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CareerBoard Online Recruitment Services 2013


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Targeted online recruitment tools with a focus on local & niche recruiting plus employment branding and candidate engagement

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CareerBoard Online Recruitment Services 2013

  1. 1. CareerBoardOnline Recruitment SolutionsLO CA L J O B S. LO CA L TA L E NT.
  2. 2. CareerBoardLocal Jobs. Local Talent. Established in Cleveland Ohio in 1997, CareerBoard is an online job board that specializes in Local Jobs for Local Talent. Initially servicing Northeast Ohio, CareerBoard quickly gained the reputation of being a cost effective recruitment solution for employers and a source of local employment opportunities for job seekers. By 2004, we expanded our local market approach throughout the Midwest. Today, CareerBoard is nationwide and is bringing the latest recruitment and job search technologies to the marketplace.
  3. 3. Jobg8Global marketplace for qualified job applications Jobg8 is an online global marketplace for buying and selling qualified job applications. The Jobg8 network members are predominantly made up of niche Job Boards but also include Aggregator sites and high traffic websites that are members of our Search Engine Affiliate Program. Collectively our network member websites reach over 94 million unique visitors per month through over 4,000 websites.
  4. 4. CareerBoard.comLaunched in Cleveland in 1997, now operatingnationwide.Local Jobs. Local Talent. focus.Serving 69 major metro areasIncludes access to 4,000 niche sites & 18 TVwebsites.Proven targeted approach focuses on quality ofresultsYou receive  qualified candidatesfrom a unique pool of local talent!
  5. 5. Local TV +Jobs appear on local TV career centers poweredby CareerBoardNo additional chargeOver 500,000 to 1 Million monthly visitors persiteTargets passive candidatesLocal only audienceAvailable in 16 metro areas Cleveland Ohio WJW-Fox8 Moline Illinois WQAD-News8 Denver Colorado KDVR-Fox31 Norfolk Virginia WTKR-News3 Denver Colorado KWCN-CW2 Norfolk Virginia WGNT-CW27You receive  local applies from Des Moines Iowa WHO-CBS13 Oklahoma City Oklahoma KFOR-News4passive candidates! Fort Smith Arkansas KFSM-5News Richmond Virginia WTVR-CBS6 Greensboro North Carolina WGHP-Fox8 Salt Lake City Utah KSTU-Fox13 Huntsville Alabama WHNT-News19 Scranton Pennsylvania WNEP-16 Kansas City Missouri WDAF-Fox4 St Louis Missouri KTVI-Fox2 Memphis Tennessee WREG-News3 St Louis Missouri KPLR-11
  6. 6. Recommended for you:VIDEO BRANDINGVideo embedded in all jobsPromotes the mission, philosophy and values ofyour organizationIncreases candidates engagementImproves quality of responseSeparates you from other companiesYou receive  applications from the ‘right fit’
  7. 7. Recommended for you:IT expertise includedCareerBoard is owned by the worlds largest ITcareer network: JobServeGlobally recognized IT leaderTechnology jobs appear on our 3 IT brandsNo additional charge for CareerBoard clientsTargets highly sought after candidatesIncreases your return on your advertising dollarsYou receive  applications fromhighly skilled technical candidates
  8. 8. Unique Monthly The Jobg8 Network comprises over 4,000 Industry Focus Number Niche Sites Visitors Sales, Marketing 25 1,285,100niche, local and diversity job boards, aggregators and I.T., Communications 62 1,084,000affiliates in the US with a collective reach of over 94 Healthcare, Medical 140 1,065,800million unique visitors per month. Engineering 40 750,000 Education 10 516,000 This additional reach targets unique qualified Construction 22 427,000candidates . Once jobs are distributed to the Jobg8 Executive Positions 8 300,000network they are displayed only on relevant sites, and in Science, Technology 33 248,200relevant locations ensuring the highest quality of Accounting; Banking, Financial Services 30 150,000applies. Transportation, Logistics 38 138,749 Hospitality, Tourism 20 27,500 This selective distribution ensures that, while Advert, Media, Entertainment 46 26,200maximizing the number of eyeballs that see your Retail, Consumer Products 16 25,000job, you also minimize the number of irrelevant or Trades, Services 76 15,000inappropriate applications that you receive. Manufacturing, Operations 20 15,000
  9. 9. Jobg8 is consistently adding new partners andfinding new ways to bring you the most targetedsolution on the market today. Many of our partners wish to remainanonymous and you may find your job appearing onsome of the largest and most well recognized sitesoperating today. Jobg8 now delivers an average 11 applies perjob and over 2.1 million applications per month andsome example partners are shown on this page You receive  high quality, targeted response that’s right for you business
  10. 10. Key Data Point:Jobg8 delivers more applies inEngineering than any othersector. Closely followed byManufacturing, Healthcare, ITand SalesYou receive  high quality, targetedresponse that’s right for you business
  11. 11. CareerBoard Ranking by Market(By total registered users) 1 Cleveland/Akron 19 Boston 37 Jacksonville 55 Greensboro 2 Columbus 20 Charlotte 38 Tampa 56 Arkansas 3 Detroit 21 Newark 39 New Hampshire 57 Camden 4 Cincinnati 22 Phoenix 40 Seattle 58 Charleston 5 Toledo 23 Houston 41 San Francisco 59 Iowa 6 Indianapolis 24 Alabama 42 Baltimore 60 Oklahoma 7 Dallas 25 Tennessee 43 Salt Lake City 61 Maine 8 Atlanta 26 Kansas City 44 Oakland 62 West Virginia 9 Denver 27 Miami 45 Orlando 63 Idaho 10 Virginia 28 Wisconsin 46 Minneapolis 64 New Mexico 11 New York 29 San Jose 47 Louisiana 65 Nebraska 12 Chicago 30 Raleigh 48 Las Vegas 66 Montana 13 Los Angeles 31 Richmond 49 Portland 67 South Dakota 14 Saint Louis 32 Connecticut 50 Wilmington 68 North Carolina 15 Pittsburgh 33 Philadelphia 51 San Antonio 69 Vermont 16 Louisville 34 Kentucky 52 Providence 70 Wyoming 17 Washington DC 35 San Diego 53 Trenton 71 North Dakota 18 Norfolk 36 Austin 54 Mississippi
  12. 12. CareerBoard Performance by SectorIt’s ONLY about results! View per Job Apps per Job Customer Service 263.11 26.1 HR/Recruitment 273.72 25.3 Construction 338.00 20.2 Our unique structure allows us to outperform in Retail 219.90 17.8 Hospitality 354.00 17.8 highly targeted industry sectors such as Accounting 229.57 17.6 Engineering, IT and Healthcare while our local Sales 232.60 17.1 Financial 210.18 16.1 presence allows us to meet the needs of high Legal 269.14 15.8 Education 283.67 15.3 volume recruitment teams such as call center Science / BioTech 229.17 13.4 and customer service units. Government 287.81 12.1 Engineering 207.00 10.9 Manufacturing 146.43 9.0 Facilities Management 250.74 6.3 Healthcare 112.40 4.6 Information Technology 140.25 1.3 Avg. 238.10 14.5 You receive  high quality candidates, without the hassle of hundreds of irrelevant applications to process
  13. 13. Recommended for you:Automated Posting ServicePosts and distributes all current career Jobs removed from Jobs listed on client client ATSopportunities across our entire network ATSAll applies sent to your ATS to applyAll results fully tracked and reportableProcess managed by CareerBoardRuns autonomously for 12 months All Candidates Jobs automaticallyProvides the greatest return for the lowest applying sent back posted to /removedinvestment to client ATS from CareerBoardTiered commitment level to suit your budget by our web service You receive  our high quality solution, fully managed with our highest level of We distribute jobs service allowing you to focus on your to relevant sites priorities while we make finding you within our network, great talent our top priority! Jobg8 etc
  14. 14. Thank YouCareerBoard.comLO CA L J O B S. LO CA L TA L E NT.Toby