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Salesforce Communities Webinar - Great Canadian Heli-Skiing


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Today, it's not enough to gain customer loyalty just on a great product or service. To be successful you have to provide a memorable, connected experience. That's why Great Canadian Heli-Skiing (GCHS), a provider of world class heli-skiing tours, turned to Salesforce and Traction on Demand to develop a customer community to enhance their guest experience.

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Salesforce Communities Webinar - Great Canadian Heli-Skiing

  1. 1. Salesforce Communities The power of your platform in the hands of your customers July 28th, 2015
  2. 2. • About Traction • The Rise of Advocate Marketing • Defining Communities & Business Impact • What is the Right Community for Your Business • Customer Success: GCHS • Salesforce Communities • Takeaway Insights & Considerations Today’s Agenda
  3. 3. Chris Peacock VP, Alliances – Traction on Demand
  4. 4. Traction on Demand  9 years implementing and developing the Salesforce platform  Largest dedicated Salesforce partner in Canada  First 500 certified on  450+ customers, 1700+ projects & 300+ custom apps  Experts in bending cloud technologies  White label service provider for  One of DocuSign’s top three finalists for Partner of the Year 2015  Salesforce Marketing Cloud award for fastest ramped partner (2014)  Top ten Best Place to Work in Canada in 2014 & 2015  Traction for Good
  5. 5. Traction’s Customer Community
  6. 6. 92% of B2B sales are influenced by word-of- mouth marketing
  7. 7. The Shift in the Balance of Power
  8. 8. Companies Need to Engage with their User Network(s)
  9. 9. Online Communities Aren’t New…
  10. 10. But They’ve Definitely Improved
  11. 11. Communities Optimize the Entire Experience Collaborate Educate Sell Market Service Analyze
  12. 12. Community Types Sales Joint marketing and selling Partner recruitment and education Deal management Service Customer self-service Collaborative case resolution White-glove premium communities Marketing Campaign management and alignment Centralized agency management Prospect engagement
  13. 13. Average reported percent improvements from Communities 48% 46% 48% 45% 43% Faster resolution time Increase in partner engagement Increase in employee engagement Increase in partner sales Increase in customer satisfaction
  14. 14. Partner Community Sales • Joint selling to close deals • Partner recruitment and deal registration • Partner education and alignment Service • Customer self service • White glove premium communities • Collaborative case resolution Marketing • Campaign management and alignment • Centralized hub for agencies • Prospect engagement
  15. 15. Customer Community Sales • Deeper knowledge on customer needs • Upsell/cross sell • Product innovation Service • Customer self-service • Collaborative case resolution • Reduced overhead Marketing • Targeted marketing • Centralized hub for agencies • Prospect engagement
  16. 16. Taking Guest Experience to New Heights with Communities Featuring Great Canadian Heli-Skiing Greg Porter & Chris Peacock – July 28th, 2015
  17. 17. Pioneers of boutique heli-skiing adventures in North America Avg. Vertical Skied Daily Provides full boutique resort experience 7,200m+ World class pilots and heli-guides offering flexible trips and personalized experiences15
  18. 18. • Islands of data in different systems (operations, reservations & sales) • Reduced visibility and understanding of guests • Limited data segmentation and customer outreach • Unable to provide level of service to meet brand expectations • Pre-trip administration paperwork was taking away from the guest experience • Required to complete multiple liability waivers • Completed upon arrival • Heavy administrative burden on GCH staff to input and manage • Restricted to 7-day trips due to timely admin process (standard, but not always desired) Challenges
  19. 19.  Developed a fully branded, custom Salesforce guest community  Self-service community allows for all pre-trip administration to be done prior to guest arrival  Sales Cloud integration for lead and opportunity management  Integrated with backend systems to collect and action on data  Marketing automation integration for lead nurture with enhanced customer 360 view  DocuSign integration for waiver signature and pre-trip administration Solution
  20. 20. Let’s See it In Action
  21. 21. A better guest experience inline with GCH’s brand promise (while reducing administrative burden) Increase in skier days from ‘13/14 to ’14/15 Revenue growth in 2014/2015 Increase in leads attributed to targeted email marketing campaigns with better data ‘14/15 DocuSign envelope completion rate (significant increase from 13/14) Results 21% 15% 90% >68%
  22. 22. Takeaway Insights 3. You’re collecting extremely valuable data – use it! 4. Communities should be a part of your long term strategy 1. One community does not fit all 2. Engagement is earned, not given – invest
  23. 23. Think about how your business interacts • Customers? • Employees? • Partners? • Products? • Where is the opportunity? • Knowledge, ideas, customer self service, case deflection, collaboration, sell… Takeaway Considerations
  24. 24. Questions? Chris Peacock –