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Cq services saint


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How to automate the categorisation of your campaigns in Adobe Analytics.

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Cq services saint

  1. 1. Countquest Services Manage your campaign URL’s
  2. 2. Campaign links • Campaign links consist of a URL address followed by a question mark and your campaign variables. • If you use Countquest services you don’t need to worry about link syntax if you use the URL Builder
  3. 3. How to use • Enter the specifics for your campaign where the landing page URL is the most important information
  4. 4. Generate and send multiple campaign codes • You can generate several Tracking Links in one go • Change the information in the input fields and click the ”Generera KampanjID” button and you will build a list of Tracking Links that you later send to your agency and/or to yourself.
  5. 5. Adobe Analytics Classification • The campaigns will be classified in Adobe Analytics with the information you’ve entered and according to the structure that has been decided for your company.