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Viral videos final


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Viral videos final

  1. 1. Viral VideosA Presentation of the Impact of Viral Videos on Modern Business By: Ty Holub, Chris Kelly, Eileen Lee, and Tim Johnson
  2. 2. Look at this dog!•
  3. 3. Viral Videos• A relatively new form of communication that deals particularly with sending out information to the masses.• Viral Videos have become a popular way for companies to spread information, especially with the increased popularity of social media websites like Facebook and Twitter.• Viral Videos tend to have something that’s catchy, like a comedy sketch or inspiring message.
  4. 4. How Viral Videos Spread• With the advent of the internet and e-mail, the use of viral videos that spread throughout the world, has become an increasing phenomena.• YouTube became a resource that made viral videos an even larger source to spread information to people throughout the world.• With the ability to post videos on social media sites, the use of videos has become an even more prevalent way to spread videos to the masses.• Many times the sharing of viral videos is directly tied to word of mouth spread
  5. 5. Youtube background• YouTube founded by three former PayPal Employees in 2005.• Purpose was to use Adobe technology to have mass amount of user-generated video exposure available to the world.• Bought be Google in 2006 for 1.65 billion dollars.• Important use of uploading and sharing videos from person to person.
  6. 6. Youtube stats• Most viewed video: Baby by Justin Bieber with close to 800 million views• However, music video Baby also has the most dislikes• Jennifer Lopez’s On the Floor music video and Psy’s Gangnam Style are second and third in the running• It can be assumed that Psy’s video within the near future will beat out Justin Bieber’s video for the most viewed on Youtube
  7. 7. Technological Advancements• Camera phones• Digital Cameras• Bluetooth technology• Affordable laptops• Smartphones• Internet advancements such as Wi-Fi
  8. 8. Keys to successful Viral videos• Use of celebrities • Musicians • Actors • Athletes• Use of a memorable image, phrase, or event• Comical sketches• Educational informational• Inspirational material
  9. 9. Legal Rights• Many viral videos that tend become popular often break digital copy right laws.• Companies have dominion over all of their material just like commercials they produce of TV.• Example: Music videos that are posted by individuals without permission from the label or artist
  10. 10. Use of Viral Videos in business• Viral videos have become an excellent way for corporations to spread information about there goods and services to the masses• Can be a excellent marketing strategy that can also lead ways of cutting some costs in the marketing department.• Can be used as a technology that enhances the brand awareness of a product
  11. 11. Use of viral videos in business•• Market campaign for Sour Patch Kids• Video was only available online, never aired• Features the rapper Method Man• Started out on the Sour Patch Website, then went to WorldStarHipHop and eventually YouTube making for a viral campaign geared to teenagers and young adults.
  12. 12. Sites that Specialize in viral Videos• eBaum’s World• WorldStar HipHop• Metacafe• JibJab• Barely Political• YouTube• College Humor
  13. 13. Examples of Successful Viral Video Campaigns• Kony 2012 • Invisible Children made a 30 minute trying to demonstrate the atrocities that are taking place in Uganda, this video has over 93 million views on YouTube• Justin Bieber-Baby Music Video • This music video has the most views on YouTube of all time with over 793 million views as of October 29th• Examples of Companies which use viral video use well • OldSpice, Glaceau: Smart Water, and Blendtec
  14. 14. Use of viral Videos in the World• Political Campaigns have used viral videos to promote their messages and key terms• Use of Memes, Tumblr’s, blogs and instagrams photos have all been integrated into the society
  15. 15. Controversial Viral video•• Only time the ad was shown on TV was during the Superbowl• Ad was ranked 5th best by MSNBC• The ad basically sent the message that being gay was not “manly”
  16. 16. Negative effects• Overexposure to viral videos can lead to eventual disinterest in the video’s content• Disables a kind of filter/screening for content that might not be suitable for a younger demographic• Most viral videos violate/infringe upon copyright laws
  17. 17. Positive effects• Allows informative and relevant information to be shared worldwide to anyone with access to a computer in a timely and efficient manner• Viral videos are a lot more economically efficient at making campaigns for businesses
  18. 18. summary• Viral videos have become a major component for business’ marketing campaigns• Viral videos are increasing in popularity daily because the modes of watching these videos are also increasing• As much as viral videos have been a major source of entertainment, they have and continue to bring to light controversial issues
  19. 19. questions• 1. What do you believe is the most efficient way for a company to utilize viral videos in marketing campaigns?• 2. Do you think the positive impacts of viral videos outweigh the negative impacts they may cause?• 3. Should viral videos be monitored? And if so, how would higher authorities do so since the introduction and spread of viral videos happens so quickly?• 4. Do you think the majority the viral videos are actually marketing campaigns or more random based videos that are purely for entertainment purposes?