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Pollinators Inc 2014 Prospectus (April)


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Pollinators Inc prospectus for partners, funders and sponsors for 2014.

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Pollinators Inc 2014 Prospectus (April)

  1. 1. POLLINATORS PARTNERSHIP PROSPECTUS Pollinators Inc. You Prepared: Because what we do, together, matters A partnership proposal between April 2014 Nurturing innovations and people that enable healthy, resilient communities
  2. 2. Mission: Nurture innovations and people that enable healthy, resilient communities Vision: By 2020, Greater Geraldton will be globally-recognised as a model for sustainable communities Values: Connected - Collaborative - Creative Legal: ƒƒ Non-profit Incorporated Association ƒƒ Established December 2010 ƒƒ “Social enterprise” meaning we earning revenue as well as receive grants, reinvest 100% of profits in achieving the vision. Objectives: ƒƒ Raising awareness of social innovation and social entrepreneurship ƒƒ Providing practical support for innovators and entrepreneurs ƒƒ Sharing case studies, tools and knowledge ƒƒ Enabling collaboration within and across sectors ƒƒ Partnering with individuals and organisations with aligned objectives People: ƒƒ Board: Paul Dyer (Chair), Brendon Davies (Treasurer), Natasha Colliver (Secretary), Jen Hanrahan, Alex Godley, Melissa Hadley- Barrett, Pamela Southern, Patricia Anderson ƒƒ Team: Andrew Outhwaite (Executive Officer & Membership), Alison Hilton (Space), Heather Fox (Digital), Jo Blayney (Learning). Financial: 2012: ƒƒ $57k earned revenue ƒƒ $42k grant funding 2013: ƒƒ $102k earned revenue ƒƒ $162k grant funding 2014 (budgeted): ƒƒ $204k earned revenue ƒƒ $254k grant funding About Pollinators 633 Participants at 35 events in 2013 125 Individual and Organisational Members 26 Graduates of ‘Catalyst’ Program in 2012/13 840 Weekly newsletter subscribers Pollinators Partnership Prospectus CityHive at Swansea House 184 Marine Tce Geraldton, WA, 6530 (08) 9965 5371 WEBSITE EMAIL PHONE ADDRESS
  3. 3. Onwards, upwards, together... We’re pretty proud of what we’ve achieved as an organisation. We even more proud of the networks and relationships we’ve grown and the members’ ventures that have thrived as a result. Some highlights: ƒƒ An independent evaluation found 80% of 133 stakeholders thought Pollinators achieved significant outcomes for the community including increasing vibrancy, connecting a community of members, supporting small enterprises, encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation, and changing the culture of Geraldton. ƒƒ Opened Western Australia’s first coworking space in 2011 then renovating and relocating to an iconic building on Marine Terrace in 2013. ƒƒ Supporting 30 entrepreneurs through Catalyst, regional Australia’s first accelerator program focused on social ventures. ƒƒ Attracting investment in member’s ventures, through philanthropic funding, commercial investment, mentoring and pro bono support. ƒƒ Operating as a sustainable social enterprise! Very few non-profit, 3 year-old organisations earn half their income through sales and are financially resilient. ƒƒ Livening up the laneways and empty spaces of Geraldton. Creating urban art, markets and pop-up shops in collaboration with artists, government and private business. ƒƒ Sharing our members stories through featuring in local and national media, conferences and awards. ƒƒ Receiving two awards for innovation and entrepreneurship at the inaugural Sustainability and Innovation Awards in 2012. ƒƒ Creating new employment and volunteer opportunities. We have two full-time and two part-time staff and involved one hundred volunteers in our activities in 2013. Achievements Pollinators Partnership Prospectus CityHive at Swansea House 184 Marine Tce Geraldton, WA, 6530 (08) 9965 5371 WEBSITE EMAIL PHONE ADDRESS
  4. 4. Pollinators Partnership Prospectus CityHive at Swansea House 184 Marine Tce Geraldton, WA, 6530 (08) 9965 5371 WEBSITE EMAIL PHONE ADDRESS Image Upper Left Graduates of our inaugural Catalyst program in 2012. Post-program evaluations showed participants had significantly progressed their ventures. Image Lower Left Plan view of the upper floor of CityHive at Swansea House showing private offices, meeting rooms, board room and coworking space. Image Upper Right Collage of member photos featuring media entrepreneurs, writers, designers, energy raters, ethical financial advisers, community development professionals, artists and superheroes. Image Lower Right Two members having a laugh in a ‘laneway’ space freshly painted by local artists.
  5. 5. Pollinators Partnership Prospectus CityHive at Swansea House 184 Marine Tce Geraldton, WA, 6530 (08) 9965 5371 WEBSITE EMAIL PHONE ADDRESS We believe in the human and economic potential of our region’s innovators and entrepreneurs. Pollinators community, services and projects create the best possible conditions for new and existing ventures to grow. A greater number of more successful ventures will mean healthier, more resilient communities now, and for the future. What we do, how and why We offer a range of services and projects to meet the needs of people and organisations in diverse sectors and different stages of development. We charge a premium for some services and offer others for free. Whether it’s space or learning we enable our members and customers to choose how much support they want, how often, at what cost. We work collaboratively on projects, ventures and solutions that result in a ‘win’ for everyone — the individual, their venture, for Pollinators, for our partners, for the wider community, and for future generations. We focus on (and measure our success) based on outcomes, impact and feedback from members, partners and the wider community. We appreciate the support and collboration of individual members, local sponsors, and national partners. We share and celebrate the successes and learnings from across our networks. There’s no doubt that our organisation, this region and our member’s ventures success will depend on our ability to work together and learn from each other. SPACES Spaces to work, collaborate and innovate Cowork in a supportive and creative office Pop-up in our creative urban spaces Connect in our meeting rooms or at an event COMMUNITY A vibrant community of entrepreneurs. Grow with new friends, peers and mentors. Collaborate with fellow professionals and volunteers Celebrate others stories and successes. LEARNING Programs and events to enable growth. Learn at training, workshops and online Share your wisdom as a trainer, coach or mentor Accelerate your personal, team and venture’s growth
  6. 6. Programs and projects for 2014 Contribute directly to our ability to reach new audiences, grow our impact and maintain the full range of services and projects. Spaces Community Learning Ecosystem Digital CityHive Laneways Membership Goodness Catalyst Community Spaces Swarm Learning Pollinators Become a tenant or sponsor a place for a social entrepreneur in Geraldton’s most amazing workspace. Joining as a member is an easy first step to accessing our network and services. We’re on track to have 250 members by December 2014. In 2014 we’ll launch a new online learning platform, run 26 digital group training sessions and mentor 115 organisations. Support a high-potential entrepreneur to take their venture to the next level. Catalyst has 20 places and a further 25 in our new program ‘Flock’. You can sponsor pop-up shops, urban art, or even 400m2 of spaces for artists and creative industries in the Geraldton CBD. Sponsor one of 8 category awards or one of 30 events at regional WA’s leading festival for social, cultural and environmental innovators. Monthly themes guide our events, online discussions and training. In 2013 we hosted and lead more than 35 events. Help us create massive, lasting, positive change in our community and for the world! Through partnerships we can create greater value and have a bigger impact. Our existing programs and services are proven and effective, and are always open to new ideas and opportunities. There are opportunities to contribute through cash sponsorship, in-kind contributions or partnership in all of these aspects of our work: Pollinators Partnership Prospectus CityHive at Swansea House 184 Marine Tce Geraldton, WA, 6530 (08) 9965 5371 WEBSITE EMAIL PHONE ADDRESS Learning
  7. 7. Pollinators Partnership Prospectus CityHive at Swansea House 184 Marine Tce Geraldton, WA, 6530 (08) 9965 5371 WEBSITE EMAIL PHONE ADDRESS Image Upper Left Local artist Sharhan Jackey shares the story of the collaborative art in the background. Image Lower Left Coworkers in the casual coworking space on the ground floor of the new CityHive building. Image Upper Right Participants in a digital training session in one of the upstairs CityHive meeting spaces. Image Lower Right Catalyst participants refining their business models and pitches at the “Growing Good” event in 2013.
  8. 8. Pollinators Partnership Prospectus CityHive at Swansea House 184 Marine Tce Geraldton, WA, 6530 (08) 9965 5371 WEBSITE EMAIL PHONE ADDRESS OutcomesAudience Timing Guide to programs and activities Swarm 1 month of collaboration and capacity building on signficant community-scale issues or opportunities Innovators across business, government, civil society This is a guide to the programs and activities for 2014 and beyond. The audience, impact and model for each activity is different and complementary. Some programs and activities are majority grant-funded for 2014. Our aim is to have most of our programs operating independent of grant funding in 2015. Program Flock 15 ventures or innovations progressed through peer- to-peer support and mentoring Individual innovators and entrepreneurs Goodness 35 events over 3 weeks highlighting innovations towards sustainability - Awards, Expo, Symposiums Whole of community, focused on sustainability & innnovation Laneways Exposure for entrepreneurs, tenants for empty buildings, and a vibrant & attractive CBD Landlords, retail & creative ventures, community group Catalyst 15 ventures grown through a structured program of expert guests, action-learning and peer support Early-stage ventures, esp. social, creative & environmental Digital Enterprise 26 group and 115 individual training sessions to improve use of digital tools and technology Small & medium businesses, Not- For-Profits, community groups Format Learning Marketplace An online marketplace for procuring, offering, rating and requesting training & development Community groups, NFPs, training providers 3 groups of 4-8 individuals for 5 sessions Individual innovators and entrepreneurs Individual innovators and entrepreneurs Whole of community, focused on sustainability & innnovation Landlords, retail & creative ventures, community group Small & medium businesses, Not- For-Profits, community groups Community groups, NFPs, training providers May to July (confirmed) Annually Aug to Dec (confirmed) Annually Mar, Jun, Sept, Dec Quarterly August (confirmed) Annually Ongoing July 2014 to June 2015 Mar to Dec 2014
  9. 9. Pollinators Partnership Prospectus CityHive at Swansea House 184 Marine Tce Geraldton, WA, 6530 (08) 9965 5371 WEBSITE EMAIL PHONE ADDRESS Image Upper Left Flyer promoting one of our quarterly ‘Swarm’ events, each focusing on a different theme such as navigating politics, enabling sustainable energy, measuring social impact or marketing social causes. Image Lower Left Crowd listening to member’s ‘pitches’ at the opening of the new CityHive location.. Image Upper Right Sponsors and partners gather for the launch of the Goodness Festival which had 53 award nominees and 1100 participants in the events Image Lower Right Program outline for Catalyst in 2012 describing the structure, sessions and invitation to participants.
  10. 10. Pollinators Partnership Prospectus CityHive at Swansea House 184 Marine Tce Geraldton, WA, 6530 (08) 9965 5371 WEBSITE EMAIL PHONE ADDRESS ImpactFocus Benefits Guide to contributions, impact and benefits $2,000 to $10,000 An innovation or enterprise gets support from coaches, mentors and peers through our proven enterprise accelerator program. Catalyst — support new ventures through Catalyst. This is a guide to the range and focus of sponsorship and partnership opportunities available. We have both standard offers (e.g. per Catalyst participant, per Goodness Awards) and custom partnerships available for each area. All our partnerships start with a formalised MoU or agreement and conclude with a report summarising the value and impact of the project. Amounts $1,000 to $5,000 Through surveys, training, online discussion and events we explore a topic, bring together partners and develop local solutions Swarm — sponsor a month of insights, events and discussion. $2,500 to $10,000 Help discover, highlight and encourage the innovations and entrepreneurs that contribute to a healthy, resilient region Goodness — sponsor the Festival or an Award $10,000 to $50,000 Support Pollinators to offer the full breadth of projects and programs each year, including space, learning, and community. Pollinators — sponsor Pollinators core operations $2,000 to $25,000 Sponsor a pop-up space for month, creative workspace for a year, or whole building for entrepreneurs and innovators. Laneways — sponsor space for a month or whole building! $1,000 to $5,000 An individual gets support from peers and mentors backed up by guides, tools and online support for six months. Flock — sponsor a ‘Flock’ themed peer mentoring group. $5,000 to $25,000 New programs this year include an online learning marketplace, ‘Startup Weekend’ and ‘Kite & Code’ program for youth. Learning — sponsor a new learning platform or program. Benefits of sponsorship vary by amount and focus of the contribution. Details can be negotiatied and may include: • Qualitative and quantitative data on reach and impact of the project, • Updates, reports and photos to share your sponsorship with your stakeholders, • Free annual membership and/or participation for staff in all relevant activities e.g. events, • Your branding online, on posters, on reports in weekly newsletters and videos, • Verbal acknowledgement and speaking opportunities at events, • Engagement activities with you, your staff, and the entrepreneurs you’ve supported, • Branding outside and inside building, • Featuring of your products, services or organisations online and in media releases, • Minor or significant input into the focus or approach to the activity or program.
  11. 11. Pollinators Partnership Prospectus CityHive at Swansea House 184 Marine Tce Geraldton, WA, 6530 (08) 9965 5371 WEBSITE EMAIL PHONE ADDRESS If you like what you’ve read and want to learn more, then let’s talk! ƒƒ Andrew Outhwaite, Executive Officer, 0466 694 702 ƒƒ Paul Dyer, Chairperson, 0431 947 549 When engaging in any new relationship we believe it’s important to be clear on each other’s values, aspirations, timeframes and capacity. We want to go fast and far together, but we don’t take shortcuts. Right from the start we employ an approach to partnering that seeks to maximise opportunities and minimise risk. We have a range of documentation you may want to request to understand more about us, our services and impact, including: ƒƒ 2011, 2012 and 2013 Annual Reports, ƒƒ Independent evaluation report of our impact and effectiveness, ƒƒ Evaluation reports from individual events and programs, ƒƒ Referees and contacts of our current sponsors and partners, ƒƒ Business plans, operational plans and program plans, ƒƒ Details of policies, procedures, insurance and incorporation. Major grant funders to date have included: ƒƒ Lotterywest ƒƒ City of Greater Geraldton ƒƒ Mid West Development Commission ƒƒ Department of Communities and Local Government Major sponsors and partners to date have included: ƒƒ City of Greater Geraldton ƒƒ Tranmere Pty Ltd ƒƒ Social Innovation in Western Australia / Spacecubed ƒƒ Sinosteel Midwest Corporation Limited ƒƒ West Coast Sustainability / Peak Consultants ƒƒ Western Australian Museum Geraldton ƒƒ Williams & Hughes ƒƒ Crosslands ƒƒ Staples Taking the next steps, together
  12. 12. WEBSITE EMAIL PHONE (08) 9965 5371 ADDRESS CityHive at Swansea House 184 Marine Tce Geraldton, WA, 6530 Some thoughts from members and participants in our events and programs: “Working in a co-working space made a huge difference to a funding application I submitted for a social innovation project as I was able to quickly consult with, and pull together a team of different specialties. These included service model design and research, through to web technology expertise.” Elizabeth Mackay - ‘Closing the Gap’ project proponent and Million Trees project officer “The biggest benefit for my business is in the supportive people I meet who think outside the square and want to help me (with no other motive than that they want to help me). It’s an empowering feeling!” Lisa Greeve - Greeve and Associates, Ethical Investment Adviser “There are a lot of things that make it tough to be a tech start up in Geraldton, like isolation. But Pollinators has been a great starting point to meet people and draw inspiration to execute ideas.” Jason Smith - Founder of EverythingGeraldton “People stood up at the end our pitch to say how good the idea was, how strong the research supporting us – and, added to all the support from Pollinators, co-participants in Catalyst and Andrew himself, this is encouragement of no small order. So, braver, better connected and soon to be cashed-up, the Imagination Games is on its way.” Jo Jackson King - Author, and now co-founder of Imagination Games “ an extremely innovative and quite rapidly growing group of social entrepreneurs based in Geraldton. They are helping catalyse some of the really interesting things that are going on up there.” Senator Scott Ludlam - speaking in Parliament after his visit to Geraldton “If it wasn’t for Pollinators, I don’t think I would be in Geraldton” Stephanie Burro - designer, youth gallery proponent, Catalyst graduate