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  3. 3. Synthetic leather wrist strap for Apple iPod Nano 6th generationAllows you to wear Nano 6th as a cool watchPerfect for keeping your iPod Nano secure while running, dancing or working outMulti-holes with a buckle for adjusting strap length as you needMade of durable synthetic leather materialsWith vibrant panther printsComfortable to wear and easy to cleanSimple to use, just clip you nano on this strapCompatible with iPod Nano 6th Gen onlyBand length: 237mmBand width: 22mmColor: as shown in the pictureThird party product, not made by AppleThis pu leather strap from china gadgets free shipping store: tinydeal.comneocube 3mm x 3mm Magic Magnet Magnetic DIY Balls Sphere Neodymium Cube Neocube Puzzle ToyFMC-77085Looking for high quality Cheap neocube? We provides a variety of Cheap neocube 3mm &neocube 5mm, buy cheap new neocube 3mm, neocube 5mm from TinyDeal now This is an amazing intellectual toy You can use it to design / build anything which you can think with these magnetic spheres,like 2-D or 3-D objects and superstructures Can be used as an educational tool for children Also a good gift for friend Color: Silver-tone Net Weight: 24 g / 0.85 oz Size: 3 x 3 x 3 mm / 0.12 x 0.12 x 0.12 inAt the same pfroduct neocube 5mmdual dial watches
  4. 4. Stylish Leisure Style Round Case Dual Dial Quartz Watch with Alloy Band for Man BoysGentleman WMN-68549 Fashion dual dial round case alloy strap quartz wrist watch for male Dual dial highlights your glamour Leisure style design shows your personality With data displaying on the dial Adjust the date with the left crown Pull out the crowns to adjust time The left crown for adjusting the big dial and the right one for the small dial 6 watch hands work greatly Stable construction with alloy band Normal water resistant, not for showering or swimming Great gift for your friends or yourself Button cell included Movement: Quartz Gender: Male Clasp: Folding clasp Material: Alloy Band Length: 245 mm (Case length included) Case Size: (D x T) 42 x 9 mm
  5. 5. Weight: 107 g/ 3.75 oz Note: We provide different colors for your choice Adds Pedometer Watches added today to its website the top 10 pedometerwatches on the market today. Top of the list was the Timex Women’s T5J151 ithas a pink and silver resin watch case with easy to use buttons on the sides. Itis dual dial watches resistant to 50 meters, and for that reason a lot of peopleuse this watch for one to swim in. It has a gray polyurethane strap that istapered for a women’s wrist."As far as features go, even though this is affordable, you won’t be missing outon anything." said Bob Jones with, "It has a 24 hourchronograph, a 24 hour countdown timer, a daily alarm, dual time zonedisplay, and day and date feature. It also has Indigo, which is a patented blueelectroluminescent lighting technology which will enable you to see the watchin any kind of light. It also has the ability to conserve battery power, so youwon’t have to go through batteries very often, even if you are constantly usingits features.""If you have been looking for just the right china online shop watch for youractive lifestyle but you also don’t want to pay a fortune for it, then the Timex
  6. 6. Women’s T5J151 1440 Watch might be what you are looking for. It is verycomfortable and will fit any woman’s wrist, and with its daily alarm, dual timezone display, timing features, chronograph, and large numbers, you willprobably find yourself wearing this watch more often than you thought." BobJones concludes, "Especially if you are an active woman and are looking for awatch for sports, then this is one very affordable watch that has all of thefeatures that you are looking for and more, and you won’t have to pay a fortunefor it, either."To read the full review click here, or feel free to browse all the reviews byclickinRichard Mille Launches Limited EditionRM 022 TimepieceSwiss luxury watchmaker Richard Mille has unveiled the RM 022 carbon timepiece, boasting anultra high-tech case said to be 200 times lighter than steel.Limited globally to just 5 exclusive pieces, the RM 022 tourbillon combinesorthorhombic honeycombed titanium aluminide and carbon nanofibre to createan ultra light-weight timepiece.The case has been made using ultra-strong carbon nanotubes, which are
  7. 7. injection moulded under high pressure into a black polymer, creating a robustcomposite. The nanotubes are capable of absorbing far stronger impacts thantraditional carbon fibre.The watch also boasts dual time capabilities and a robust 70 hour powerreserve.The five editions of the RM 022 will be available from select retailers in Europe,the Middle East, Africa and Russia.Fingerprint Car Alarm Security System Of Higher DebutFingerprint Car Alarm Security System Of Higher DebutInto the end of the year, car theft incidents continue to occur. Hui District 3 car theft occurs, many owners,especially owners just buy a new car becomes all the more anxious, eager to find a safer car, close theanti-theft products. What the market really advanced anti-theft device? Various types of security prices,pros and cons of how?Into the end of the year, car theft incidents continue to occur. Hui District 3 car theft occurs, many owners,especially owners just buy a new car becomes all the more anxious, eager to find a safer car, close theanti-theft products. What the market really advanced anti-theft device? Various types of security prices,pros and cons of how?
  8. 8. There are three common types of anti-theft deviceOnline once rumors “10 minutes to steal a Honda car,” This shows an increasing rate of car theft thieves,more and more sophisticated techniques.Many car owners in order to enhance security capabilities, have to install anti-theft device. Nowadays alot of alarm brand, iron general, Xiong Bing, SEG car in St. … … Auto Accessories Market, and anti-theftdevice to be touched a lot of side products let car owners feel confused. Auto Accessoriescare centers, according to Red Hat Development Manager has Xiaojie Shao, currently on the marketthere are three common types of anti-theft devices, respectively, mechanical, Electronic Three forms oftype and network type. In contrast, the three forms of anti-theft lock function has its own advantages anddisadvantages, of course, are not the same price. And the present day Car alarm Device, has been notjust a remote control switch lock, vibration alert as simple as has been the intelligent direction.Mechanical anti-theft such as Tire Lock Steering wheel lock , Stick lock, food stalls was the first anti-theftlocks and other products are not only anti-theft alarm, but affordable, there are still many car owners.Electronic and mechanical anti-theft device compared to overcome not only anti-theft alarm deficiencies.It includes plug-piece, button-type and the remote control, etc., mainly by locking anti-theft ignition orstarting to achieve the purpose, both security and sound alarm. It can be said of electronic intelligencesecurity is the development direction of vehicle anti-theft devices, such anti-theft device is divided intoOne-way Alarm And Two-way Alarm . China wholesale online Both alarms are the owner to control thecar by remote control, two-way alarm can be fed back to the real situation of the vehicle owners. Anotheris a network-type anti-theft devices, network switches to achieve the car door, start the motor, stoppedvehicles, vehicle positioning, and even vehicle owners in accordance with the requirements of the reportto provide features such as remote vehicle condition, more common GPS Is SEG San GPS and
  9. 9. Spider-Man car GPS, this type of network security to charge an annual service charge 400-1000 dollars.Fingerprint car anti-theftdebutAddition of three of the more common anti-theft device, the recent appearance of the fingerprint securityhas been consumer concern.Import agent Kia 4S shop Huizhou Tian Yuan exchange related to the reporter responsible Chengxu Jun,fingerprint security systems use optics, using live fingerprint recognition technology. 9 store fingerprintsin 3 groups, only the set of user fingerprint to start the car, if thieves use the jammers to prevent ownersof car locks, keys crack passwords, configuration of the original car keys, he does not take the car stolen.If the owners driving on the way to be robbers robbery, car snatching, car will automatically turn off in 2minutes, the police, to protect the safety master. “The current price of 4,800 yuan a set, the owner is ofinterest to understand the product, sold about 100 sets.”News: more and more advanced car alarm systemUnderstand that commercial car alarm grade level according to different security capabilities are also abig gap, of which 5 million or less in the vehicle anti-theft capabilities minimum, the original is the generalanti-theft lock function is simple, just remote control switch doors, Some do not even alarm. The 50 000-10 million vehicles, some common electronic anti-theft devices, high-distribution version of the enginecan provide security. 100,000 yuan or more models will be equipped with a chip-type digital anti-theftsystem, “multi-transmission system.” More than 200,000 richer in the high-end models, such as off the oil,power, engine locking systems, security systems, but the basic is not as after-market anti-theft productsfeature so rich, so much choice. Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Toyota Camry, Lexus, Nissan and othernew vehicles bearing the illegal turn with advanced protection features, is more advanced and
  10. 10. sophisticated security measures. For example, the Audi A6 equipped with anti-theft stopper, Mercedes,BMW’s automatic change password system.Intermediate or high-class models are now also started a high profile anti-theft system performance.Shanghai Volkswagen Hanson 4S store retail manager, Shao-Zhu told reporters, Shanghai VolkswagenAutomotive Group with the intelligent 25 billion electronic security rolling code system, each key in theignition switch is automatically canceled when the alarm, turn off when the alarm system will startautomatically.Jiangbei Development through the Department of 4S shop service into the reporter Xin Yu, Vios modelsuploaded TVSS electronic anti-theft system. When the remote control with key ring-like locking car, thesystem is started up. If you do not open the door with the remote control, the engine will not start at thesame time the alarm.To industry insiders, is now more popular type of digital anti-theft system chips. The system in the car keybuilt a chip, its and car computers, engine start systems, electroplating, oil line, door, steering lockassociated with. Password if the chips and cars on the set of codes that do not, the car will not start, carwill automatically power off, cut the oil. Even when people with a shape identical car keys, nor can the cardrive away.Show Your Children Motherhood by Jie Way Shoes Sock KnittingAlthough we are currently enduring a sweltering heat wave (today there was a heat index of 110!), inside weare blessed to have central air and wear thin sleeveless krazy clothing china. We dont have the thermostatset to an impractical level, but still, for little Baby Ella it can feel chilly for her tiny tootsies.I always have a lot of extra sock yarn in the stash, which is perfect for teeny tiny socks. Socks for babies haveto have fairly stiff ribbing around the cuff or the socks wont stay on their feet.The result is a very lightweight, breathable yarn that is naturally antimicrobial (translation: it reduces thesmell of stinky feet).
  11. 11. Although its always fun starting a new project with new yarn for children’s Jie way shoes, theressomething rather satisfying about using up the bits left over from other projects. A perfect use for perfectlittle feet!Tactical AR-15/M4/M4A1 Carbine Aftermarket Accessories for Military Combat Applications:The Competition-to-Combat CrossoverFore grip and pistol grip: The MagPul Angled Fore Grip (AFG) seems to be a top choiceamong soldiers. The popularity of the C-clamp methodAll photos and video clips contained in this article were provided by Jeff Gurwitch, and arecopyrighted. Jeff Gurwitch and own the copyright on these photos and video clips.The following article is property of (DR) and Jeff Gurwitch and is copyrighted material. Ifyou are reading this article on another website other than, please email us the websiteaddress/URL (where the unauthorized DR article reprint is located) at defrev (at) gmail (dot) com. Thank you.July 4, 2012Previously here on DefenseReview (DR), I wrote a piece titled Military Marksmanship Training VersusCompetitive Shooting Training: The Match Up (January 2011). Towards the end, I mentioned the developmentsderived from both the military and civilian competition in regards to accessories for the AR/M4 platform. Forthis article, I would like to go into further detail on that subject. Even with all the various optics and accessoriesoffered under the Special Operations Peculiar Modification (SOPMOD) program for the rifle, soldiers are optingto outfit their rifles with certain items. They’re seeing what the top shooting competitors are using to wincompetitive shooting events like 3-Gun, and what is working for the majority of shooters, and they recognizewhat wins in a match can also help them win on the battlefield.Before I cover accessories,electronics gadgets I think I should bring up one popular concept in regards to riflesetup, and that is the KISS principle: Keep It Simple Stupid. In its strictest interpretation, this means avoidingoptics and electronics that could fail during use. I think I should address the “KISS” rifle concept because,despite its popularity with some civilian tactical/defensive shooters (see the numerous threads on AR15.comand discussing “KISS” rifles), most soldiers are choosing rifles set up with anything that can helpthem consistently engage targets better and faster. In fact, today there is little difference between a soldier’stactical rifle and an Open-class 3-Gun competition setup.Far from KISS; Schmidt & Bender Short Dot tactical scope, extended rail, aftermarket stock and grip, take offthe LA-5 laser and you could easily see this exact same set-up at any local 3-gun match, instead this is currentlydownrange being employed by a U.S. Infantry Soldier.Telescoping/Collapsible ButtstocksOne big reason I think MagPul stocks do well with soldiers is because of price. Their Adaptable CarbineStorage (ACS) model, which is considered one of their higher end stocks at $109.95, is still almost half theprice of an LMT SOPMOD/Crane NSWC stock at $199. The most prevalent MagPul models I have seen in useare the MOE, CTR, and ACS. All have increased cheek weld surface area, rubber butt pads, and multiple sling
  12. 12. attachment methods. The MOE seems especially popular, even though the cheek weld area is only slightlylarger than the issue stock, but at $59.95 the price cannot be beat. Fore grip and pistol grip: The MagPulPlastic Magpul AFG-1 Angled Fore Grip (AFG) seems to be a top choice among soldiers. The popularity of theC-clamp method of shooting (non-firing hand thumb on top of the rail, palm on the side rail, fingers form a Caround the rail) is on the rise, and the Magpul AFG facilitates a C-clamp grip. Ergo Grips, Hogues, and theMagpul MIAD Grip Kit seem to be among the most popular pistol grips. I have not seen any one brand ormodel stand out more than another. All offer a much more ergonomic and fuller grip on the AR than thecurrent issue A2 grip. I think most shooters find the A2 grip allows your hand to ride up on the receiver. Justabout every other aftermarket commercial grip out there does a better job at keeping your firing handstraight behind the trigger, facilitating a more consistent trigger pull.As you can see from the photo these 3 rifles have a lot in common, besides the SOPMOD issue items theusers have all chosen to upgrade certain parts of the rifles to fit them better (stock, grip or fore grip). Here isalso a perfect example to show how popular Magpul items are with the troops. Each rifle has at least oneMagpul item on them and two have P-mags. Also check out the Noveske KX3 flash hider (middle rifle). .Innovation from the competition world; Dual optics have been in use with the military for some time now, asyou can see in some of the previous photos ACOGs and Elcan Specter DRs are issued with Doctor sights ontop. What has been slowly catching now as a direct result from their effectiveness with the 3-gun crowd areoffset mounts. Problem with the Doctor sight mounted on top of another optic is the hold off is too much.Even with a 25 meter POA/POI zero you are still looking at as much a 4 inch hold off at room distance. Withthe offset mount it’s less than 2 inches. Plus I find it faster and smoother to roll the gun in my shoulder topick up the offset sight. I have been using Matt Burkett’s 45 degree offset mount with a Doctor sight for 2tours now and on 2 different rifles; M4A1 and a SCAR light.One other item that is pretty popular is the Grip Pod vertical foregrip/bipod/weapon stabilizer by Grip PodSystems International (GPS), which consists of a spring-loaded bipod enclosed in a forward grip. It has twoadvantages over the conventional style metal bipod; the Grip Pod is much lighter. Being both a forward gripand bipod, it saves space on your rifle for other items. And, since the legs collapse into the grip, you don’thave to worry about them catching on stuff when not in use. Personally, I find the Grip Pod vertical grip alittle too long for my taste. I find that it sits up too high when using it in bipod mode in the prone position, . Itherefore have a difficult time trying to get into a comfortable position behind the rifle.M4A1 equipped with Grip PodTactical Weapon LightsSureFire is the most prevalent brand in use over the current issue SOPMOD light (the L3 WarriorSystems/Insight Technology M3X/SU-33/PVS). The M3X is a pretty basic light with only one brightnesssetting and a momentary switch. It’s also not that bright compared to many other lights on the market. Bulblife is also relatively short, about a year if you do a lot of shooting.The Surefire Scout Weaponlight is pretty popular along with the new SureFire G2X and SureFire 6P series,both used in conjunction with a Viking Tactics (VTAC) offset light mount. One light that I am pleased to see
  13. 13. making headway with the troops is the Inforce WML. I have reviewed this light in the past for DR (publishedon 12/16/2011). The WML incorporates a new innovative 45-degree activation push button that allows youto go from constant-on to momentary-on and strobe. With a flip of an easy-to-reach toggle lever, you can gofrom white light to IR (infrared). With all those features and a price around $180.00 (I have seen it online aslow as $150.00) the WML makes for a great compact weapon light.MagazinesEven with the adoption of the improved 30 round GI magazine, commercially made magazines are prettypopular items. The reason for this is the perceived poor performance of standard issue military magazines.Personally, I have never had an issue with GI mags, even the older style with the green follower. I haveseveral of the green follower mags that are at least 5-6 years old that I have used on multiple deployments.The issue is not the quality of the magazine, but rather how they are handled. Instead of treating themagazine as an expendable item, soldiers in some units have to sign for them, and losing a magazine islooked down upon. This leads to the same batch of magazines floating around in a unit for a number of years,going from soldier to soldier.