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Presentation given at launch of the The Fuse Initiative on 23rd June 2011. The Fuse Initiative is a two year project that aims to ignite business growth in the south east.

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Fuse spark1 presentation

  1. 1. WELCOME
  2. 2. Welcome§  The FUSE Initiative is a 2-year project by entrepreneurs to ignite and promote business growth in the South-East of Ireland§  Started in Jan 2011§  18 Founding members, now 165 members, all nominated to join§  Success driven through projects§  All members need to participate
  4. 4. •  Traditional Business, 5th generation•  “Not something I’ve inherited from my parents but rather something I have borrowed from my children”.•  Farm to Fork model.•  Constantly innovating and developing the range through added value products and development of rare breed cattle.•  In 2004 James Whelan Butchers became the first butcher trading online in Ireland.
  5. 5. Key Facts Capabilities§ Started ’73, Buy Out 2007 §  Precision Engineering§ Employ 152 staff §  Precision Fabrication§ 3 facilites in Waterford §  Class 10K & Class 100K§ 1 facility in Leicester, UK Cleanroom Assembly & Test§ Yearly Growth since 2007 of §  Design / Project25 -30% ManagementMarkets Served Certifications§  Medical Device §  ISO13485 (Medical Device)§  Aerospace §  AS9100 (Aerospace)§  Oil/ Gas §  ISO 9001:2008§  Process control §  Rolls Royce UK &§  Analytical Instrumentation Deutzland §  Baker Hughes (Oil/Gas), etc www.schivogroup.com
  8. 8. Did you ever need to bounce a new What can you do to help?idea off someone? It’s simple… ü  In the What skills or resource will you donate toOr look for guidance on a business others? section of your FUSE profile, update itissue? with specific skills you have, or domain expertise e.g. Technology, HR, International Sales, etc. ü  The more specific the better.As a member of FUSE you haveaccess to:ü  164 companies - large and small, young and How can you get advice or guidance? ü  Click on Members, enter your search criteria, andold.ü  Practical experience and expertise! then you will be presented with a list of membersü  Very successful businesses and some very who may be able to assist.bright entrepreneurs. ü  Email them directly, or contact them through the FUSE Administrator.Let’s create a culture of businesses helping eachother and working together to make the SouthEast the place to do business.Every business here has something to offer, and Contact: Liam Curhamsomething to gain. Email: lcurham@dataworks.ieClick on this icon on the home pageFor more details
  10. 10. What can entrepreneurs achieve by Activitiesworking together? ü  Build on our green, clean, good food island imageWhat does it take to make the ü  Cluster initiatives by local business to create newSoutheast a world-class FoodTourism Destination ? attractions & good value packages for visitors ü  Work with like-minded organisations and agenciesHow can Food Tourism grow ü  Develop complimentary FUSE initiativesbusinesses, produce start-ups creating ü  Disseminate best practice experiencemany new jobs throughout the region? ü  Create cross selling opportunities ü  Promote our rich food culture & heritageHow can we cross-sell between thefood and tourism sectors? ü  Insist on joined-up policies for competitiveness ü  Improve standards & our visitor offeringHow can we learn from international ü  Focus on tangible results Best Practice ? There is no limit to what can be achieved by focused businesses working together. Contact: Donal Lehane Email: dlehanefoodnpd@gmail.comJoin us in FUSE Participate inan Action Group
  12. 12. All companies, irrespective of size, Activitiessector or status can improve ü  Develop and publish case studies from membercompetitiveness and profitability by companies as tangible evidence of service innovationfocusing on their customer and in Irelandoptimising service delivery. ü  Deliver programmes in service innovation and service designOur vision is to establish the South East as the ü  Share best practice among member companiesinternationally recognised home of serviceinnovation and competency in Ireland. ü  Promote the South East as a target location for potential service orientated FDIWe created Service Cluster Ireland to drivegrowth, innovation and competitiveness amongst ü  Connect with other international clusters to assistservice intensive businesses like ours. members in growing their markets By 2015 Ireland will be recognised globally as the home of high growth,It is an industry led cluster creating a space innovative, internationally trading services businesses of scale Enterprise Ireland, Strategy for Internationally Traded Services, 2008.and focal point for service intensive companies ofall sectors and sizes to come together. Contact: Aidan Kenny Email: aidan@servitize.comBecome a member of the ServicesCluster Group on FUSE
  14. 14. Have you a product or a service that How it will workyou want to sell? ü  FUSE will create a database that will detailDo you know who the local buyers for the products and services that large organisations in the region are buyingthat product or service are? ü  Approved FUSE members will be givenDo these buyers know that you are on access to the details in this databasetheir doorstep? ü  FUSE members can then approach a defined contact in the buying organisation toOur vision is to create a database of information whom they can present their product orthat will facilitate and encourage local purchasing serviceof products and services within the South Eastregion. ü  The database is currently in constructionThis is a South East Business 2 Business The Benefitsinitiative: ü  The buyer has a local source of supply ü  The seller has a local customerü  Sellers need to know what is being purchasedin the regionü  Buyers need to know who can provide the Contact: Seamus Kilgannnonproduct or service locally Email: SKilgannon@schivogroup.comBecome a member of the Procurement Group on FUSE
  16. 16. Who is it for? How will it work?ü  Entrepreneurs who want to start or ü  FUSE will help introduce investors and investees to each other.grow their business and wantinvestment. ü  An event will be organised whereü  Entrepreneurs with time and money entrepreneurs new and established willto offer who are interested in investing get the chance to pitch for investment toin another business in the region. investors.What s on offer?ü  Financial investment from anotherentrepreneur in the region. Contact: Louise Grubbü  Guidance and advice to accompany Email: LouiseG@nutri-science.netthat investment.ü  Opportunity to pitch your businessidea to potential investors.ü  Be part of growing businesses inthe region.Become a member of the BusinessInvestment Group on FUSE
  17. 17. THANK YOUMichael Griffin - The Griffin GroupFred Karlsson – DonedealSimon O’Dwyer & team – ThreesixtyPat Whelan - James Whelan ButchersMag Kirwan - Goatsbridge TroutDonal Lehane - Dunhill CastleJanet Beck – Glass Eye Productions..and Mary McEvoy for making it happen!