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Quaternion Intl Company Profile 2011

  1. 1. Company Profile and Capabilities Quaternion International Ltd. (RC 658669) 13, Ilesanmi Street, Off Adegoke Street By Alhaji Masha Road, Surulere Lagos Nigeria +234 (1) 792 4145 & +234 803 405 6288 info@quaternion.com.ng www.QUATERNION.com.ng© Private & Confidential 1 QUATERNION INTERNATIONAL LTD.
  2. 2. ABOUT USQuaternion International Ltd. is a full service, wholly indigenous Nigerian multi-sector organization, committed to delivering quality services to clients business theworld over. This is in addition to aiding entrepreneurial development for continuedeconomic growth and sustainable living thereby ensuring complete customersatisfaction in all facets of human endeavour.Quaternion International started out as a venture company in 2002 and waseventually incorporated as a limited liability company in 2006.PROFILEThe name Quaternion was originally coined out of a mathematical equation inventedby Sir William Rowan Hamilton (1805-65). it means a set or group of four equalelements which when left to stand alone, makes an independent entity, and whenput together, makes a perfect combination. Each of these elements needs the otherto perform optimally otherwise; there would be a disruption in their entire operationor purpose, i.e. the symbiotic combination of the earth, wind, water & fire to makeup a perfect universe.As our name suggests, we are a highly diversified organization offering a wide varietyof professional consultancy services and high quality products in four major sectorsof the economy. All of these help us deliver the following world-class serviceseffectively: Integrated Business Marketing & Development Communications & Technology Entertainment & Social Development Humanity Resources & Entrepreneurial DevelopmentEach of these four sectors (or elements) is further sub-divided into otherautonomous units, and as the principle of division applies, can be further sub-dividedinto other independent arms or components. These divisions are what makeQuaternion International an all-round, all-encompassing organization, bound by thedesire to deliver world class products and services to its esteemed customers andclients.© Private & Confidential 2 QUATERNION INTERNATIONAL LTD.
  3. 3. A proper definition of Quaternion International would therefore be “the symbioticcombination of four elements (industries / sectors), which are further sub-dividedinto various units (companies / divisions), and when put together, makes up aperfect and complete group (organization).There are absolutely no limitations to our desire of becoming an organizationpresent in the everyday lives of people. Our products and services have thereforebeen specially designed to benefit everyone as it cuts across all age, social, race &religious barriers to create a state of perfect harmony and incomparable satisfaction.© Private & Confidential 3 QUATERNION INTERNATIONAL LTD.
  4. 4. COMPANY STRUCTUREBecause of the diverse nature of Quaternion International, it is quite easy for clientsand customers to access information and other necessary business requirements.Each business unit, element and product line has been specially grouped under itsparticular sector and they are as follows:Integrated Business Marketing & Development advertising brand marketing & management business development customer relationship management corporate promotions & merchandising corporate design concepts corporate services consumer product marketing consulting distribution export, import & investment opportunities e-business start-up & design franchising internet marketing & resources positioning sales strategies sports marketing, promotions & management supply chain management© Private & Confidential 4 QUATERNION INTERNATIONAL LTD.
  5. 5. Communications & Technology computer product retail IT networking services sms marketing satellite communication equipment software development security and access control systems social media development transport and traffic management website hosting & management website designEntertainment & Social Development artist management / talent development concept origination & development electronic media production content distribution events management hospitality services licensing and merchandising professional modeling services recreational development and management youth interaction & orientationHumanity Resources & Entrepreneurial Development agriculture & subsistence farming culture & tourism management educational services manufacturing mentoring© Private & Confidential 5 QUATERNION INTERNATIONAL LTD.
  6. 6. PRODUCTSQuaternion International Ltd is the Authorized and Exclusive NigerianRepresentative of various international brands and organizations whose productscover virtually all areas of the consumer goods industry. Our products categoriesinclude the following:SPORTSWEAR AND EQUIPMENTHYGEINE, FRAGRANCE AND JANITORIAL PRODUCTSSPORT DRINKS© Private & Confidential 6 QUATERNION INTERNATIONAL LTD.
  7. 7. PEOPLEOur team consists of a group of highly skilled, seasoned, experienced and dedicatedindividuals, each an expert in his particular field and we all work as a team to helpyour business achieve optimum performance. Our professionals are well versed inthe industry and they effectively manage each of these divisions. With their level oftraining and experience, they are able to successfully handle client’s requests anddeliver competent services to help improve business operations.Our in-house activities are efficient coordinated, and because we very much valueour clients business, all online or physical enquiries are promptly attended to within24 - 48 hours. In cases where we may need to embark on extensive research toprovide more detailed information, client is notified and kept abreast ofdevelopments until the service is successfully rendered. Our team of able assistantsand executives are also readily available on ground to give clients a personalizedservice in whatever capacity they may require, this thus makes us very approachableand convenient to work with.Quaternion International is very proud of its people. They indefatigably go above andbeyond the call of duty to help our clients. They are our most valuable asset; theyare the reason why we are who we are and the reason for our success.OUR TEAMAbimbola Sunmola - CEO / Managing DirectorAdekunle Olupitan - GM / HEAD – Marketing & InnovationOlujimi Ojikutu - Business DevelopmentOluwaseun Ogunbiyi - Business DevelopmentAdedamola Oguntimilehin - Customer Service Officer© Private & Confidential 7 QUATERNION INTERNATIONAL LTD.
  8. 8. MISSIONWe are committed to understanding our clients needs and guiding them through acomplicated business environment, so they can achieve their set goals andobjectives.We will do our best to provide the best service or product, on schedule, at anaffordable price.We will deliver real solutions with substantial benefits within as short a time frameas possible.We are committed to delivering innovative business services and value-addedproducts.We will strive to maintain our reputation as a leader in business consulting andprovision of quality, world-class products and services.Our goal is to keep our clients ahead of their competition and to create lastingrelationships. We are committed to our clients success. Simply put, we live for them.© Private & Confidential 8 QUATERNION INTERNATIONAL LTD.
  9. 9. VISIONFuture TrendsWe believe that in the short term, business will face significant challenges. However,for the long-term we believe the business conditions and the market trends will rise.When times are difficult our services are especially important to help your companyweather the storm and be ready for the economic turnaround.© Private & Confidential 9 QUATERNION INTERNATIONAL LTD.
  10. 10. OUR ASSUMPTIONSWe believe that the business environment will become even more competitive dueto globalization and economic slowdown. We also believe that European, Africanand Asian business will continue to gain ground in world business markets.We believe that the business environment will become even more complicated dueto ever increasing governmental regulation. This will be particularly noticeable inimport/export, international banking, and investment banking fields. The high cost ofenergy will impact negatively on developing countries in the coming years.We believe that locally, taxes will be increased dramatically in the next few yearsdue, in part, to the need to develop and diversify the economy (most especially fromthe over dependence on Crude Oil).We believe that oil and clean water supplies will continue to decline and consumerprices will climb. This will spread to other industries and effect pricing accordingly.We believe that technology will continue to develop at a rapid pace, Africa wouldgradually embrace the benefits and advantages Information and CommunicationsTechnology affords, but implementation of the technology will be slower due tobudget constraints. The cost of borrowing capital will increase as global interestrates rise and increased costs of government compliance are passed on by lenders.The IPO fad is finished in the business terrain. Following the "Dot-com" IPO craze,the markets have become more cautious and only companies with proven trackrecords and solid business models will be successful at raising money through publicofferings. Investments will double locally as more international investors continuallysearch for viable markets to protect their investments, seek for cheap labour, andexpand their asset base. This trend would make the stock market very attractive asmore companies would be oversubscribed thereby boosting the economy.We are constantly reviewing our assumptions and finding practical solutions to helpour clients through these difficult times.© Private & Confidential 10 QUATERNION INTERNATIONAL LTD.
  11. 11. OUR SOLUTIONSWhile we predict some difficult times ahead, we also believe that economic recoverywill begin locally in the first quarter of 2011. Our help now will not only help yourbusiness through this economic storm but also help it position itself to takemaximum advantage of the coming recovery and resulting expansion.We are continually searching the globe for opportunities for our clients and arealways ready to assist our clients in taking advantage of these opportunities.Many of the challenges mentioned above will also create opportunities for small tomedium sized businesses who take innovative and fresh approaches in theirmarkets.© Private & Confidential 11 QUATERNION INTERNATIONAL LTD.
  12. 12. VALUESOur clients are very important to us and we realize that our livelihood depends onthem, thus our job is to help them succeed. We will strive to be the best so that ourcustomers can benefit from our knowledge and expertise. We will do our best tosatisfy their needs and to increase the probability of their success. Customersatisfaction is of paramount importance to us. If our customers are not satisfied, wewant to know, so we can correct any problems that may arise. We are committed toour clients success.Our employees are very valuable. They are the reason for our success. We have awinning team and we appreciate their efforts. We will provide them with the besttools and training possible so that they can do the best job possible. We will strive toprovide fulfilling jobs for our employees and will promote from within our own rankswhenever possible.We will help people in our communities where we can see the good we are doing.We are committed to helping to develop human potentials and elevating livingstandards for sustainable living, be it in Nigeria, Africa or any part of the world.Our products are the source of our knowledge. We will strive to be the mostknowledgeable, thus providing the best quality products possible.We will use technology to increase our efficiency in an effort to keep costs low andquality consistent.We are passionate about the environment we live and work in, thus we will doeverything possible to arrest the menace of environmental degradation. We believein a clean and healthy environment where people can easily co-exist and work in amutual atmosphere. We all enjoy the outdoors (oceans, wildlife, lakes, andmountains) very much and realize it increases the quality of our lives. We will dowhatever possible to protect the environment so that our children will be able toenjoy it as well.The business world has many ethical problems right now, hopefully that will changein the future. We will do our best to be as ethical as possible and advise ourcustomers to do the same.© Private & Confidential 12 QUATERNION INTERNATIONAL LTD.
  13. 13. We are committed to long-term growth. We will not get caught up in fads andbuzzwords that may create only short-term business. We will strive to retain ourcustomers; we will attempt to gain long term customers through referrals, seminarsand vigorous marketing. (The quality of the customers we are looking for is far moreimportant than the quantity. we are therefore very committed to helping a greatnumber of indigenous businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups, attain internationalstatus and recognition)© Private & Confidential 13 QUATERNION INTERNATIONAL LTD.
  14. 14. CODE OF ETHICSIn performing our tasks we will:Maintain the highest standard of personal and professional conduct in our dealingswith clients.Conduct all business dealings with fairness, honesty and integrity.Maintain loyalty to the client who hires us or require our products and pursue ourclients objectives in ways that are consistent with the clients best interests and itslegal obligations.Maintain the confidentiality of privileged information entrusted to us by our clientsand their employees.Strive to provide to our customers the best quality products available in the marketat the most attractive rates.Protect all information and resources available to us from loss, theft and misuse.Always communicate with our clients in a truthful and accurate manner.Serve as a reliable source of information on matters pertaining to businessconsulting.Encourage and promote the highest level of ethical and professional conduct withinour profession.Recognize and discharge our responsibility to uphold all laws and regulationsgoverning the policies and activities of our profession.Avoid even the appearance of conflict of interest or any other impropriety.Treat fellow employees fairly, with dignity and respect.Promote and reward company personnel for their special responsibilities,contributions, and sacrifices; to promote a sense of mutual trust and sharedresponsibility.© Private & Confidential 14 QUATERNION INTERNATIONAL LTD.
  15. 15. Provide professional services to all qualified candidates regardless of race, colour,creed, religion, tribe, national origin, gender, age, income level or physical handicap.Respect the rights and interests of our competitors.Help create and sustain an atmosphere conducive to the spirit of this code© Private & Confidential 15 QUATERNION INTERNATIONAL LTD.
  16. 16. WORK APPROACHWe use a no nonsense approach.We realize that when we are working we are spending our customers money, so wetry to do the best job as efficiently and quickly as possible, thereby, limiting ourcustomers fees.We are professionals and experts in our field. We give our customers and clients ourhonest opinion. Sometimes they may not like what we have to say, but they realizethat we are there to help them succeed, not to make them feel good.We want our customers to use our services because they want to, not because theyhave to. Our clients are able to use our services as much as or as little as they like,whichever best helps their business succeed.We schedule our work by priority, in order to meet all of our deadlines.Our mission is to "Help Our Clients Define Their Objectives and Achieve Their Goals,"we will do our best to do that. We are committed to our clients success. We live forthem.We service customers that are small and large, local and international. We treateveryone the same. All our customers are valuable to us.© Private & Confidential 16 QUATERNION INTERNATIONAL LTD.
  17. 17. CLIENTSWe are absolutely committed to our clients success.Our clients range from a one-person home based business / start-ups to highlyrevered multinationals and international companies. Though we are a Nigeriancompany, our services are not limited to the shores of this country, we are a citizenof the world, and we assist clients who are located throughout the world.Each of our clients has unique business threats and opportunities. This customerbase provides us with a varied list of challenges. In dealing with these challenges, ourteam has compiled a vast knowledge base, which we use every day to help ourclients solve problems, and take advantage of opportunities. All of our services areperformed with the utmost confidentiality and discretion.We are continually adding to our knowledge base in order to serve our clients better.© Private & Confidential 17 QUATERNION INTERNATIONAL LTD.
  18. 18. CONTACTFor general information and enquiries about our range of products and services,please send an email to us at info@quaternion.com.ng and state what area ofassistance you require. You can also contact us at our office or via telephone or fillour general feedback form for prompt response.We look forward to helping you achieve your set goals and objectives.General information & enquiries:Email: info@quaternion.com.ngWebsite: www.QUATERNION.com.ngTel: +234 1 792 4145Mobile: +234 803 405 6288Yahoo messenger: quaternion_ltdGmail chat: quaternion.intlSkype: abimbola.sunmolaLinkedIn: abimbola SunmolaFacebook: abimbola.sunmolaIntegrated business marketing & development: bizmkt@quaternion.com.ngCommunications & technology: comtech@quaternion.com.ngEntertainment & social development: entsod@quaternion.com.ngHumanity resources & entrepreneurial devt: hred@quaternion.com.ngWebsite information: admin@quaternion.com.ngProduct enquiries: products@quaternion.com.ngDistributor enquiries: info@quaternion.com.ngEmployment information: careers@quaternion.com.ng© Private & Confidential 18 QUATERNION INTERNATIONAL LTD.