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5 reasons professional affiliate marketers need to be managing & cloaking their links


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Here's 5 great reasons of why you need to be managing your affiliate links using a professional affiliate link management system.

If you've ever wondered how some affiliates can manage hundreds or thousands of links in their affiliate marketing campaigns, this is how.

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5 reasons professional affiliate marketers need to be managing & cloaking their links

  1. 1. 5 Reasons ProfessionalAffiliate Marketers Need to beManaging & Cloaking TheirLinks
  2. 2. Reason #1 [Link Categorization]By using an affiliate link manager, it’s easy to categorize all your affiliate links so that you can easily manage your campaign.
  3. 3. Reason #2 [Automatic Linking]Choose Specific Keywords (or Phrases) and the affiliate link manager will automatically link those terms to affiliate products you want to promote.
  4. 4. Reason #3 [Easy Updation]What happens if you have hundreds of affiliate links on your blog, and some of them need to be updated?
  5. 5. Reason #4 [Link Description]A built-in affiliate cloaker allows you to add your own prefix to links so they become descriptive to the user.
  6. 6. Reason #5 [Stats Tracking]An affiliate management software allows youkeep track of the performance of your links so you can fine-tune the campaign according to specific requirements.
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