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10 Reasons to Use Zoho


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Published in: Business, Technology
  • Zoho is a great product, no doubt, but it is still based on the same model as other CRM in the industry. Being free is not an incentive. I guess its wait and watch for Zoho...
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10 Reasons to Use Zoho

  1. 1. 10 Reasons To Use Zoho
  2. 2. Focus on your 1 business Zoho enables you to concentrate your energy and resources on your business and your work, not on your software and infrastructure. Zoho software is accessed using This means that instead of just your internet browser, so wasting time figuring software there’s no complicated server configuration and “patches”, you installation or configuration you can focus on the real work. And (or your IT department) need to your IT department can focus on worry about. projects that will help the business.
  3. 3. Built for today’s 2 world Zoho products are built with today’s requirements in mind. Sharing and collaborating come naturally to them. Remember how in the past you Viruses? Zoho productivity had to share attachments and keep documents are not downloaded track of changes? That’s gone to your computer, so they can’t with Zoho’s built-in collaboration harm it. Want to share a large features. Want to give access to attachment? Just upload it. Want a partner or customer to your to have a web meeting with internal site? Just invite them someone across the world? Just using their e-mail address. share a URL. It’s that easy.
  4. 4. Your information 3 is safer Does your business have a full-time 24x7x365 network operations and security team? Are your servers protected by bullet-resistant walls and biometric access? Do you have on-site private If you answered no to any of those security monitoring your servers? questions, then your data and Do you replicate and backup your information are safer with Zoho data continuously? Do you have than it is with you. multiple levels of network and application firewalls guarding Read more about how Zoho your traffic? Is your data center protects your information. designed with multiple failures in mind?
  5. 5. Comprehensive 4 portfolio Zoho has a robust and growing portfolio of applications that can help your business with a wide variety of needs, departments and functions. All the Zoho applications work You can also create custom together but you can also use them applications with Zoho Creator or separately. Zoho applications find the one you need with Zoho include Zoho CRM for growing Marketplace. There are more than and taking care of your customer 18 different applications your base; Zoho Projects for tracking business can use. deliverables, tasks and dates; Zoho Docs for storing, sharing Find more about the Zoho and publishing files. Products.
  6. 6. Fast 5 Innovation Zoho is recognized as one of the most innovative companies providing software-as-a-service for businesses. What this means for you is that And because we use their internet we constantly come up with better and your browser to deliver you ways to solve your problems. our software, you don’t need to install or upgrade it which means you get faster access to the latest tools for your business.
  7. 7. Award-winning 6 products Zoho takes great pride in releasing innovative and quality products and features. We continuously enhance our products to make sure they meet the needs of our customers. This customer focus and of 2007” by LifeHacker, “Top commitment to great products is 100 Undiscovered Websites” reflected in the numerous awards by PC Magazine and has been that Zoho has received. recognized as a Leader in the “2008 CRM Market Leader” They include one of “The 25 awards by Destination CRM. Most Innovative Products of the Year” by PC World, “Top Read more about the Zoho awards 10 New and Improved Apps & media mentions.
  8. 8. Customer 7 Support Our team is always available to answer your product-related questions. Don’t know who to contact? Just In addition, we also have public check out Contact Us page to find forms in which our customers ask the e-mail of the team you need questions and interact with each help from. It’s that easy! other to learn more about Zoho products.
  9. 9. No vendor 8 lock-in Of course we’d like to keep you as a customer, and we’ll do whatever we can in terms of products, services and support to keep you as part of the Zoho family. But we also make it very easy for Some vendors might hold your you to leave should you no longer data ‘hostage’ until your contract need our products or become expires, but that won’t happen unhappy. We provide different at Zoho. Your data is, well.... ways to export all your data and yours. Through our set of export information so you can take it formats, APIs and most recently, elsewhere. Zoho CloudSQL, we make it very easy for you to take your data and leave Zoho. It’s only fair.
  10. 10. Value is a 9 feature At Zoho we’re committed to creating value for our customers by providing great software applications for businesses at reasonable and affordable prices. We believe most software for Read more about our philosophy businesses is not only archaic and in an exclusive The Economist bloated, but also overpriced. We article about Zoho and our CEO, are proving businesses can buy Sridhar Vembu. great software... without going bankrupt over it!
  11. 11. Free products 10 (with no ads) Every single Zoho product has a free, no-ads edition. These free editions are fully In addition, we don’t display ads functional and are not a trial (they in our applications. No obtrusive do not expire). It’s a great way to ads. No unobtrusive ads. No ads. get to know the application, get There are no strings attached - and started, or if you don’t need more no ads! advanced functionality, use that as your day-to-day application.
  12. 12. Try Zoho today - it’s free!