Sema sales and-marketing


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Sema sales and-marketing

  1. 1. The Truth AboutSales & Marketing Who Works for Whom? Presented by Tom Marx – President The Marx Group October 29, 2012 ©2012 The Marx Group 1
  2. 2. ©2012 The Marx Group©2012 The Marx Group 2
  3. 3. Q: How many of you are part of the sales team? The marketing team? Or both? ©2012 The Marx Group ©2012 The Marx Group 3
  4. 4. They so don’t get it! If they would only give usSALES SUCKS! materials we can use. MARKETING SUCKS! Marketing & Sales Teams ©2012 The Marx Group ©2012 The Marx Group 4
  5. 5. The Conflict BetweenMarketing & Sales 1. Tension between teams 2. Missed goals 3. Duplication of effort 4. Work done over and over 5. Wasted Money 6. Work not leveraged ©2012 The Marx Group 5
  6. 6. How does thishappen?Lack of Communication Building SilosUndefined Goals Missing PlansMisunderstanding of RolesUnreported MetricsMissing Processes ©2012 The Marx Group 6
  7. 7. Q: What are the current issues your team is facing? ©2012 The Marx Group©2012 The Marx Group 7
  8. 8. Work as a SINGLE Team! ©2012 The Marx Group 8
  9. 9. Outline a rationale andGOAL: process to get SALES and MARKETING to work more effectively toward the SAME GOALS©2012 The Marx Group 9
  10. 10. DEFINED©2012 The Marx Group 10
  11. 11. Q: Can you define EACH role?©2012 The Marx Group 11
  12. 12. Sales GOAL: Increase sales & enhance customer and prospect relationships!©2012 The Marx Group 12
  13. 13. SalesROLE:• Increase revenue• Bring in new prospects• Conversion from prospect to lead Prospect -> lead -> customer -> happier customer• Articulate brand values to contacts• Provide marketing with sales numbers and statistics• Provide feedback to marketing• Understand the target audience• Represent the company at industry events ©2012 The Marx Group 13
  14. 14. MarketingGOAL: Support the sales force! ©2012 The Marx Group 14
  15. 15. MarketingROLE:• Develop the company story• Design marketing materials and programs that reach the target audience• Media that creates prospects, leads and customers• Build brand awareness• Generate leads• Support sales team throughout the sales process ©2012 The Marx Group 15
  16. 16. Who works for whom? ©2012 The Marx Group 16
  17. 17. Who works for whom?MARKETING WORKS FOR SALESHowever…It’s not about hierarchy or power…it’sabout collaboration, coordination andcooperation MARKETING SALES ©2012 The Marx Group 17
  18. 18. SALES & MARKETINGPlaybook Create a program that will eliminate the silos and supports the collaboration between sales and marketing. ©2012 The Marx Group 18
  19. 19. Playbook 101Rally | Rules | Roles | Plays Hold a kick-off meeting • Before the “season” begins • Take time to set goals • Review past efforts – what did/didn’t work? ©2012 The Marx Group 19
  20. 20. Playbook 101Rally | Rules | Roles | Plays Agree on the “rules” that each player must follow ©2012 The Marx Group 20
  21. 21. Playbook 101Rally | Rules | Roles | PlaysDefine the part everyplayer will take on withinthe team and in each play ©2012 The Marx Group 21
  22. 22. Playbook 101Rally | Rules | Roles | Plays Define a set of moves needed to reach the goals ©2012 The Marx Group 22
  23. 23. Playbook 101Rally1. Prepare2. Hold a meeting The goal is not to point fingers,3. Review and analyze but to objectively review what4. Set goals is working and not working and5. Define metrics to find ways to SOLVE the problem, OR discover areas of opportunity or improvement ©2012 The Marx Group 23
  24. 24. Playbook 101Rally1. Prepare Your rally can’t succeed unless you’re2. Hold a meeting prepared! Gather the following:3. Review & analyze • Prior years’ sales results4. Set goals • Prior marketing efforts • Metrics (results) of sales and5. Define metrics marketing efforts • Goals for the upcoming year ©2012 The Marx Group 24
  25. 25. Playbook 101Rally1. Prepare Call an ALL-DAY meeting and invite key2. Hold a meeting sales and marketing team members,3. Review & analyze including those in the field. Make sure4. Set goals it is:5. Define metrics • SECURE (no distractions!) • NONJUDGEMENTAL (safe to express concerns and solutions) • FOCUSED (on solutions) ©2012 The Marx Group 25
  26. 26. Playbook 101Rally1. Prepare Sample Agenda • Welcome – define goal of meeting • Sales Report • Metrics2. Hold a meeting • Initiatives & programs • Successes & failures3. Review & analyze • Marketing Report4. Set goals • Metrics5. Define metrics • Marketing programs • Successes & failures • Goal Setting and Alignment • Brainstorming Session • Planning • Action items ©2012 The Marx Group 26
  27. 27. Playbook 101Rally1. Prepare REVIEW sales and marketing metrics. Look at what did and didn’t work and determine WHY2. Hold a meeting3. Review & analyze DETERMINE which initiatives are4. Set goals important for the coming season5. Define metrics ANALYZE current sales to determine areas where you are missing exposure ©2012 The Marx Group 27
  28. 28. Playbook 101 Sample items you might uncover:Rally1. Prepare • 75% of your new business came from internet sales – yet only 20% of your marketing efforts focused on digital marketing2. Hold a meeting3. Review & analyze • The majority of your marketing efforts focused on a product line that had4. Set goals dismal sales.5. Define metrics ― Not a good product? ― Sales team not focused on product? ― Wrong target audience? ©2012 The Marx Group 28
  29. 29. Playbook 101Rally1. Prepare Set goals and make sure both teams are aligned – for both the actual goal and everyone’s role in making it happen2. Hold a meeting Example:3. Review & analyze4. Set goals •Increase client base by 50% SALES ROLE: each sales person is5. Define metrics responsible for bringing in 25 new customers MARKETING ROLE: develop marketing materials that will generate leads – online marketing, competitive product analysis, sales presentations ©2012 The Marx Group 29
  30. 30. Playbook 101 To determine if you have successfully met your goals, you will need measurableRally1. Prepare yardsticks. Both sales and marketing must agree upon METRICS that will help them meet their goals.2. Hold a meeting Example:3. Review & analyze Tradeshow Metrics4. Set goals Tradeshow participation can be costly. Knowing how much is spent on sales and marketing can5. Define metrics help ensure shows are appropriate and successful. Report the following: SALES: Expenses, leads generated, tracking actual sales MARKETING: Expenses, time spent on developing materials ©2012 The Marx Group 30
  31. 31. Playbook 101Rules Example: 1. Changes in sales or marketing plans must be reported to both teams 2. Detailed reports of tradeshows,Every team works from sales pitches, etc. must bea rulebook. Sales and presented to both teamsMarketing need to 3. Monthly meetings will be helddevelop guidelines they 4. Sales and marketing must workwill both follow. together in the development of marketing plans, strategies, marketing materials, etc. 5. Teams must report what does and does not work 6. Be open-minded to new ideas 7. Allow problems to be fixed 8. Recognize success ©2012 The Marx Group 31
  32. 32. Playbook 101RolesSALES:• Increase sales• Bring in new prospects• Be the company’s representativeMARKETING:• Support sales team though the sales process• Develop the company story• Build brand awareness ©2012 The Marx Group 32
  33. 33. Playbook 101PlaysPlays – required actions -- mustbe developed to support theoverall company goal.Each play must state, in additionto the action:1. The PLAYERS2. Their ROLES3. Your METRICS ©2012 The Marx Group 33
  34. 34. Playbook 101Play EXAMPLE Increase the revenue in the “X” product line by 150% by July 15th ©2012 The Marx Group 34
  35. 35. Playbook 101Play EXAMPLE PLAYERS and ROLES: • Sales – Push product through to customers and prospects • Marketing – Build brand awareness, develop marketing materials to support the push-through ©2012 The Marx Group 35
  36. 36. Playbook 101Play EXAMPLE METRICS: • Sales – Sell $1,000 per month of the new product to at least 20% of existing customers • Marketing – Drive 200 new leads to the web page for the new product each month ©2012 The Marx Group 36
  37. 37. Playbook 101 Example:PlaysPLAYERS and ROLES: PLAY: Increase the traffic at “X” trade showSales – Increase prospect database; pin point prospects you would like to attend.Personally invite prospects to attendMarketing – develop a strategy that includes multiple touch points for the salesteams prospects that will attract new prospects to boothMETRICS:Sales – Number of prospects invited to booth. Clear record of who attended andpost follow-up results.Marketing – Number of touch-points developed for the sales team and the results ofother marketing initiatives. ©2012 The Marx Group 37
  38. 38. A Good Team Player can:1. Increase collaboration2. Assist in budgeting time3. Enhance harmony4. Improve mutual respect5. Boost sales6. Create better efficiencies7. Enable successful programs8. Decrease friction9. Make better use of everyone’s time ©2012 The Marx Group 38
  39. 39. Marketing + Sales Implement a program that will bring SALES and MARKETING together and make this your best year yet! ©2012 The Marx Group 39
  40. 40. THANK YOU! TOM MARX 415.453.0844 x106 Subscribe to our monthly newsletter Catalyst for marketing insights. CREATIVE AND ACCOUNT TEAMS Northern California | New York | Chicago Los Angeles | Detroit | Nashville | Denver ©2012 The Marx Group 40