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Free auto budget plan tool for health care scholars and professionals

This automatic calculator tools aids health care scholars and health care professionals to manage their finances on a weekly, monthly and annual basis. This tool is very simple to use. it takes only a few minutes to set up. It takes only a few minutes to update each week.

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Free auto budget plan tool for health care scholars and professionals

  1. 1. Tel. + 61 2 888 00 300 Free annual budget plan for health care scholars and professionals The Excel workbook and these notes are not copyrighted. You may circulate unlimited printed copies, upload these on the internet and email them without restriction. This presentation is available on YouTube General background notes about the Excel budget planner ● Most cells are locked to protect the formulae and the integrity of the workbook. The only cells that you can update are those highlighted yellow. ● All formulas that calculate monthly and annual figures are created automatically by formulas built into the locked cells. ● You do not need any special training or special knowledge about Excel to use this workbook. All you need to do is enter a small number of budget figures into the yellow cells. ● This spreadsheet works best using Microsoft Excel. It will work in Google Sheets, however, many formats will be lost such as page breaks. ● All 16 sheets in this workbook will print on one page if you click the printer icon.
  2. 2. PART ONE Steps for updating the weekly, monthly and annual budget planner ● Step 1​: Update the Annual Plan sheet. This is the second sheet in the workbook. When you open the workbook, it automatically opens on this sheet. ● Step 2​: Enter a foreign currency conversion rate in cell C4 if relevant. ● Step 3​: Enter your average weekly income in cells C 9 to C 12. ● Step 4​: Enter your average weekly living expenses in cells C 16 to C 30. ● Step 5​: Enter your average weekly finance expenses in cells C 34 to C 37. ● Step 6​: Check the automatic calculations figures in rows: 13, 31, 38 & 42. ● Step 7​ : If the budget is not correct, adjust your original data entries in the yellow cells so that all figures reconcile to y0ur records. ● Check the “Graphs” tab after you enter your Annual plan. Your data entry automatically updates this graph. The graph tab is fourth from the left. PART TWO Steps for updating the Total All Months worksheet The “Total All Months” tab is the third worksheet inside the workbook. You can see the name of each worksheet tab on the bottom section of the Excel workbook. ● Updating this worksheet is optional. ● The figures in this worksheet are used to automatically update the first graph that appears in the “Graphs” Tab, which is the next worksheet. ● If you do not update this worksheet, the spreadsheets will allocate your annual income and annual expenses equally across each calendar month. ● You need to change the yellow cells in Columns B and D if you do not want your budget plan to allocate your monthly expenses and income plan equally. ● Please read the notes in cell G2 for further details.
  3. 3. PART THREE Steps for updating the 12 Actual monthly worksheets ● There are 12 “Actual” worksheets: months January to December. ● You only need to update these sheets if you want to compare your monthly plan to your monthly actual expenditures and income. ● You may only update the cells highlighted yellow. ● You may record total income and total expenditure on a daily basis. For example, Column E records the first day of the month for income and expenditure by line item for the 1st day of the month. ● You can record budget notes in rows 48 to 265 in these 12 sheets. ● The data that you enter into the monthly actual expenditure worksheet automatically updates the bar graph in the “Graphs” tab. Review the “Graphs” tab after you have uploaded actually monthly income and expenses. Please email any questions to ​ This workbook may be customized for not-for-profit institutions on a ​pro bono basis.