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CMR - GDPR - general introduction for marketeers


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Some general information by The CMR Agency on GDPR - General European Protection Regulation - from a marketing perspective - meant for non-legal persons

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CMR - GDPR - general introduction for marketeers

  1. 1. Customer Managed Relations The CMR Agency General Data Protection Regulation Introduction for Marketeers
  2. 2. “Biggest change to EU data protection law for two decades" - SC Magazine
  3. 3. "GDPR as the biggest legal change of the digital age" Mark Lomas- Cap Gemini "This is perhaps one of the most significant milestones achieved in data protection in our lifetime and the democratisation of the world’s biggest single digital market is now complete". Jan Philipp Albrecht MEP
  4. 4. € 20 million 4% of annual world wide turnover Fines– up to … the higher of
  5. 5. GDPR - reality GDPR is for all companies, big and small For B2C and B2B, staff and suppliers Online and offline data You have to do much more than only reviewing current privacy policies Consent to use personal data requires positive action by the individual The requirements for obtaining consent for the use of cookies have become more extensive. Applies to personal data processed manually and automatically Applies to all companies active with personal data in Europe The size of your company is not relevant for the requirement of a Data Protection officer
  6. 6. As from 25 May 2016, organisations will have 2 years to implement the new law before it will be enforced by national data/privacy institutions However, European citizens can already rely upon the law in civil procedures since it is already effective now GDPR –now?
  7. 7. Any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person “data subject”; an identifiable person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly in particular by reference to an identifier… or to one or more factors to the physical, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that person Such as: online identifiers, location data, identification number (device identifiers, cookie ID’s IP addresses RFI-tags) Personal Data
  8. 8. Principles of Personal Data Lawfulness, fairness and transparency Purpose limitation Data minimisation Accuracy Storage limitation Integrity and confidentiality
  9. 9. Valid consent for personal data collection Freely given Specific Informed Unambiguous
  10. 10. Privacy – notice should contain Marketers identity with contact details, the purpose and legal ground for the processing Information for the data subjects rights Recipients or categories of the recipient the data will be shared with Disclosure of which legitimate interest Consent granted – the right of the individual to withdraw the consent The existence of automated decision making (profiling) Period for which the data is stored The right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority Intent to further process data for a different purpose
  11. 11. GDPR and customer rights Your customers should have access to the personal data you have collected about them You should obtain permission to use personal data and make sure that customers understand what is happening to their data Your customer have the right to object at any time to processing of personal data for marketing purposes Your customers have the right to transfer their personal data from one platform to another Your customers have the ‘right to be forgotten’, to be deleted from your databases when they request it 11
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