Run Your Campaign Successfully with The Targeted Sales Leads


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Buy Prepackaged & Customized Business Sales Leads, Email Sales Leads And Sales Leads By SIC Code That Let You Reach Targeted Markets In The USA, UK, Canada, Europe & Australia!

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Run Your Campaign Successfully with The Targeted Sales Leads

  1. 1. Run Your Campaign Successfully with The Targeted Sales LeadsBuy Prepackaged & Customized Business Sales Leads, Email Sales LeadsAnd Sales Leads By SIC Code That Let You Reach Targeted Markets InThe USA, UK, Canada, Europe & Australia!When you launch a targeted marketing campaign, you have no idea how many people areactually going to respond, nor do you have inkling as to how many responders willtranslate into sales. This puts you at considerable risk in terms of the time and resourcesinvested into your marketing campaign. A database of authentic sales leads cansubstantially offset this risk by providing you with a clearly defined target market andinterested buyers.Genuine sales leads can be disappointingly hard to find, with most companies offeringexclusive leads that are outdated or overused. At Thomson Data, however, we followstrict sourcing and data management protocols to make sure the leads you buy from us arefresh, accurate and eminently responsive. Our research teams continuously update andexpand our information banks while meticulously weeding out old data. This ensures youget the quality sales leads that you need to run a successful campaign.All sales lead packages provide complete marketing information such as - first name,last name, title, phone number, mobile number, fax number, email, postal addressand zip code. Professional and industry lead packages may include SIC codes.Niche Sales Leads - Delivered!If youre in the business of marketing to different organizations, we can provide you withB2B leads based on an assortment of selects, including, · Industry · Location · Number of branches · Size of company · Executive contacts, positions, titles, etc. · Postal addresses · Email addresses · Type of organization · Number of offices · And hundreds more!
  2. 2. Should you have more consumer-oriented product and marketing plan, Thomson Data canfind you the latest consumer data, segmented into demographic selects, some of whichare, · Age · Income level · Zip Code · Region · Gender · Marital Status · Profession · Parents/Non-parents · Renters · Ethnicity · Homeowners And thousands more...Thomson Data for All Your Marketing Needs!Regardless of whether your company is looking to do business with organizations orconsumers sales leads present an ideal marketing strategy. A well-researched list of leadscombined with our marketing services provide for excellent market penetration. Byallowing you to directly contact the businesses that represent the vast majority of yourclientele, our leads are guaranteed to take you soaring past your sales targets.We specialize in prospect analysis, cold calling, search engine optimization, directmarketing, campaign management and a number of database enhancement services. Oursales techniques have been honed over the years and all our clients are handled by a crackteam of marketing specialists with impeccable skills. By entrusting lead generation toThomson Data, you can free up your sales professionals to concentrate on the criticaljuncture that constitutes closing a sale.Take advantage of our experience. Contact Thomson Data now.Contact US29 Heinrick WayBridgewaterNew Jersey - 8807USAPhone : 800-385-8221Email :