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Why NextCMS: Desktop-like user interface


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This slide introduces about the interface of NextCMS, one of many reasons that you should choose NextCMS instead of other one.

- Entire interface of all modules in the back-end look like a desktop application, so it is very easy (and fun) to use even if you are non-professional user.
- You will feel comfortable and familiar with interface controls: menu, button, select box, drop down list, etc.
- The controls are disabled automatically based on the current state/data or if you do not have permission to perform the associating action
- Many actions can be done by dragging and dropping
- Thanks for Ajax technology, all pages are loaded quickly and there are no redirection anymore when open new page

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Why NextCMS: Desktop-like user interface

  1. 1. desktop-like user interfacepresent by Nguyen Huu Phuoc, founder of NextCMS
  2. 2.  NextCMS is a content management, built on top of zend framework, dojo toolkit, and jquery it is free and open source software this slide tell you one of many reasons why you should choose NextCMS instead of other one
  3. 3. in other CMS, managing data (articles, for example) includes thefollowing pages: listing articles adding new article: 1. open new page 2. save 3. redirect to listing page editing an article: 1. search 2. open new page 3. save 4. redirect ? too many pages take a long time
  4. 4. in NextCMS, all actions are done in only one page adding searching saving cancellingbrowsing paging
  5. 5.  one page, no more redirections the server does NOT have to reload CSS, Javascript the data can be reused across modules (introduced more details in another slide …)
  6. 6. interface of all modules/extensions have the same stylesmanaging photosmanaging articles
  7. 7. drop down slider button text box context menupager it looks like a desktop application
  8. 8. 1. click/hover 2. right-click 3. choose action
  9. 9. 1. select one 2. drag 3. drop (or many with ctrl key) doing bulk actions are quite easy
  10. 10. we build it for you, not your web master! the inteface is simple, and clear because many parts of it are hidden till you do something (right click, etc.) you do NOT have to learn to use it using it is really easy, comfortable, and fun
  11. 11. auto en-dis/ablecontrols based onuser’s permissions
  12. 12. auto en-dis/ablecontrols based oncurrent data
  13. 13. auto populate data based on current request
  14. 14. auto update when module settings change
  15. 15. auto update when data change
  16. 16. @developers: there is a room for you! there is an engine to notify the system when the data/interface change thanks for dojo.subscribe and dojo.publish
  17. 17.  simple interface it is possible to changethe position and durationof notifications
  18. 18. works on most browsers: google chrome 8.x and newer mozilla firefox 3.5.x, 3.6.x, 4.x and newer internet explorer 6, 7, 8, 9 opera 11.x+ apple safari 4.1.x, 5.x
  19. 19. we listen to you!on social networks
  20. 20.  © 2012 Nguyen Huu Phuoc