, Non-Billability and Customizable TimesheetsEXPENSE MANAGEMENTAllocate Budgets, and Track Expenses, native to E-mail, Call +1 (207) 899-1639
  8. 8. Contact DetailsJoe StecchiVP Business (207) 899-1639Follow us on Twitter: @trekbin