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Urbanesia - Open Source & Microsoft


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Combining the best of both worlds into Urbanesia's infrastructure :)

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Urbanesia - Open Source & Microsoft

  1. 1. Urbanesia & Microsoft Technologies SQL on PHP @ Microsoft Batista Harahap @tista / 7 July 2012
  2. 2. DESIRED AIMSWhat Urbanesia wants
  4. 4. TECHNICAL OVERVIEW Where do we come from andwhere we want to be in the future
  5. 5. Single application/database Server
  6. 6. Technologies• CentOS Linux• MySQL• Sphinx Search• CodeIgniter (PHP)• Memcache
  7. 7. Caveats• 20+ Seconds Queries in warm boots• Low concurrency• MySQL Query Performance• Horizontal scalability (Expensive)• Memory, CPU & Disk hungry• No separation of frontend & backend apps
  8. 8. What to do?
  9. 9. Application & Database Server Separation
  10. 10. What we did• Recoded 60% of Urbanesia• Initial process took ~1 month• Query hunting to optimize MySQL queries• Slimmed down to 18 controllers & 800 lines of core controller• Separated database & application• Built a comprehensive API for our backend
  11. 11. What we got• Increased concurrency• Insignificant warm boot time• 1 month turned to 1 year to 2 years to …• A codebase that is difficult to maintain• Slow learning curves for new recruits• Lack of focus infrastructure wise
  12. 12. MICROSOFT TECHNOLOGIES What changed our perspective towards technology platforms
  13. 13. Challenges• Urbanesia have no prior Microsoft experience• Design Patterns• Best Practices• Choosing which technology• TCO and other expenses
  14. 14. Microsoft Open• Open Source technologies on top of Microsoft platform• Hands on consultation with trusted advisor from Infinys Cloud with Dondy Bappedyanto• Introduced to .NET and SQL Server
  15. 15. Solution• Complete backend redesign & development using .NET 4.0 with WebAPI• Abstract layers within the design to support potential migration to SQL Server• Instead of CRUD cache invalidations, we implemented monitors
  16. 16. Solution
  17. 17. BENEFITSWhat do we get from this?
  18. 18. Benefits• 33% productivity increase translating to only 2 months development time for our backend• More time to focus on the product itself• Implementing best practices from day 0• More structured approach to finally build BI solutions• Invest more in memories, way cheaper than servers
  19. 19. CLOSING REMARKSOur experiences combining the best of both worlds
  20. 20. Closing Remarks• Microsoft’s backend technology is unmatched, especially the IDE (Visual Studio) is really powerful• Open Source’s frontend technology is unmatched in terms of new tech adoption, developer awareness and community support• Both combines into happy developers, product focus and business as usual