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TV Broadcasting Plan (Media Proposal)


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TV Broadcasting Plan (Media Proposal)

  1. 1. Singapore to Vietnam Proposal for a Broadcasting Company
  2. 2. Content • We know STB • Broadcasting Channel • Singapore Partner: Threesixzero Productions • The idea & Film list • Benefits & Budget
  3. 3. WE know STB
  4. 4. Singapore Tourism Board • The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) is a leading economic development agency in tourism, one of Singapore’s key service sectors. Known for partnership, innovation and excellence, the Board champions tourism and builds it into a key economic driver for Singapore. • STB aims to ensure that tourism remains a key economic pillar through long-term strategic planning in partnership with the public and private sector stakeholders. • Set against the backdrop of growing opportunities from both traditional outbound markets, the STB is setting ambitious targets for 2015 to ensure that the tourism sector in Singapore
  5. 5. Targets for 2015 • By 2015, Singapore aims to be a destination of choice, a powerful tourism hub attracting visitors, businesses and talents from across the world by 2015. • The STB’s three key areas of focus: (a) Strengthening Singapore’s position as a Leading Convention & Exhibition City in Asia with a strong and dynamic business environment. (b) Developing Singapore as a leading Asian leisure destination by providing an enriching experience that is Uniquely Singapore. (c) Establishing Singapore as the Services Centre of Asia - a place where visitors come to enjoy high-end quality services
  6. 6. Tourism Development • As part of the Government's commitment to grow the tourism sector, a Tourism Development Fund (TDF) has been set up to support initiatives in these four areas: (a) Infrastructure Development: Developing critical infrastructure to support tourism growth (b) Capability Development: Enhancing the capability of Singapore-based travel and tourism players as well as attracting world-class travel and tourism businesses and organizations to set up in Singapore (c) Anchoring Iconic/Major Events: Attracting iconic or mega events that will highlight Singapore as a premier destination for Leisure, Business and Services customer segments (d) Product Development: Developing strategic tourism products • Utilization of the TDF will be based upon careful evaluation of each
  7. 7. BROADCASTING Channel
  8. 8. • Channel focus content: entertainment, culture, travel, discovery… • Studio: 500 square meter with modern equipments • Production team with more than 20 professional, experienced members • Digital and analog broadcast: national coverage (analog from August 2010) • Available on Cable TV: Cable HCaTV, HTVC systems and local cable TV. • Internet TV: Nearly 12 million visitors a month • Mobile TV: 10,000 subscribers • Satellite HD: 15,000 subscribers • Broadcasting Channel’s time frame on VTC1: 7:30 – 9:30; 14:00 – 16:00; 17:30 – 18:30; 20:00 – 23:00 BROADCASTING Channel
  9. 9. Studio Life Production Magazine Men Magazine Daily Sports Newspaper Vietnam Sports Newspaper PartnePartne rsrs BROADCASTING Channel
  10. 10. • 3D Graphics Technology for making advertisement for products and media production • Event organizer, conference, seminars and art Live show. • TV show format and TV show production and communication program Life Production • Production and implementation of purchase television broadcasting rights, copyright, intellectual property rights, cultural products. • Production and release of the cinema film, television program, documentary, scientific Studio – Television equipments BROADCASTING Channel
  11. 11. Singapore Partner
  12. 12. Threesixzero Productions Established in 2001 Threesixzero Productions specializes in the production of factual programmes for major networks and channels like Mediacorp, Arts Central, National Geographic Channel and Discovery Channel. These programmes range from travelogues to arts, food, social and cultural documentaries and many have garnered international awards. With its unique access to Greater China and Asia, it is the company's goal to explore the dynamism of the diverse cultures in this region and make quality programs that are of the highest standard. Threesixzero is the distributor of Singapore’s Media
  13. 13. Threesixzero’s films Love Singapore Find me a Singaporean No kid is a bad kid Foodold days
  14. 14. The Idea & Film list
  15. 15. The Idea • “Singapore to Vietnam” is a media distribution program in which Broadcasting Channel will buy and broadcast Singapore-made documentaries and reality TV shows to promote Singapore’s image and culture • The topics would be about Singapore as a unique destination for tourists, about the culture, the people, food, educations, medical services, business hub… • The films will be localized with Vietnamese narration and subtitle and broadcast on Broadcasting Channel’s time frame on VTC1 • The length of the film is about 30 min;
  16. 16. The Idea - 2 • The second option is: – BROADCASTING Channel send a group of director and crew to Singapore to make the film base on the content and topics required by Singapore Tourism Board – The cost would base on each project which include the production cost and broadcasting cost.
  17. 17. Film list • CELEBRATIONS       – Length: 8 x 30’   – Type:  Infotainment                                                   – Made by: The Moving Visuals  Co. • Brief content:  “Celebrations” showcases  traditional and cultural  events of different  communities in Singapore  and how they are  celebrated among its  peoples. It details the  fascinating preparation  for each occasion and  shares the emotions of 
  18. 18. Film list • FIND ME A  SINGAPOREAN                               – Length: 10 x 30’  – Type: Infotainment – Made by: Threesixzero  Productions • Brief content: Have you  ever wondered what life  is like for your  countrymen who live  abroad in some of the  most distant and obscure  cities? “Find Me A  Singaporean” takes you on  a life-changing journey  to these places to find  out. The series is named 
  19. 19. Film list • FIND ME A                    SINGAPOREAN  2                 – Length: 10 x 60’   – Type: Infotainment – Made by: Threesixzero  Productions • Brief content: Season 2  of this award-winning  series continues its  search for Singaporeans  who live abroad in some  of the most distant and  obscure cities to find  out why they decided to  uproot from their  comfort zones to face  challenges in 
  20. 20. Film list • FOOD OLD DAYS                                      – Length: 15 x 30’   – Topic: Food – Made by: Threesixzero  Productions • Singapore is a well-known  food paradise and its  national hobby is eating.  While the cosmopolitan city  is constantly introducing  new food ideas, many  traditional food fares are  fading away from the radar  in our local food culture.  Armed with very little  information - sometimes 
  21. 21. Film list • LOVE  SINGAPORE                                   – Length: 8 x 30’   – Type: Infotainment – Made by: Threesixzero  Productions  • Brief content: 24  residents of Singapore  from all walks of life  disclose where their most  beloved places are in the  island-state. The series  transports you from one  corner of the city to  another and sets you back  and forth in time, as  these special guests 
  22. 22. Film list • SINGAPORE  MONTAGE – Length: 3 x 30’   – Type: Infotainment – Made by: Threesixzero  Productions  • Brief content:  Singaporeans from all  walks of life candidly  share their thoughts,  views, frustrations and  aspirations in this  reality series which  captures the heartbeat of  the city. Through an  audio-visual collage that  stitches together the  multi-faceted lives of its 
  23. 23. Film list • SOUL OF  A CITY                  – Length: 1 x 60’   – Type: Documentary – Made by: August Pictures  • Brief content: What makes  the soul of Singapore?  What sets the city apart  from the others? Exploring  the many corners of the  Garden City and peering  into the lives of its  people, this one-hour  documentary seeks to  define its unique charm  and character. Through its  lens, it offers a  mesmerizing glimpse into 
  24. 24. Benefits & Budget
  25. 25. Benefits • Singapore to Vietnam is a cost effective way to bring information and true images of Singapore to Vietnamese audience through Broadcasting Channel • Two times broadcast a week plus free re- broadcast for each film • All the films are made by professional productions companies in Singapore • A full solution to STB’s communications program with 2 free TVCs and pop-up logo and information during the film • Thank you note at the end of the film • Discount on extra TVCs booking on Broadcasting Channel for both STB and STB’s partners (during the film or in other programs) • STB is free to choose the time of year and the films in the above list (or STB’s films) to be
  26. 26. Budget • Film license fee: – 30’ film: US$ XXX – 60’ film: US$ XXX • Translation and editing: – 30’ film: US$ XXX – 60’ film: US$ XXX • Broadcasting fee: – 30’ film: US$ X,XXX (package rate for more than 10 films) – 30’ film: US$ X,XXX (single film, less than 10 films)
  27. 27. Budget – Package Rate Name Lengt h Qt y Edi t Licens e Broadcas t Total Celebrations 30 8 XXX XXX X,XXX XX,XXX Find me a Singaporean - 1 30 10 XXX XXX X,XXX XX,XXX Find me a Singaporean - 2 60 10 XXX XXX X,XXX XX,XXX Food old days 30 15 XXX XXX XXX XX,XXX Love Singapore 30 8 XXX XXX XXX XX,XXX Singapore montage 30 3 XXX XXX XXX X,XXX Soul of City 60 1 XXX XXX XXX X,XXX *VAT excluded
  28. 28. Media Value Content Price (USD) Time Quantity Amount (USD) TVC XXX 0.5 min 01 spot XXX Singapore Film X,XXX 30 min 01 film X,XXX Real cost - 1 year X,XXX 30 min 52 film XXX,XXX Media value - 1 film XXX 30 min 60 spot XX,XXX Media value – 1 year XX,XXX 1,560 3,120 spot XXX,XXX
  29. 29. THANK YOU