501 Tech NYC: Crafting a Nonprofit Video Strategy (July 2010)


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Michael Hoffman was joined by our client Sara Fusco of Refugees International to discuss nonprofit video strategy at the July 501 Tech NYC meet up at Planned Parenthood.

Below is a description of what we'll be covering:

"Organizations using online video effectively aren't just creating great content, they're creating great strategies. It all starts with understanding why video matters to your organization and rethinking what "viral" really means. We’ll talk about how to integrate video into your communications plan, how to staff and develop videos, and how to think about distribution. Bring your questions and walk away with examples of how nonprofits are using video to extend their programs and events online, to increase brand recognition, and to create valuable content for its supporters."

More at www.see3.net

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501 Tech NYC: Crafting a Nonprofit Video Strategy (July 2010)

  1. 1. Beyond Viral Crafting a Nonprofit Video Strategy 501 Tech NYC – July 2010 Michael Hoffman, CEO, See3 Communications Sara Fusco, Assistant Director for Online Communications, Refugees International
  2. 2. Letʼs Talk About Video • About See3 • Crafting a Nonprofit Video Strategy • Key Examples • Measuring Success • CASE STUDY: Refugees International • Discussion
  3. 3. Visit: www.YouTube.com/NonprofitVideoAwards
  4. 4. See3 Communications • Interactive communications agency for nonprofits and causes specializing in video, web, and outreach • Results-driven online strategies • Believe in leveraging technology and media to help organizations achieve their goals
  5. 5. Viral to Who?
  6. 6. Beyond Viral
  7. 7. Your Website is Your Channel
  8. 8. The Nonprofit Video Strategy
  9. 9. Think Strategically • Get your calendar out • Evaluate your current video assets • Align your organizational goals and messages • Train your staff to be digital storytellers (shooting video, taking photos, blogging, social media) • Find the people (“The Passionate Ones”)
  10. 10. Digital Storytelling Cuture • What skills does your team have? • Storytelling • Editing • Social Media • Who needs to be involved? • Who has the passion?
  11. 11. Planning Your Video • What is your objective? • Who is your audience? • What do you want to say? • How will you use the video? • How will you distribute the video? • What tools will you need?
  12. 12. 11 Types of Nonprofit Videos 1. The Dinner Video 2. The Founding Myth 3. PSA/Awareness Campaign 4. Conversation Starter 5. Vlog (Video Blog) 6. Educational Videos
  13. 13. 11 Types of Nonprofit Videos 7. The Solicitation 8. The Livestream Event 9. From the Field 10. The Interactive Experience 11. Behind the Scenes
  14. 14. AVODAH • Smaller nonprofits supporting Jewish young adults serving in social justice organizations • Provide storytelling curriculum training for corp members • On the ground footage mixed with professional editing and storytelling services • Integrate videos into key sections of website
  15. 15. Video Centric Campaign
  16. 16. Acumen Fund Even Better Campaign • Video shows how the money is used in an engaging way - their “Theory of Change” • Scripted messages from volunteers mixed with motion graphics • Video integrated seamlessly into campaign landing page (www.acumenfund.org/evenbetter) • Excellent use of YouTube Annotations using source code tracking
  17. 17. www.see3.net/making-strides-personalized-fundraising-video
  18. 18. American Cancer Society Personalized Video Fundraising • ACS needed tool to encourage walkers to raise money among peers • Each walker received email with link to pre- personalized video • Over 4,500 donations sourced directly from the video, resulting in a 10:1 ROI • Repeatable model for ACS event fundraising
  19. 19. Expose Animal Abusers Video Centric Advocacy Campaign • Petition campaign encouraging state legislators to introduce animal abuser registry bills • Hard-hitting campaign video featuring extreme animal abuser cases • Video employed on campaign landing page, online editorial and blogs, shared among Facebook and Twitter
  20. 20. Measuring Success • Does it move the needle? • Does it help your SEO strategy? • Does it improve conversion rates? • Does it help spread the message? • Does it engage your constituents?
  21. 21. Measuring Success Determine your metrics upfront • Donations • Views/comments • Blog mentions • Website traffic • Shares • Use YouTube “Insight” to measure how people are finding your content
  22. 22. Refugees International (And our viral agnosticism)
  23. 23. Refugees International Who we are • Refugees International advocates for lifesaving assistance and protection for displaced people and promotes solutions to displacement crises
  24. 24. Refugees International Our communications objectives • Position as the go-to organization among target audiences for solutions to refugee crises • Improve overall name recognition and reputation among target audiences
  25. 25. Refugees International Who are we trying to reach? • Policy-makers • U.S. Congress • U.S. Administration • United Nations • NGOs • Donors
  26. 26. Video Dreams Just because you build it…
  27. 27. Our Video Objectives • Support our advocacy priorities among target audiences • Support initiatives and events to grow our supporter base • Help develop stronger narratives for the human story of our work
  28. 28. Pre-Pre Planning Funding? Internal capacity and expertise? Consistent organizational focus? Compelling message? Opportunity?
  29. 29. CASE STUDY: The View from Syria • Pre-Production / Production / Post-Production • Outreach and Advocacy • Outcomes
  30. 30. (Pre-, Post-, and Everything In-Between) Production • Whatʼs our story? • Whoʼs our primary audience? • Who can tell our story? • How do we show it? • Permissions / security risks? • Existing work? • Whatʼs our budget? • Whatʼs our timeline?
  31. 31. Advocacy and Outreach • Three videos • Petition • Paid advertising • Paid search campaign • Google Grants optimization • Blogger outreach • Social network outreach
  32. 32. Outcomes • 4,300 new email addresses • 20% increase in web traffic • 35 blogs covered petition and videos • Growth of social network (+1,741) • Lasting assets
  33. 33. Advocacy Successes • The U.S. provided $328.7 million to UN programs for displaced Iraqis, a noteworthy 60% of the UNʼs request (up from 37% in 2008) • House of Representatives passed legislation calling for stronger policies to protect and assist displaced Iraqis by the Govʼt of Iraq • U.S. directly re-engages with Syria by appointing an Ambassador
  34. 34. Thank you! Michael Hoffman • Email: michael@see3.net • Website: www.see3.net • Twitter: @Michael_Hoffman Sara Fusco • Email: sara@refugeesinternational.org • Website: www.refugeesinternational.org
  35. 35. Photo Credits • A Classic Cash Register - Heath Bar • Blueprints, Typewriters and Gears - Traveling Steve • Audience in 3D Glasses - Diamond Geyser • Encyclopedias - Stewart Butterfield • Hammer - Austin Camera Guy • Annette Conway reads to children - Marine Corp News All photographs licensed under Creative Commons