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Thrifty & Green is a publisher and emerging eco brand that is the source for frugal and green advice and more.

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Thrifty & Green Main

  1. 1. Digital Magazine | Website | Creative Collective
  2. 2. A new kind of Public CompanyT&G is a creative collective andpublisher focused on providingfrugal and green living, expert +personal advice. Work cooperatively to create our products in as frugal a manner as possible, from a business perspective Share in ad revenue through Google Adsense (similar to stocks that pay dividends) Use open source software + the internet to deliver information to improve daily life + the environment
  3. 3. A Thrifty and Green Company Workforce is made up of independent bloggers, media and technology students and professionals operating from home Embraces the many cost + environmental benefits of telecommuting and a co-op Student Internships will soon offer frugal and eco-housing options near colleges in urban and rural settings creating “locations”, offices ─ thrifty and green communities
  4. 4. Our Productsthriftyandgreen.comOnline resource of frugal andgreen expert + personal advice Thrifty & Green Digital Magazine A lifestyle magazine centered around frugal and green living. You will find advice, recipes, articles, product and book reviews and more to help make living green fun and affordable.
  5. 5. Viral Model = Viral GrowthIn One Year: T&G has attracted the support of and partnered with major brands in our category such as Ogden Publications publishers of Mother Earth News, Green Festivals and more 10,000 followers on Twitter, 1500 on Facebook Listed as a Major Media brand on Pinterest Attracted top bloggers and authors such as Dave Ramsey, Ken Druse and others to new Blog Network
  6. 6. What’s NextThrifty & Green Blogger NetworkOffers bloggers the opportunity to blog directly on, orsyndicate their existing blog on thriftyandgreen.comBlogger Benefits2. Shared Ad space on major green lifestyle brand3. Increased exposure, link backs, + community network4. Pay managed by Google - Clicks are forever on timeless advice content so considered residual or passive income5. Opportunity to build a resource, a legacy that can effect change for generations to come
  7. 7. Thrifty & Green Creative Collective Eco Communities + Cooperatives Since we are all about frugal and green living we have begun putting the great advice supplied by our community members in practice with those interested in helping. Our listing in the Fellowship for Intentional Communities Directory attracts weekly inquires.Eco Communities + Student Cooperative HousingA big part of any creative enterprise is rising talent.T&G is creating private “eco dorms” located at topsustainable schools around the country. Theselocations will offer students the chance to live frugaland green, build a portfolio, and gain valuableprofessional + life experience.
  8. 8. Get InvolvedHow can one Join or assist with the Project?  Start or Syndicate your blog  Become an Editor  Advertise with Thrifty & Green  Donate time or dollars to the Collective  Offer a Grant, Invest or become an Advisor