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Value of joint sales & mktg strategy clarification diane wieser mcsv


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Value of joint sales & mktg strategy clarification diane wieser mcsv

  2. 2. Ground Rules• Aggressive timeline-45 minutes• Workshop format – General topic overview – Break-out activity – Activity debrief• Take risks, make mistakes – But stay FOCUSED on activity objectives – Learn from your colleagues
  3. 3. Joint Marketing & Sales Strategy Clarification• Why is it important• Implications if groups work in isolation• Standard barriers• Common misconceptions• How do you do it
  4. 4. “The Survey Says…..”• Misconceptions held by Marketing about Sales – Doesn’t grasp big picture related to larger market opportunity – Focused solely on quota attainment – Concept of a “Sales partnership” is an oxymoron – Salespeople have serious issues in general
  5. 5. “The Survey Says…”• Misconceptions held by Sales about Marketing – Has no idea what customers really want and what is really driving purchases – Work in an Ivory Tower – Easily enamored by “Newest” marketing fad whether it helps further company growth goals or not – Live in their own “Private Idaho”
  6. 6. Exercise: Break-out activity-15 minutes• Share example of company who is aligning strategies • What is the Go To Market strategy as you perceive it • How are marketing and sales reinforcing each others efforts • What are the benefits they realize as an outcome• What are your company’s sales & marketing strategies • What would executives from each department say they are • What would your customers say they are • What are implications if they are not aligned• Standard barriers • Identify key issues/obstacles that will derail alignment efforts • Brainstorm ways to pre-empt these issues/barriers
  7. 7. The Process: Seven Simple Steps• One: Joint project planning meeting to agree on outcomes, roles, responsibilities, and resources• Two: Management interviews and data collection to build insight into current situation and identify inconsistencies in key elements• Three: Data analysis and initial report of findings and recommendations• Four: Design and development of joint strategy clarification session• Five: Facilitation of joint strategy clarification session• Six: Report of outcomes and recommendations• Seven: Progress check-update and evaluate action plans
  8. 8. The Deliverables:• Industry trend and competitive landscape assessment solidifying competitive differentiation• Consistent branding experience• Clearly defined valued proposition• Understanding each groups role in delivering the value proposition• Consensus as to the characteristics of an optimal customer• Customer segmentation criteria based on market potential, product releases, short/long term revenue goals• Agree on appropriate channels to be managed by marketing vs. sales• Optimal pricing strategies per channel ruling out internal pricing wars and lowered profit margins• Highly synchronized marketing and sales activities that leverage the other groups efforts ensuring maximum ROI• Ability to rapidly adjust strategies based on dynamic market factors• Improved morale and teamwork between both departments
  9. 9. Contact Info:• Diane Wieser 925.735-3667••