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Evropro Presentation


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Evropro Presentation

  1. 1. EVROPRO PRESENTATION In an increasingly crowded world, the need for clean waterconcerns everyone who wishes to sustain our quality of life. Waterquality worldwide is deteriorating rapidly together with the wealth of thepopulation, but the number of people is increasing. These factors point toan increasing market for environmentally safe and clean products in thefuture. People demand better quality products to improve the quality oflife - and these products require clean and sterile water supply. Established in 2000, Evropro specializes in the design,manufacture, installation, operation, and maintenance of advanced waterand wastewater treatment systems. The company is wholly owned byEvian Mozes & Josef Engel, headquartered in Bucharest, Romania. EVROPRO provides outstanding water treatment technologiesthrough customized solutions, innovative and dependable products,quality service and reliable customer support. Combining creative solutions with practical applications,EVROPRO provides optimal solutions for every need, meeting thechanging requirements and needs of diverse customers, in industrial,commercial, municipal, aquaculture and agricultural sectors worldwide. Using the vast experience of our partners who are market leaders inwater treatment business, EVROPRO combines high-quality standards,EVROPRO SRLStr. Ion Scortan 57, sector 2, Bucuresti; Mobil +40726 666 688; +40721 831 711; Tel/Fax: +40 21 240 04 50;
  2. 2. prompt delivery, cost effective solutions, and high-efficiency systems forall the markets. EVROPRO MISSIONGuided by integrity, commitment and innovation, EVROPRO willcreate and offer lasting and trustful solutions. Water is a precious resource that touches every person on theplanet, in one way or another. Our mission is to supply environmentally-safe products through all our water treatmentequipment - world class in quality, technology,delivery and cost - with maximum value to ourcustomer, enhancing the safety and development ofour customers. At EVROPRO, we are committed to maximizethis invaluable resource for current and futuregenerations through product quality and professionalsupport. Our commitment to develop innovative,technology-based solutions will providemunicipalities, industrial enterprises, and consumerswith practical ways to solve their water-relatedproblems in an environmentally responsible way. We will achieve our environmental protection goals through:  Meeting or exceeding all applicable environmental rules and regulations in accordance with the stringent international standards;  Setting goals for maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing the waste streams of our operations and products;  Indicate products that minimize resource consumption and improve the environmental impact of our customers;  Minimizing or eliminating the use of hazardous substances in our operations and products.EVROPRO SRLStr. Ion Scortan 57, sector 2, Bucuresti; Mobil +40726 666 688; +40721 831 711; Tel/Fax: +40 21 240 04 50;
  3. 3. CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS MUNICIPAL SOLUTIONS Sophisticated municipal wastewater treatment is already the norm inthe developed world. However, two main problems pose a growingchallenge to existing water and wastewater treatment plants: Rapid urbanization and growing populations worldwide often cause unforeseen growth in the quantities of wastewater to be treated by existing facilities; Increasingly stringent effluent requirements require plants to remove pollutants (especially nutrients) which were not necessarily considered in the original plant design. In many cases, existing treatment systems are either intrinsicallyunable to meet these two challenges, or require addition of reactors andother process volumes which call for expensive civil works and spacewhich may not be available in the existing plant location. EVROPRO offers simple, cost-effective solutions for both of theseproblems, and allows municipal plants to both increase their treatmentcapacity and upgrade the effluent quality with minimal civil works andlittle or no added treatment volume. Wastewater In the interest of balancing public safety and environmentalprotection with the need for effective disinfection, many wastewaterutilities have adopted new customized solutions instead of old ones. Sowe come to offer the most advanced technologies in order to renew ourclient’s plants.EVROPRO SRLStr. Ion Scortan 57, sector 2, Bucuresti; Mobil +40726 666 688; +40721 831 711; Tel/Fax: +40 21 240 04 50;
  4. 4. Drinking Water EVROPRO offers the most advanced technologies in the world for safeguarding drinking water from harmful micro organisms, including Cryptosporidium and Giardia. The technology that we use also has the benefit of not compromising the taste, colour or odour of water. New government legislation is changing the way communities lookat safeguarding their drinking water supplies. Municipalities areresponding by supplementing their systems with other forms ofdisinfection in a strategy known as “multi-barrier protection.” Anotherkey consideration is cost, and we take them all into consideration. INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS Most modern industrial production processes produce wastewater,which need to be treated according to the final discharge possibilities.Therefore, industrial wastewater treatment poses a double challenge: forboth types of industries:  Discharge of industrial wastewater to the environment or to municipal collection systems requires industry-specific treatment technologies, in order to minimize the environmental impact of problematic industrial residues on the receiving system.  In many cases, correct treatment processes can enable in-plant reuse of the treated effluent, thereby reducing production costs and optimizing plant processes. In addition, water-intensive industries (such as refineries, fertilizerfactories, food processing, textile, etc.) are often dependent onwastewater treatment capacities for the expansion of production; in otherwords, the wastewater treatment system may be a bottleneck limitingproduction expansion.EVROPRO SRLStr. Ion Scortan 57, sector 2, Bucuresti; Mobil +40726 666 688; +40721 831 711; Tel/Fax: +40 21 240 04 50;
  5. 5. The technology that EVROPRO offers has been successfully used inThe Food & Beverage market and the related industries for control ofpathogen microorganisms and through all these process the water doesn’tchange any physical characteristic. Pharmaceutical Industry We only offer fast, efficient, cost effective and environmentallyresponsible solutions. As a result, the systems that we use cansignificantly reduce the microbial counts by destroying at least 99.9% ofthe bacteria present in the influent stream, when installed at theappropriate locations. Marine Industry For marine applications we use only the most effective solutions thathave been successfully deployed in diverse industries for several years.The disinfection of drinking water, waste water and recreational water area chemical-free and a very effective method of inactivating a wide rangeof waterborne pathogens on-board ships. Also, the effluent water fromwastewater treatment systems on-board ships can be effectively treatedby the technology we provide before being discharged into the ocean inan environmentally friendly manner. Aquaculture Industry The lifeblood of today’saquaculture industry is the waterused to incubate fish eggs and rearjuvenile fish. Water abundanceand purity continue to declinewhile disease concerns found insource waters continues toincrease. Simultaneously,increased consumption of fish dueto reported Omega-3 health benefits has led to an increasing demand forhigher stock densities in the same hatchery footprint. This brings manychallenges to a rapidly growing industry, but we make sure that we offersolutions which can help to overcome them. The disinfection systems thatEVROPRO SRLStr. Ion Scortan 57, sector 2, Bucuresti; Mobil +40726 666 688; +40721 831 711; Tel/Fax: +40 21 240 04 50;
  6. 6. we provide are available in both closed pipe and open channelarrangements to provide the greatest flexibility to the hatchery. Metal Industry Cooling waters used in the production of iron, are inevitablycontaminated with products especially ammonia and cyanide. Productionof coke from coal in coking plants also requires water cooling and the useof water in by-products separation. The conversion of iron or steel into sheet, wire or rods requires hotand cold mechanical transformation stages, frequently employing wateras a lubricant and coolant. Also, many steel industry wastewaters arecontaminated by hydraulic oil. In order to dispose of these contaminantagents in a proper manner, the wastewater plants should be equipped witha high quality technology according to their needs. HDC (Heavy Duty Cleaner) is a water-based, dilutable, universalcleaner designed for heavy degreasing and cleaning. Cleaningapplications include hydrocarbon residues, crude oils, asphalt, tar-likedeposits, oil and grease. HDC is a highly effective agent for cleaningstorage tanks, tank walls, tank wagons and trailers, heat exchangers,pipelines, floors, equipment, vehicles and machinery. AGRICULTURE SOLUTIONS Talking about water treatment and waste water treatment, EVROPRO’s wide range of solutions are designed to meet every need, from independent farmers to large agricultural co-ops. In order to achieve our goal, we provide various technologies, accordingto the specific needs of our client, with maximum efficiency.EVROPRO SRLStr. Ion Scortan 57, sector 2, Bucuresti; Mobil +40726 666 688; +40721 831 711; Tel/Fax: +40 21 240 04 50;
  7. 7. APPLIED TECHNOLOGIES We use a wide range of treatment technologies including reverseosmosis membranes, ultra filtration membranes, membrane bio-reactors,electro deionization, filtration, activated carbon, ion exchange,sedimentation, and disinfection. Systems features lead to minimization ofwastes from treatment process, high level of automation and controlsystems, high quality components and materials of construction. In the following, we present some detailed examples oftechnologies that we put into practice. Grooved Disc ElementsDisc filters are surface & depth filtration. The disc element providesespecially effective retention of organic matter. The effective filtrationarea is comprised of both the outside surface and the channels formed bythe intersected grooves. Suspended organic particulate adheres to thegrooved surface. Cleaning is made manually or with automaticbackwashing systems. The water flow is not interrupted while cleaningprocess takes place. Micro fibber TechnologyTextile fibbers are widely used for fine filtration in the disposablecartridge filter market. The Amiad AMF filter uses fibber threadtechnology to create a self-cleaning filter system. The basic filtrationelement in a "Micro fibber" filter is the "thread cassette". Fine threads,are 10 micron in diameter. The filter cassettes are mounted on hollowcollector pipes. Back washed screen filters The automatic screen filter line is a self-cleaning, fullyhydraulically operated unit that is controlled electronically orhydraulically from heavy duty filters to manual low flow filters. Filtrationis designed to work with various types of screens in filtration degreesfrom 2000 to 10 microns, and is available in 2", and 36" inlet/outletdiameter.EVROPRO SRLStr. Ion Scortan 57, sector 2, Bucuresti; Mobil +40726 666 688; +40721 831 711; Tel/Fax: +40 21 240 04 50;
  8. 8. Reverse osmosisReverse osmosis is a filtration method that removes many types of largemolecules and ions from solutions by applying pressure to the solutionwhen it is on one side of a selective membrane. Reverse osmosis is mostcommonly known for its use in drinking water purification fromseawater, removing the salt and other substances from the watermolecules, from fresh waters as well as from the brackish waters. Ultraviolet Technology Ultraviolet disinfectionof drinking water or wastewaterconsists of a purely physical,chemical-free process. UVwater treatment devices can beused for well water and surfacewater disinfection. UVtreatment compares favorablywith other water disinfectionsystems in terms of cost, laborand the need for technically trained personnel for operation. UVtreatment is rapid and, in terms of primary energy use, approximately20,000 times more efficient than boiling. Clo2 Disinfection solution Chlorine dioxide is an extremely useful disinfection product formany applications like portable water, industrial activities, including foodand beverage industry. Chlorine dioxide is generated in water by thereaction of two stable liquids. Water management We present you an advanced Flow and Level Measurementequipment to monitor water in pipes, reservoirs, sewers, rivers and openchannels. We have an intelligent self-learning Pressure Controllers,designed to maintain optimum performance and longevity of the waterEVROPRO SRLStr. Ion Scortan 57, sector 2, Bucuresti; Mobil +40726 666 688; +40721 831 711; Tel/Fax: +40 21 240 04 50;
  9. 9. network by controlling pressure in response to the changing demand forwater throughout the day and an acoustic noise logging system. EVROPROs technology is able to achieve up to a 50% reductionin the operations and maintenance cost of municipal and industrialwastewater treatment facilities equipped with conventional fixed orfloated mechanical surface aerators. EVROPRO is committed to successfully developing,manufacturing and distributing water treatment and filtration solutions forPotable Water and Wastewater, in applications such as pre-filtration forMF, UF, NF and RO membranes, UV and tertiary treatment, andpolishing. Our supplier’s products and systems enable our clients toachieve their full potential for supplying clean water systems. Cooling Towers Cooling towers are heat removal devices used to transfer processwaste heat to the atmosphere. Common applications include cooling thecirculating water used in oil refineries, chemical plants, power stationsand building cooling. The AGAR Process The advanced wastewater treatment technologies offered by ourpartner addresses contemporary needs for cost-effective wastewatertreatment technologies. It is suitable for municipal, agricultural andindustrial wastewater treatment plants. The AGAR Process issuccessfully implemented for both organic carbon and nutrient removaland the proven flexibility makes it a viable technology for both newconstructions and rehabilitation of existing wastewater treatment plants. SUPPORT EVROPRO provides full and ongoing process support. The supportcovers all phases of a project, from design and construction throughcommissioning to routine operation. We also provide analytical supportby performing analysis of water samples, one of the most importantstages of the water treatment process.EVROPRO SRLStr. Ion Scortan 57, sector 2, Bucuresti; Mobil +40726 666 688; +40721 831 711; Tel/Fax: +40 21 240 04 50;
  10. 10. In order to obtain the best results on the sites, we can also provideour clients with pilot test filtration units for trial and for case studyprojects and also with modular containerized filtration units for remotesite operation. The EVROPRO support team includes experts in all aspects of theproject, as we represent in Romania the top professional companies inwater treatment services. The wide range of partners combined under asingle roof ensures that all aspects of a project are accounted for, andgives the client the full security of knowing there is always a strongsupporting team to give immediate, practical assistance on any issue thatmay come up during a project. Consulting Our company can offer a wide range of consulting services,including on sight evaluation, improving existing installations,determining optimal process designs for a wide variety of water andwastewater treatment needs, ongoing process troubleshooting, alternativeprocess solutions based on economical studies and business plans. Process Solutions For years, EVROPRO’s partners have been developing, testingand perfecting process design tools, including engineering design tools,and operational optimization models. Perfected over years of trial andconstant calibration by our supplier’s Research and Development teams,are looking to find innovative water treatment solutions. Maintenance Spare parts can be obtained in a short delivery time from localstock, upon request. Our representatives can also develop a tailoredmaintenance schedule and contract for a facility in order to provideoperator re-training, equipment inspection, etc. at a frequency defined bythe customer.EVROPRO SRLStr. Ion Scortan 57, sector 2, Bucuresti; Mobil +40726 666 688; +40721 831 711; Tel/Fax: +40 21 240 04 50;
  11. 11. MAIN SUPPLIERS AMIAD FILTRATION– Municipal, industrial and agricultural filtrationsystems FILTOMAT - Municipal and industrial filtration systems ARKAL - Agricultural and industrial filtration systems TROJAN UV – UV water treatment municipal sector AQUAFINE UV - UV water treatment industrial sector VIQUA – UV water treatment residential sector Helma Water Management – Flow and Leak Detection plus DataCollection EOX - ClO2 – Chlorination, disinfection MIXRITE – TEFEN - Non-electric dosing pumps AQUA SOFT NATURAL – Natural water purification technology INNOVA MARINCO R.O. - Membrane Systems TERMINTER GROUP – Water & Wastewater Purification TRIPLE-T – Green technology systems, ecological wastewater treatment MAPAL GREEN ENERGY - New aeration technology AQWISE - Innovative solutions for wastewater treatment YWCT - Cooling towers AQUAMAOF – Organic Aquaculture modern technology AGRIGO – Agricultural turn-key projectsEVROPRO SRLStr. Ion Scortan 57, sector 2, Bucuresti; Mobil +40726 666 688; +40721 831 711; Tel/Fax: +40 21 240 04 50;