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School education, hyderabad parents' views


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Market Research of School Education, Hyderabad Parents' Views

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School education, hyderabad parents' views

  2. 2. Table of Contents Backdrop & Objective 3 Research Approach 4 Executive Summary 5 Responding Parents’ Profile 9 Preferred Medium for Education Related Information 11 Respondents’ Children Education Related Information 12 Perception on Schooling in Hyderabad 15 Decision Making Process & Satisfaction Level 16 Readiness for a New School 19 Conclusions 21 Annexure – Sample Questionnaire 23
  3. 3. Backdrop & Objective Backdrop: Result Oriented Intelligence (ROI) is a Hyderabad based independent market/business research and consulting services firm. Education, primary stage to higher studies, is one of the key sectors served by ROI. In May 2010, ROI carried out this syndicated market survey, focused on parents dealing with schools in and around Hyderabad, with the following underlying objectives: To learn general market perception for schooling in Hyderabad To understand preferences of parents with respect to local schools Preferred medium of study, curriculum etc. Assess connection between parents’ demographic background (educational back-ground, place of origin, employment sector, total earning members in the family and monthly household income etc.) and their preferences regarding school To decode the decision making process regarding school selection Preferred medium for information on schools/education Important factors To gauge parents’ satisfaction level Actual satisfaction with present school(s) Any unmet needs/pain-points from existing schools in Hyderabad To learn how many parents’ are open to a new school? Field Services Courtesy: 3 Sindhuja Consultants BACK
  4. 4. Research Approach Geographic Focus: The market survey was kept limited to parents’ located within Hyderabad city. Approach Stage 1 - Desk Research: ROI began the exercise with compiling schooling related general information available on the secondary domain – internet and print media etc. Stage 2 - Primary Research: ROI, with the help of its field services partner Sindhuja Consultants, collected views of 100 parents regarding school education in Hyderabad market; respondents were identified using a random sampling method. A trained field team approached respondents at neutral spots such as malls, theaters etc. ensuring homogenous representation of various key locations across the city The survey was assisted by a semi-structured questionnaire (interested readers may refer to a sample questionnaire under the annexure section towards the end) Field Services Courtesy: 4 Sindhuja Consultants BACK
  5. 5. Executive Summary (1/4) Result Oriented Intelligence (ROI), a Hyderabad based independent market/business research and consulting services firm, has surveyed 100 parents in the Hyderabad in May 2010. The key objective was to develop an insight on parents’ perceptions, preferences, and underlying factors while zeroing in on a school for kids. The detailed findings are presented in the report. Key findings are summarized below: Minority Majority Minority Majority Parents Parents Gender Education Male Post Graduation Minority Majority Minority Majority Parents Parents Employment Origin Sectors Local (AP) Knowledge- based services - IT/ITES Field Services Courtesy: 5 Sindhuja Consultants BACK
  6. 6. Executive Summary (2/4) Minority Majority Minority Majority Earning Family Monthly household Members income => 2 X=> 20K Minority Majority Minority Majority Preferred source for information on schools Present Schools Word of No clear leader; mouth Gowtham, Bhashyam, and Ravindra Bharathi are top three Field Services Courtesy: 6 Sindhuja Consultants BACK
  7. 7. Executive Summary (3/4) Minority Majority Minority Majority Admission to local Present Curriculum schools, easy? CBSE NO Minority Majority Minority Majority Key factors for school selection Satisfaction No clear leader; Cost / tuition No clear leader; higher fees, Convenient location, dissatisfaction against tuition Choice of curriculum, Brand fees, individualized attention, name, and Future prospects and use of technology in are top five teaching etc. Field Services Courtesy: 7 Sindhuja Consultants BACK
  8. 8. Executive Summary (4/4) Minority Majority Minority Majority Open to a new Acceptable fee range school? (in INR, quarterly) Positive 4,000 6,500 Field Services Courtesy: 8 Sindhuja Consultants BACK
  9. 9. Responding Parents’ Profile (1/2) Gender Varied Educational Backgrounds Post graduation Female Male 59% 37% 63% Graduation High school 39% or less 2% Healthy Representation of Various Other States Others, 7% West Bengal, 6% NCR, 17% Tamil Nadu, 16% AP Other States 73% 27% Rajasthan, 23% Gujarat, 31% Source:1 ROI Primary Research & Analysis Field Services Courtesy: 9 Sindhuja Consultants BACK
  10. 10. Responding Parent's Profile (2/2) Wide-ranging Employment Sectors Other sectors include the Government Banking following: small Number of working female 12% 8% scale manufacturing members in the family is on the Self employed Other Sectors 14% industries, 23% rise pharmaceuticals/bi At least two earning members and IT/ITES otech, telecom, generally rising salary levels from 43% teaching, law, medical, and the past several years tourism Number of Bread-winners in the Family Healthy Monthly Household Income x>100 K 60 K<x<100 K 7% Single 21% 41% No response 20 K<x<60 K 5% 41% x<20 K ~2 & 26% above 59% Source:1 ROI Primary Research & Analysis Field Services Courtesy: 10 Sindhuja Consultants BACK
  11. 11. Preferred Medium for Education Related Information Preferred Medium for Information on Education Along with the time- TV/Radio 2% tested communication Indirect Channels mediums, the growing use Outdoor (Hoardings/ banners) 7% of technology based personalized and focused Print M edia (News Paper, magazine, flyers) 37% mediums, especially sms etc., is eye catching in Direct Channels Online (email, online ads, sms) 3% the recent times. Suggestion by friends/relatives 51% Confirming the parents’ preferences above, following schools were observed to be actively using various mediums of advertising: Little Einsteins Pre-School News Paper Meridian School for Boys and Girls News Paper Bachpan a play school News Paper Kaushalya Global – The Complete News Paper School Strawberry Fields Pre-School News Paper Manthan International School News Paper, Hoardings T.I.M.E. Kids Pr-School Advertisements on APSRTC vehicles Rainbow International School News Paper I Play I Learn Pre-School News Paper Brilliant Grammar High School Radio Kidzee Pre-School News Paper Source:1 ROI Primary Research & Analysis Field Services Courtesy: 11 Sindhuja Consultants BACK
  12. 12. Respondents’ Children – Present Education Stage Present Education Stage Higher Secondary 2% High School 40% Primary Upper 45% Primary 13% Respondents’ children are studying in these different stages Source:1 ROI Primary Research & Analysis Field Services Courtesy: 12 Sindhuja Consultants BACK
  13. 13. Respondents’ Children – Present School 22% Present School 16% 14% 12% 10% 8% 6% 4% 4% 4% Gowtham Bhashyam Ravindra Saint Ann's Saint Keys high Brilliant Dilsukhnagar Saint Peter's Others Model School Public School Bharathi High School Andrews school Grammar Public School Jubilee School High School High School School Following 22 schools are covered under ‘Others’: Cambridge High School, Delhi Public School, Hyderabad Public School, Ramadevi Public School, Slate The School, Hyderabad Sainik School, Jubilee Hills Public Schhol, kotwal's School, Rosary Convent High School, Meridian School for Boys and Girls, Abhyasa Residential Public School, Bachpan a play school, Glendale Academy International, Rockwell International School, Oakridge International School, Sreenidhi International School, Manthan International School, Springdale Academy de International (SAI), DRS International school, Parkwood School International, Global Indian International School and Indus International School Source:1 ROI Primary Research & Analysis Field Services Courtesy: 13 Sindhuja Consultants BACK
  14. 14. Respondents’ Children – Curriculum Opted at Present Present Curriculum ICSE /IGCSE International curriculums are slowly gaining 3% popularity among parents across India as visible IB from the two exhibits here; especially ‘forward- (International looking’ parents – with higher education level (PG CBSE and above), employed in IT/ITES or self employed, Baccalaureate) 52% at least two earning members in the family with 1% comparatively higher income levels (60K and above per month), growing ease of information access and rising aspirations – are leading the way. State Board International curriculums are almost equally 44% preferred by locals and parents working in Hyderabad but actually belonging to other states. English is the most preferred medium for study. Rising Acceptance of IB across India Of total 70 IB world schools in India, AP (all in Hyderabad) has six schools to be at second highest M adhya P radesh 1% spot jointly with Karnataka following a clear leader B ihar 1% Maharashtra (33 schools – Mumbai (23), Nagpur & Uttarakhand 3% Nashik (1 each) and Pune (8). Rajasthan 3% This is in line with the fact that Andhra Prdesh, Hyderabad in particular, has been one of the key Haryana 6% locations in the country for knowledge-based Tamilnadu 7% services (IT/ITES/BPO/KPO). This number also Gujarat 7% indicates higher concentration of skilled workforce, with a comparatively higher awareness and hence Delhi 7% higher demand for international education Karnataka 9% standards. A ndhra P radesh 9% M aharashtra 47% Source:1 ROI Primary Research & Analysis Field Services Courtesy: 14 Sindhuja Consultants 2 International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) BACK
  15. 15. Perception on Schooling in Hyderabad Supply-Demand Equation Parents with children studying in prestigious schools in Hyderabad and those involved in transfer cases in the middle of an academic year Admission No not-so- were of opinion that admission in reputed response easy 6% schools is not so easy. 58% Close to 65 percent of responding parents, in Admission easy other words, are indicating that supply of seats, 36% especially in reputed schools in Hyderabad, is limited and hence is always in-demand. Source:1 ROI Primary Research & Analysis Field Services Courtesy: 15 Sindhuja Consultants BACK
  16. 16. Decision Making Process – Important Factors B o arding facility 1 School Selection Criteria Fee co ncessio n / scho larship 2 (Relative Importance) Parent-Teacher Interactio n 3 Transpo rt 4 facility Use o f techno lo gy in teaching 5 Fo cus o n co - curricular activities 6 Quality faculty 7 Individualized attentio n 8 Future pro spects 9 B rand name 10 Cho ice o f Curriculum 11 Co nvenient lo catio n 12 Co st / tuitio n fees 13 Parents were asked to provide ranking (13-for the highest importance and 1-for the lowest importance) for various factors considered important while selecting a school for their child Parents across categories generally mark cost of education, convenient location, choice of curriculum, and future prospect as the main concerns while choosing a school Parents of upper-middle class (higher education levels, higher monthly income levels and employment in knowledge based sectors) show higher preferences for factors such as ‘Individualized attention’, ‘use of technology in teaching’, and ‘Parent- Teacher Interaction’ etc. Source:1 ROI Primary Research & Analysis Field Services Courtesy: 16 Sindhuja Consultants BACK
  17. 17. Decision Making Process - Satisfaction B o arding facility 1 School Selection Criteria Fee co ncessio n / scho larship 1 (Actual Satisfaction) Parent-Teacher Interactio n 2 Transpo rt 3 facility Use o f techno lo gy in teaching 2 Fo cus o n co - curricular activities 5 Quality faculty 4 Individualized attentio n 5 Future pro spects 7 B rand name 9 Cho ice o f Curriculum 11 Co nvenient lo catio n 10 Co st / tuitio n fees 9 Parents also provided satisfaction ranking (13-for the highest satisfaction and 1-for the lowest satisfaction) for the important factors with respect to the present school(s) they are dealing with. Source:1 ROI Primary Research & Analysis Field Services Courtesy: 17 Sindhuja Consultants BACK
  18. 18. Decision Making Process – Need Gap B o arding facility 0 School Selection Criteria Fee co ncessio n / scho larship 1 (Gap Between Importance and Satisfaction) Parent-Teacher Interactio n 1 Transpo rt 1 facility Use o f techno lo gy in teaching 3 Fo cus o n co - curricular activities 1 Quality faculty 3 Individualized attentio n 3 Future pro spects 2 B rand name 1 Cho ice o f Curriculum 0 Co nvenient lo catio n 2 Co st / tuitio n fees 4 The ranking for satisfaction is deducted from that of the importance to arrive at the gap plotted above; positive gap suggests higher dissatisfaction against a particular factor and vise-versa. In general parents are highly dissatisfied on aspects such as cost of education (especially in private schools), quality of faculty members, and location. Parents were also seriously dissatisfied in terms of individualized attention, still limited access and use of technology in teaching and focus on co-curricular activities (especially in middle to low-end schools with limited resources, mainly no play-ground facilities etc.) Source:1 ROI Primary Research & Analysis Field Services Courtesy: 18 Sindhuja Consultants BACK
  19. 19. Readiness for a New School Open to A New School? May be More than 75 percent of responding No 36% parents have expressed varied levels 23% of dissatisfaction for the present schools Yes These parents indicated a readiness for a newer & better schooling option – 41% a ready opportunity for a new entrant with improved service features. Acceptable fee (range in INR, quarterly) Rising cost of education in the Upper Limit 6,500 past several years, especially in reputed institutes, is creating huge holes in parents’ pockets; parents across categories have Lower Limit 4,000 expressed dissatisfaction. Source:1 ROI Primary Research & Analysis Field Services Courtesy: 19 Sindhuja Consultants BACK
  20. 20. Opinion Pool “They (school management) “Education (schooling) is becoming costlier by the day. Forget about tuition fees; so keep hiking fees exorbitantly many of school related expenses burn a deep hole in our pockets. Stationery, school which is unacceptable; carry-bag, uniforms, shoes etc. put together take away an amount equal to a two bed- government guidelines on the room apartment’s monthly rent in Banjara Hills – around 10-12 K” subject appear to be just a - Parents of child in 6th standard show piece. This may cause us changing school even though “No doubt that these (International) “The present school for my younger one the present one no doubt is a schools provide A-grade service standards was good so far but now I notice that reputed one” right from the food to the infrastructure upper-primary standards (5-7) the and accordingly they charge you a faculty quality here is bit deteriorated, - Parents of child in 8th premium” especially the English fluency is an standard issue. Though the fees are economical - Parents of child in 9th standard “To find a good school to here, we have to look for a better satisfy you in all aspects is “Extra-curricular activities is one serious option else where.” like a dream-come-true; a issue with schools, and it does not only - Parents of child in 5th standard colleague has relocated mean sports or an annual picnic. By global recently just to enroll her kid standards it should include a wide range of “I personally have looked at many local into a reputed school as the choices to a student - theatre, elocution, school websites; majority are not school’s transport was not orchestra, hobby-based clubs, providing complete information, lack available in her past location” participation in state and national level forthrightness especially in terms of competitions etc.” accreditations and curriculum” - Parents of child in 3h standard - Parents of child in 10th standard - Parents of child in 3th standard Source:1 ROI Primary Research & Analysis Field Services Courtesy: 20 Sindhuja Consultants BACK
  21. 21. Conclusions (1/2) Hyderabad market presents a healthy mix – close to ¼ of population is from other states, mainly lured by the work opportunities in the local knowledge industries; close to 60% of parents in Hyderabad are well-educated and hence have a higher awareness of global standards in education. Almost 60% of families have at least two earning members and employed in comparatively high- salaries sectors of IT/ITES to have higher monthly incomes; close to 70% of parents earn more than INR 20,000 per month. In terms of education related information, close to 90% of parents still rely upon regular sources – ‘word of mouth’ and print media; noteworthy is a presence of technology based communications especially sms which is direct-to-the-target. New-found institutes, especially the pre-schools, are observed to be using the communication machinery quite heavily. A 50,000 bulk sms package available in the market costs around 3-4K. Higher awareness combined with higher spending power represents a market segment with high demand of good quality schooling options with international standards. Schools promoted by local groups appear to be benefitted strongly by wider presence – more than one locations; prominent examples are Gowtham Model Schools (GMS), promoted by Sri Gowtham Academy of Technical Education (59 schools across AP with a combined student population of over 40,000), Bhashyam Schools promoted by Bhashyam Educational Institutions (54 locations in AP) and Ravindra Bharathi Schools (close to 17 locations in AP). Closely following are the old establishments such as Saint Ann's High School, Saint Andrews High School and Dilsukhnagar Public School et al. Field Services Courtesy: 21 Sindhuja Consultants BACK
  22. 22. Conclusions (2/2) Band wagon of various International schools is also finding good demand in the local market based on their USP of international curriculums – IB/ICSE/IGCSE etc.- and other facilities and features of global standards. Hyderabad has six IB world schools - Oakridge International School, Sreenidhi International School, Indus International School, Hyderabad, International School of Hyderabad, DRS International School and a little-known Johnson Grammar School located in Habsiguda. CBSE boasts the highest number of takers with little more than half of the market; state board course comes close second at 44%. English language is the most preferred medium for study. Close to 60% parents indicated that admission to reputed institutes remains to be a tough nut to crack - an indication of limited supply and comparatively higher demand scenario. Generally speaking, cost of education is the leading factor for school selection; with fast-growing traffic scene, convenient location appears second on the list of key factors. Growing awareness in parents is causing a rise in demand for smaller class size, quality faculty, focus on wide-ranging co- curricular activities and use of technology in teaching etc. High tuition fees and other relevant expenses make cost of education a factor with the highest dissatisfaction among local parents, especially in reputed schools. In line with rising awareness among parents, there appears to be a higher dissatisfaction in terms of use of technology in teaching and teacher-student ratio. Little more than 75% parents showed readiness for a newer schooling option with better facilities at a competitive rates. Field Services Courtesy: 22 Sindhuja Consultants BACK
  23. 23. Annexure – Sample Questionnaire Field Services Courtesy: 23 Sindhuja Consultants BACK
  24. 24. Are you a forward looking institute keen on gauging satisfaction level of your students' parents ? Do you acknowledge a need to show progress/action to parents addressing their concerns /suggestions ? Are you in need for any kind of analysis on data present in your systems with an aim to identify trends to support your strategic direction? Does a detailed competition profile/peer-benchmarking appeal you as an institute? Do you feel the need to have regular updates, in the form of a newsletters, on education sector ? Are you an investor interested in education sector and need a detailed market feasibility study to make an informed decision? In case any of the above is relevant to you, we at Break The Stone would be glad to discuss it with you. Our contacts are mentioned below: THEJU PAUL ( MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT GHANSHYAM GADVI ( RESEARCH MANAGER Note: This report is a first of a series of brief reports on Hyderabad market by BTS. Other sectors, on which we are readying reports, are – Food services, Banking, Real Estate etc.