MedTech Ideagen 18.09.12 - outcomes


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MedTech Ideagen 18.09.12 final report

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MedTech Ideagen 18.09.12 - outcomes

  1. 1. Medical TechnologiesOutcomes Presentation 2012 Castlebar, Co Mayo 18th September 2012, 5 -8pm
  2. 2. What we doWe make ideas workWe discover, developand deliver newproducts by combininginnovation strategieswith creative designthinking.Our team consists of researchers,designers, and engineers as well asbrand and innovation specialists - allfocused on bringing new ideas tomarket.Our clients range from entrepreneursto multinationals and for 21 years,we’ve been developingaward-winning new services andexperiences for a diverse range ofindustries. Innovation Services Credentials Presentation 2012
  3. 3. Innovation is…Innovation issuccessfulexploitation offresh thinkingaround a problemor an opportunityMarkets are consistently changing.People and businesses mustinnovate and change or they will beleft behind.To make positive changes inbusiness results you must firstmake changes in how you work.
  4. 4. IdeagenIdeas aren’tIntellectualpropertyAn idea is the productof the intellect andonly when given a formof expression can it beprotected
  5. 5. IdeagenThinkingdifferentlyCreatively exploreproblems andopportunities in thehealthcare sector inorder to identifysignificantly bettersolutions and anticipatefuture needs
  6. 6. Ideagen TopicsMarket TrendsMinimally invasive proceduresIn the United States over 60% of electiveprocedures are performed as outpatientsurgeriesEarlier diagnosisThere is increasing pressure on the UK’sNHS purchasers to shift processes from a“late disease‟ treatment model to a morepreventive system.Point-of-care diagnosis systemsTransferring diagnosis to the GP’s surgerynot only aids earlier diagnosis but alsominimises healthcare referrals and createscost savings.Move services from healthcare to retailThe retail sector is already involved in theprovision of hearing aids and also providesa range of diagnostic tests. Increased home & community careThis can reduce healthcare costs andenhance quality of life benefits to thepatient.
  7. 7. Ideagen TopicsTechnicalTrendsMiniaturisationNanotechnology, implantable devicesand minimally invasive procedures.TelemedicineTreatment from a location that is remotefrom the patient using standard devicesRobotics and image-guided surgeryimproving surgical methods, enablingquicker minimally invasive procedures.ImagingImaging supports both diagnosis andhealthcare treatment/management.Combining devices and life sciencesPhysical, electronic and mechanicaldevices & biologically active substances.Advanced diagnostics to customisepatient therapeuticsCustomised care plans to genetically-based treatment regimes and monitoringthe usage of therapeutic treatments.
  8. 8. Ideagen TopicsPolicyDriversPublic healthcare policyThe UK Government has put in placeNational Service Frameworks forimproving specific areas of care such asstroke prevention and rehabilitation,heart disease, cancer, diabetes, mentalhealth and care for the elderly.Changes to healthcare workingpractice Following the report by Lord Darzi onHigh Quality Care, Strategic HealthAuthorities will have a legal duty topromote innovation.Changes to healthcare payment policyPayment by Results is a rules basedsystem for paying NHS providerorganisations. Payment is linked toactivity and adjusted for case mix. *Source: ‘Commercialising Medical Products’ QuoTec Ltd. Report 2010. Available online from:
  9. 9. Ideagen ExerciseBrainstormWorking in pairs discussthe issue.Then using Post Its,write up your ideas.Then share them andstick them on theboard.Capture any new ideas,and build on eachothers ideaidea
  10. 10. Ideagen ExercisePick yourbest ideaDevelop your best ideasinto the suppliedtemplates
  11. 11. Ideagen ExercisePresent youridea to allStand up for 4minutesand present back youridea to the room.Feedback will be givenselected from experts
  12. 12. Whats NextComplete and returnthe participant followup sheet to your EIRegional DevelopmentExecutiveJoin the IDEAGENLinkedIn groupFollow us on Twitterfor all the latestfrom IDEAGENBecoming a fan on Facebooksearch: IDEAGENFor more information
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