Internet Marketing - Extensions and Management for Business Empowerment


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Internet Impact – Changing Lives, Enriching Experience. 79% of Americans go online. Spend an average of 13.3 hours per week on Internet. 66% access Internet from home.

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Internet Marketing - Extensions and Management for Business Empowerment

  1. 1. Extensions and Management for Business Empowerment
  2. 2. – The Era Bygone
  3. 3. – CurrentImpactfulMedium
  4. 4. o 79% of Americans go online– Changing Lives, Enriching Experienceo 66% access Internet fromhomeo Spend an average of 13.3hours per week on Internet
  5. 5. o Mobile Internet accesso Email, instant text messaging etc.(communications revolution)o Internet Shopping(consumer revolution)
  6. 6. o Fastesto On 24*7o Time is the only COSTo Smartesto Cheapest
  7. 7. Traffic / BrowsersProspects / ShoppersBuyersRepeatBuyersKey Components Website Design Search EngineOptimization Social MediaMarketing Pay Per ClickAdvertising Email Marketing
  8. 8. o Identify Keywordso Solve buyer Problemso Target the Right audienceo Use Best Materialo Display Expertiseo Generate Yourself
  9. 9. o Videoso News Releaseso Presentationso Podcast o Photoso eBooks o Blog
  10. 10. Where prospects find your website “organically”
  11. 11. Where you paysomething to attractvisitors to your website
  12. 12. o Reach people who are specifically seeking your informationand productso Investment in SEO provides on-going streams of relevantwebsite traffic
  13. 13. Include enough quality inbound links to your website with helpof great contentIt contains more keywords and whenused in volume can lead to maximumsearchesAllows identifying success methods fordirecting future focus
  14. 14. o Communicate to gain insights from target consumerso Create awareness or buzz around your brand, service orproduct
  15. 15. Greatest reach with high level of sophistication
  16. 16. Yahoo! Search MarketingMicrosoft ad Centre
  17. 17. o Guide customers through buyingcycleo Browsero Shoppero Buyero Lifetime Customer
  18. 18. It all starts with doing proper research and choosing a rightemail list vendor that assures maximum deliverability withexcellent service. Thomson Data exclusive databases spreadedacross industry wide verticals and recommended byprofessionals have been a reliable partner of every successfulmarketer.
  19. 19. While the world is shifting more and more towards onlinemarketing, it can be a healthy practice to make sure yourbusiness capitalizes it with an effective sales lead follow upprocess for a Winning Thought Process!!!
  20. 20. - Thomson Data is one of the fastest growinglist providers with an extensive database, which serves all themajor industries across the globe .www.thomsondata.comsales@thomsondata.com800-385-8221