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SBM Presentation

  1. 1. Presentation of Marketing group Success Brand Management Made: march 2010.
  2. 2. ABOU US Marketing group Success Brand Management ( SBM) - is a team specialised on questions of marketing, with large potential and ambitions, with a fresh look on a things. We creatively decide any problems, that makes every our project unique and eccentric - and it is very important for any business in a present high-competition environment. Marketing group SBM cultivates marketing plans, gives consultations in difficult non-standard situations in branding, helps to create strategy of brand and realize it in practice. We work with existing at the market brands, and also develop a brand «from a zero».
  3. 3. Our mission Company’s assignment– activity of the company aims to settle all client’s problems, connected with sales, promotion, image and reputation creation of the company. We help to build successful business. Ideals, values and beliefs of the company – unity of professional team, orientation of company in whole and every collaborator on clients and their needs – “client’s problems are on the first place!”.
  4. 4. Our competences
  5. 5. Our service: marketing research 1marketing research fieldoffice Express-overview Deep investigation Price monitoring Mediaanalytics SWOT-analysis Surveys expert interview Focus-groups Observation Experiment Mystery buyer
  6. 6. Our service: branding (creation and raising of a trademark to the market ) Brand concept
  7. 7. Our service: Strategic planning Strategic planning is a stage of control when the aims of the company are defining for a long period of time, and the system of events that define the way to it is developing. Strategic planning process Definition of Problems and aims of the company Ambient research and SWOT-analysis Formulation of company’s goals Construction and analysis of alternative Choosing the most profitable decision Strategy building Control of realization and valuation of strategy
  8. 8. Our service: PUBLIC RELATIONS
  9. 9. Our principles of work
  10. 10. our projects: marketing researches 2007 2008
  11. 11. Our projects: marketing researches 2009 ГОД
  12. 12. our projects: marketing researches 2010
  13. 13. our projects: strategic planning
  14. 14. our projects: branding manufacturer of soft office furniture Complex brand-management: brand creation, promotion strategy development, control (work-in-progress) forwarding company Brand creatio for logistic company, brand book design MediaSun – a big catalogue of all types of advertising of Ukraine Complex brand-management: brand creation, promotion strategy development, control. Kiev furniture factory“Sky” advertising campaign organisation, control maintenance department of heating systems“Servisant” Complex brand-management : promotion strategy creation and realization, brand book design, control
  15. 15. OUR TEAM Key experts of marketing group Success Brand Management ANDREY IZVICKIY PR-specialist, kopywriter Big expirience of journalistic activity. Comprehensively developed personality. Basic work: naming, slogans, pablicity. OLGA KUBIV brand-manager Practicing brand- manager. Successful in: management of brands, strategic planning, construction of sale’s system and mechanisms, adjusting of consumer attitude to a brand. YULIANA TIMOSHENKO Consultant of marketing development of loyalty programs, construction of databases, conduct of negotiations, organization of sale’s system. MARTHA ROZHKO Analyst Basic work assignments: collect and analys of different matkets, prognostication of market, analysis of risks. Logician and pragmatist. VIKTORIA STAETSKAYA marketing specialist The expert in marketing, analyst. A wide experience on marketing researches.
  16. 16. OUR CONTACTS MARKETING GROUP SUCCESS BRAND MANAGEMENT Ukraine, Lviv Tel./Fax +38 032 2431729 +38 (067) 930 82 77 ICQ: 439 459 027 Skype: SBM & MS