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Globalwealthtrade Tour in English

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  • Welcome to the online tour of Global Wealth Trade. My name is [ full name ]. (for audio recording only: If you’d like the slides to be larger, click on the button at the bottom right of the slides which expands the slides to the full window. It’s my pleasure that over the next 35 minutes or so I’ll be introducing you to our incredible designer lines, products & company, and sharing stories of how we’re making a difference in peoples’ lives, You’ve been invited to see this today by someone you know who’s very excited about what we have to offer because they wanted to share it with you. Now most people who see our tour get very excited and want to join. But some don’t. And they’re probably still waiting for the opportunity of a lifetime. Anyway, let’s get started. Click anywhere on the slide to advance. (Notes to presenter: Anything in italics is for the audio recording only, for any other purpose they provide direction for the presenter)
  • Who knows at least one of these designers? Who likes at least one of these designers? Well even if you don’t, around the world, they’re booming, and look at the record sales these companies did last year in the heart of a global downturn. CLICK People love Designers and want more of the luxury, quality and exclusivity they represent We would all love to have a piece of this lucrative industry. If you go to the next slide,
  • It is my pleasure to introduce you to our exclusive designer lines. Our first line is Feri – a designer name that you’re going to be hearing everywhere in the months and years to come. Feri includes a variety of different materials we work with, as you’ll see in the next few slies. First, our beautiful timepieces. We work with two materials – on the bottom left side you can see a variety of colors of Tungsten, one of the hardest materials in the world, a 9 on the Mohs hardness scale. On the top and right, you can see black, white and pink high-tech ceramic or ceramica pieces, which are also a hardness of 9. Why does this matter? Because they are extremely scratch-resistant, so they stay beautiful and look brand new for years to come. But keep them away from your diamonds! Even our glass is similar hardness - a sapphire crystal. They’re water resistant and there’s a style there for everyone, and all of these are exclusive to us. And in the top left you’ll see the Feri Toronto, which headlines our new Professional Grade Series, where for the first time the complete design and the final production are all done here in Toronto. And our newest is in the bottom right. All these time-pieces are eye-catching and get noticed wherever you go. Now if you go to the next slide,
  • You’ll see that we also make rings and bracelets out of these amazing materials, some set with AAA cubic zirconia, or even 24K gold like the very popular ring at the bottom right. Many men replace their wedding rings with a Feri Tungsten ring, so that it can keep that shine and lustre for years to come. If you go to the next slide,
  • We’d like to introduce you to another Feri Exclusive – Plangsten. Our own proprietary material we’ve created, it consists of Tungsten blended with Platinum to increase the durability, the value, and allow us to make some very exciting designs like the ones you see here. Again, this is exclusive to Feri and Global Wealth Trade. If you go to the next slide,
  • We also have our Feri fine silver lines and you can see some of the pieces here, set with triple A cubic zirconia… only the highest of quality - in many colours, as well as onyx, turquoise and some other materials as well. And all of them are natural rhodium plated, to a much higher level than most pieces on the market which means that they are both hypo-allergenic and will be long lasting in terms of their beauty and their shine. We have something for everyone with women’s rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants and more – with men’s rings and some of the best looking cufflinks I’ve ever seen. Now if you go to the next slide, I have something very exciting for you…..
  • In early 2010 we introduced & launched our first collection of Designer Handbags & Wallets, where you truly see our commitment to top end design, function and exclusivity. All of these are made from top grade leather from Italy, stitched with high quality German stitching which is long lasting & durable, with final assembly in Montreal, Canada. Very strong top quality thick leather trim and lining in the interior of all Handbags & Wallets, designed to better withstand normal wear and tear. Since Canadian weather is subject to different seasons and its elements, the leather used is coated with a special protective compound to increase durability in extreme weather. We have deep storage areas with several separate compartments to organize your keys, cell phones, credit cards, etc. All of the linings, buckles and zippers are customized with FERI logos. Each Handbag & Wallet comes with its own garment bag for easy & safe storage, and its own authentication card so that the buyer can rest assured he or she is getting a FERI original. On the next slide…
  • You’ll see our third Exclusive collection is the 19K Signature Series of bridal and engagement rings that utilize our exclusive blended 19K gold compound, with a 22 step process for unparalleled design excellence. Aside from its beauty and design, our exclusive 19 K gold compound has a much higher resistance to wear and tear then the standard main stream 14 & 18 K jewelry. But we do have engagement and wedding rings to suit every budget in what we call our GWT collections, as well as other gold jewelry with precious gemstones. And that’s not all – at Global Wealth Trade we can even do customized orders through a custom product order request, where you can access 10s of 1000s of other offline designs or a truly new design – the only constraints are what your heart desires, and your pocketbook can support.   If you go to the next slide,
  • Now if you go to the next slide, you will see our Feri Mosh Prestige 21K gold collection, exclusive only to Global Wealth Trade. Imagine a design without compromise. Jewelry combining the most advanced manufacturing technology, with the finest hand built craftsmanship. It’s the world’s first and only fine jewelry collection constructed with the exclusive GWT developed 21K gold compound that’s both hard and durable but pure and beautiful as well. We set it only with VS clarity and F colour or better diamonds and each of the approved designs go through the GWT exclusive 22 step manufacturing process. Once completed each piece is meticulously inspected by quality control teams at the GWT laboratory. Every piece must meet the vigorous standards of the GWT Corp, and all pieces that fail will be dis-assembled and melted and re-manufactured all over again. So not only are these absolutely beautiful designs, but the worksmanship and the technology behind them is truly Above All . Now if you go to the next slide,
  • I’d like to introduce you to the company behind these prestigious designer lines. We began operations in 2005, but our manufacturing heritage and experience through our CEO’s family goes back over 120 years to 1887. Their reputation for quality has allowed them to become the manufacturer for many major designer lines, and we are their first new customer in decades – giving us a window of opportunity into this protected industry. Our mission is t o be the most prestigious luxury designer fashion house in the world and provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs everywhere to build significant wealth by distributing our designer goods to a discerning public. This is already having great success; our products are accepted worldwide and we’re serving that demand in over 40 countries already. If you go the next slide,
  • You’ll see that we’re in very unsettled economic times. With more people than ever out of work, people knowing they won’t have enough to retire, and even the people with jobs unhappy with what they’re doing most of the time, people are looking for a better way. And if you do have a job, but don’t have a business, you’re paying far more in taxes every year than you could be – potentially as much as $9000 worth! So what’s the solution? Well, 3/4 of the world’s wealthiest people got that way because they had their own business. And in every downturn, there is tremendous opportunity, and those whose seize it become the next generation of business millionaires. They have more control over their lives, have the potential to make more, and most importantly, keep more! Now if you go to the next slide… [Source: Intuit -]
  • So if you wanted to have your own traditional business, there’s a lot of things you’d need to concern yourself with. You’d need money to get started – in jewelry it would be far more than 85,000 – more likely 1 million or more. You need experience in a variety of areas, and have to deal with limited inventory and local reach. That’s why we’re so excited about what GWT as a home-based business can offer you CLICK For a much more reasonable investment, you get all the mentoring you need to be successful, get set up online with your own website, shopping cart and back office, access to all our designer lines – even the new ones when they come out, and have a global market – I’m working with people in X (cities or provinces or states or countries) already! And most importantly, your hours are flexible and you control them. Now if you go to the next slide…
  • We really feel like we are providing the ideal business partnership. Most of those worries you would normally have to take care of, the company takes care of for you. We deal with the inventory side of things so you get access to literally tens of thousand of different items in our inventory, and all our online inventory, without having to hold anything yourself, unless you want to wear it and show it off. We deal with the order processing, we take the payments, including the credit card processing, and deal with the shipping, fulfillment, you also get everything packaged nicely, so all the bags, boxes, and insurance in transit to make sure it gets to your destination safely. We also deal with guarantees and returns, and we can even provide you or your customer a certificate of appraisal on high value pieces working with the International Gemological Institute (IGI) is the world's largest independent gem certification and appraisal institute. They’re a world-wide name whose reputation has been based on fair valuation of jewelry over the past few decades, and the key is – they are independent from us, so your customers buy with certified confidence. So really, all you have to do is tell people about your new business and about these dazzling products. The company takes care of the rest! If you go to the next slide…
  • You’ll see another incredible program that we’ve created for our members, so that they can help to market their business. Our products sell themselves, but this program makes it SO easy to share. Everyone that is seeing this tour for the first time right now gets a $100 gift certificate to use in the online store of the person that invited you on this call. So, that’s very exciting, because that means that you’re getting something, your time is valuable, and we value it, and the company is actually the one that is putting that program forward in their marketing budget. So it doesn’t cost the member that is introducing you anything. And then you can take that $100 gift certificate, go to their online store, choose one piece that you like, and if it’s less than $100, you just have to pay for the taxes and the shipping and fulfillment charge, because of course the government wants their piece, and we still have to get it to you, and have it nicely packaged. If it’s something that’s more that $100, you get $100 off. So, that’s fantastic. Our members are giving these away, and we give away literally thousands of dollars in jewelry each and every week. If you go to the next slide,
  • You’ll see everything the company equips you with so you can take our prestigious image out to the world. From your online designer galleries and business website, back office software to track your business, to online tools, training calls, workbook and our incredible InfoCentral training website with decades of experience in scripts, forms, training webinars, documents and audio from our corporate staff and top leaders. And to make sure you’re equipped with the product knowledge you need, it now includes Product CDs with information and interviews recorded by our CEO and our VP of Product Development taking you through the vision and details of our amazing products. You get an embroidered briefcase, 500 GWT professionally designed full color business cards, 7 prospecting cards, gift certificates and other marketing tools, and you get a GWT debit Master Card that not only shows off some of our products as you’re using it, it’s a US$ Master Card, which is great. And it also allows you to be paid your commissions onto your Master Card. So, say you were on vacation and you were still earning the commissions from your business, you would have that money available to you right away. So included in your package is EVERYTHING you need to be successful, online and offline. So you’re probably wondering how to become a member and get access to these tools as well as the beautiful designer lines, so if you go to the next slide….
  • We have three packages that you can choose from. The most popular one is the Platinum package. Its 3036 US Dollars plus applicable taxes – all are figures are in US currency. The Platinum package gives you $2250 in your shopping account credits, or SAC account. That’s money in an account you have with the company that you can use to buy whatever you want, whenever you want, but now you’re buying at the special member’s price. So you’re getting great value, but when you buy products to resell at the retail price, that $2250 could turn into 3000, 4000, even as much as $5625, which gives you some serious profit potential just using your starter package. Now our middle package is the Titanium package, which is 1491 plus tax and puts $750 into your shopping account, and then we also have the Gold package, which is 821 plus tax and puts $100 into your shopping account. That would still be enough to buy yourself at least one or two of the Feri silver pieces, because when you have your own online jewelry store, people are going to ask you is that ring, or those earrings, or that watch from your business – and its great for marketing purposes when you can say “yes it is, if you like it, you can get it on my website, or look at many other pieces we have available for you, or you could come to see a tour of our business to find out more!” If you go to the next slide,
  • I’d like to introduce you to the man behind the vision, our CEO and President Ramin Mesgarlou. He has had tremendous success in this industry, making his first million by 25, working with huge organizations around the world – and was even recently featured in Networking Times Master Networker Series, as well as invited to do a guest training at their Networking University, an honor only given to the giants of the industry. He is an expert in designing compensation plans and created his with our members in mind – wanting to give back to this industry that has done so much for him. So with his vision, GWT has the first ever FREE-FLOWING VARIABLE business plan. If you go to the next slide,
  • Free-flowing means that the money that comes in from product sales goes back out to the members helping to promote them around the world, up to 70 cents on every dollar. And variable means you can pick and choose how you want to work with our 6 revenue streams – but put them all together and that could mean the Freedom to do what you want, with who you want, whenever you want. We’ll talk more about what that freedom is doing for people in a few minutes. If you go to the next slide,
  • I’ll introduce you to the first way of making money – our true Retail Profits. Now being in a high margin business like jewelry we can earn retail profits up to 250% - which his incredible. This is the most straightforward – where you buy at member’s price and then sell to your customers at retail. Now lets show you an example here where your customer buys direct from your website and finds a beautiful ring for $5700. Your member’s price would be 4350, but you never have to touch it – the company takes the payment from your customer, deducts your cost, and deposits the difference onto your debit MasterCard – 1350 from a single sale! Imagine you sold just one ring every month or two – that would be a very lucrative part-time business on its own! Or you could take the order from your customer, buy it using your SAC account, and charge them whatever you want. On the web, specific markups vary between the different designer lines. You might get 100% markups on some of the Feri pieces, even 250% on some of the silver pieces – where you could buy at $40 and sell for over $100. On the higher end gold and diamond pieces and the Feri Mosh collection there won’t be the same percentage markup, but if you can make over $1000 from the sale of a single piece, I think you’ll be happy! The company wants you to have many options to take our products to the world, so we have tools like professionally designed E-mail templates for you to send examples of specific products to 1 person, a specific group or to everyone you know for a particular gift-giving holiday like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Christmas. If they click through to your website and order, the profits go to you. We also have a home show training manual, giving tips and techniques on how to maximize your profits by showing some products to friends and family from your home. And there’s training on how to get together a group of members to do a trade show to promote the products and business – bridal shows, women’s shows and opportunity shows are popular – especially as you go into new markets. So lots of different ways that you could make money and the great thing is that we have the flexibility and the support so that you can do it whatever way you want, you aren’t forced to do any of these. And you can come up with your own ways as well. Go to the next slide,
  • And you’ll see our second stream of income, which is what we call our Support Bonus. Our company has a culture, which is your commitment to the people you introduce – “No Member Left Behind”. We want to make sure everyone has access to everything they need to be successful. When someone you know decides they’d like to get started with their own business to get access to the products and streams of income, then you earn a special reward just for helping to get them set up for success. When you introduce someone who buys a platinum, titanium or gold package, and connect them to the incredible support system by getting them plugged in to your team, the training webinars, showing them how to get on an online tour or live tours in their area, to take advantage of all the training materials in our InfoCentral training site, get them to use the promotional site to order the startup kit included in their package, as well as showing them how to order products – then you earn $150 every time, just for making sure they have access to everything the company provides to help them get started. You actually get paid to help people get set up to succeed, and it’s the duty of your team to make sure you’re set up! Now that you have a team, go to the next slide,
  • And you’ll see our third way of making money is our team commissions, and this is one I found very exciting when I got started. For this, there is one simple qualification for your business, all you have to do is start off your left team CLICK and your right team, CLICK by introducing someone for each team, and then your center is qualified for our variable team commissions. Go to the next slide,
  • And I’ll show you how the variable team commissions works. You now have two teams, CLICK you’ll see as their team grows, anyone in their team is also part of your left or right team. All the product purchases by your two teams together – for every $3000 in product sales volume you can earn up to $300. This includes all the products from the package sales, additional website sales and any additional SAC purchases by members of your team. All of that is product sales volume, and for every $3000, you can make up to $300. No matter how far down in your team these sales and purchases are made, to infinity . So anything you and the team can do to help them move products, you will! CLICK Now the great thing is that its not 1/3 2/3, its not 50-50, its variable. Every time there’s $3000 in volume, as long as there’s at least 1000 from each team, you get paid. So that means it can be 2000 on the left 1000 on the right, or 1500 1500, or 1250 1750 – any of those combinations would pay up to $300. And you can get paid $300 many times in one week – if you had 2000 on the left, 4000 on the right you’d make $300 x 2 or $600. The system just wants to pay you as quickly and as often as possible. Who likes to get paid as quickly and as often as possible? I sure do! And how quickly can that grow? Remember, that all the packages include products, so they also add volume whenever one becomes a part of either team: $2250 with the Platinum, $750 with the Titanium, or $100 with the Gold. One more point on the gold package – since it is a lower investment, you get a lower return on the team commissions: every 3000 only makes you up to $150. If you’d like more details on how this works – we’d be happy to show you at the end of the tour. If you go to the next slide,
  • So you’re helping everyone in your team, but we want to make sure you have an extra incentive to help the people you personally introduced. That’s our 4th stream of income, the Business Development Bonus, where you make a matching bonus on the team commissions of those people. So the two you introduced so far, and any others you introduce in the future, are called your first generation – kind of like your children in the system. Whenever they make a team commission you make a bonus as a percentage of what they just made, based on what package YOU have. If you’re at Gold, 5%. Titanium is a higher investment, so starts at 5 but can go to 10%, and Platinum is a higher investment still, so its always at 10%. CLICK Now with the Platinum package only, you can take advantage down the road of the 5% matching bonus on the 2nd generation – that’s your people’s people – kind of like your grandchildren in the system. Now that’s powerful. Imagine you introduced 10 people, you’d be getting 10% on all 10 of their earnings, but if they each introduced 10 people, only with the Platinum would you now be making 5% on all 100 people in your second generation. That can add up to a serious matching bonus. And that’s a lot of people you have a serious incentive to help build their business. On the next slide…
  • First I have to ask – who likes to get something for free? How about a shopping spree? A free getaway? How about a free luxury car to drive for 18 months? Everyone loves that! People like additional targets to shoot for, so you can qualify for all of these programs and build a luxury lifestyle for you and your family. When you first get started, ask how you could hit the fast start milestones when you hit the ground running. Now everything we’ve talked about so far has been one time – you do work and you get paid, or your team does something and you get paid. But with our car program, you qualify once and the company pays for your luxury car for the next 18 months. (smile) The only catch is that it has to be black because the CEO likes his black Mercedes, though you can pick from 6 different luxury brands you see here. Even more powerful than that, is imagine if you could do the work right once, and get paid over and over and over again. That’s the idea of passive or residual income – like if you write a book and get paid for every copy that sells, or if you set up a franchise and get paid royalties or fees every single month. Well we provide an opportunity to do that as well, which you’ll see on the next slide.
  • Remember that SAC account that you started with either 2250, 750 or 100 depending on your package? Well we have an option where you can choose to invest in that account every month. With the platinum your investment is $150 per month, with Titanium or Gold $75 per month. All of that money goes directly into your shopping account, for you to use to buy products in the future – whatever you want, whenever you want it. Now that’s optional, but over 80% of our members choose to do that every month. Why? Well there are so many ways that can make you profits and create value. CLICK First, there’s the RETAIL power of SAC. You can treat that as a virtual inventory account, where you don’t have to hold a bunch of products at your house, guessing what someone might like. You can wait until your customer chooses exactly what they want, order at your member’s price using your accumulated SAC, and sell it to them for the retail price – turning your investment into cash and a nice profit. Or if you needed more products for a home show or trade show, you have the money waiting in your account. Or at any time you could use it to buy gifts for people in your life. Have you ever come to the month after Christmas and wished you’d been buying gifts all year or at least putting aside the money because of your credit card bill? Most people have. Well now you could buy some of those gifts using your SAC account that you saved throughout the year, and when they receive the gift they’ll not only love it, but if they look your website they’ll say “you spent THAT much on me?” – and you’ll say, (smile) “well, you know its my business, so I get a good deal. But you’re welcome!” And anytime a surprise birthday, or engagement or wedding comes up – you can use your SAC to find the perfect gift. And speaking of weddings – that’s another powerful use of the SAC. Many young men would love to be able to save up a little bit at a time, over the course of years for that big engagement ring – and then finally to get it at a member’s price. And they get a business while they do it! And could also buy wedding bands, and jewelry for the bridal party or parents as well. That’s exactly what my brother in law did – he wasn’t a jewelry person, but this business still made sense for him. But he did find a watch he liked, and a ring, bracelet and cufflinks… so he used up some of that SAC on himself and other gifts, and had to top things up to buy the perfect ring for his now fiancée. And the business more than helped him pay for it! What a great opportunity for a young guy – I wish I’d heard about this a few years ago. So whether you’re saving for something for someone else, or to treat yourself – that’s the power of SAC. You might not buy a $10,000 Feri Mosh ring on a whim, but if you can save over the course of years for that dream piece to treat yourself, almost like a layaway. And the great thing is, you can change your mind as you go along – you don’t choose the piece until you’re ready. And other people like the Investment Power of SAC. Think of it as a jewelry savings plan, (like a 401K or RRSP) where you put aside money every month, and then once every year or two you buy a nice 18 karat gold or better piece, maybe with diamonds, as a part of your investment portfolio. And you can then use it for years, and then it will have more value down the road than what you paid for it. So the powerful thing is that you can choose to do any of these things, or all of these things with your SAC account – you don’t choose until its time. That flexibility is what people love – and you’ll love it too, because as long as you make that investment yourself, then when anyone in your team puts that monthly investment into their SAC, it counts as team commissions for you as well. That 150 or 75 counts towards every 3000 making you up to $300. On the next slide you’ll see how that can create serious residual income for you.
  • Let’s say you introduced a couple of people, and they each introduced 2 people, and so on, and after a couple of months your team grew to 20 total people. Click once, and lets say they’re all at the Platinum package, putting $150 into their SAC account every month. 20 times 150 equals $3000 in product sales just from the monthly SAC, so on its own that could make you an extra up to $300. Now what would you do with an extra $300 per month? (pause for 1 second) For many people that’s the difference between paying the bills and falling behind. At the very least, your business is now profitable just from this one income stream, and that’s the equivalent to a $3600 per year raise. Not bad for a few months in the business! But now those people will talk to more people, and those people will talk to new people in new cities, maybe even other states or provinces. Click again, and lets say after one year you now have 200 Platinum SAC accounts in your team, each investing $150 per month. That’s 30,000 in product sales each month, which would make you as much as an EXTRA $3000 per month. Now what could you do with an extra $3000 per month? Buy a nicer car, in fact that could pay the car and house payments for many people. Go on more family vacations? You could definitely quit that part-time job you hate and spend more time with the family. For some people that’s more than they make at their full-time job, so they can go find something else they’d rather do. Where else can you get a $36,000 per year annual raise? But it doesn’t have to stop there. Click once more, and lets say after 5 years your business matures and has spread to different countries around the world. Now you have 2000 Platinum SAC accounts in your team, each investing their monthly 150 into their SAC. That’s 300,000 in product sales by your team every month. Which could make you a residual income of up to $30,000 per month, month after month after month. Now what COULDN’T you do with an extra $30,000 per month. That’s enough to satisfy many dreams you’ve always had for yourself, or your family, or the causes you support. Imagine working hard for 5 years, and creating a retirement income of $30,000 per month. I don’t know of any pensions that work like that, but here, its possible! Go to the next slide,
  • Let’s give you an idea of what your first month in business could look like, if you decided to tap into all the income streams using the Platinum package. Again, its your business, so its up to you. You could just focus on what you’re interested in and have time for. CLICK - You made $1350 from one single retail sale on your website. That’s an exciting retail profit – and money you can make right away! CLICK - You made $300 Support Bonus for introducing two more Platinum members and getting them set up for success. CLICK - You made $3000 in Team Commissions because not only did you introduce two Platinum members, but they also introduced members, and your team grew to a total of 20 members – plus some of them made retail sales. So lets say you’ve been paid out on a total of $30,000 in product volume from your total team – that’s $3000 in commissions! CLICK - You made $300 in Business Development Bonus, because your two members you enrolled made a total of $3000 in Team Commissions themselves – and 10% for Platinum is $300. CLICK - Since you helped them get at least 2 new members each – you earn the Milestone 1 Incentive and all of you get a night out with the corporate team! CLICK – That’s a total of $4950 in earnings in a month when you put it all together! CLICK – But perhaps even more exciting is that now your team has 20 SAC Accounts each contributing $150/month – making you a residual income of $300 monthly from now on! And that can continue to grow! Not bad for a month in business! If you go to the next slide,
  • So that was a pretty exciting example – but what’s the full potential? Its truly unlimited – because you can make as much retail profit, support bonus, and matching bonus as you can – based on your own efforts and the success you help others to achieve. And of course the incentives are on top of that. And in the lucrative team commissions, including residual income – you can make up to $1.56 million per year with the full earning potential of the Platinum package. If you go to the next slide,
  • You’re probably thinking this sounds great: I love the products, I love the ways of making money.  I’m already thinking of some people I ‘d like to talk to about this…  But how would I do this?  How would I get started in this business, because I don’t have any experience in jewelry or business.  So that’s why we’ve created our GWT 1-2-3-4 wealth building strategy. So, how does that work?  Well, first of all you could talk to the people in your team about how to talk to people about this business, or, if you’re stuck by yourself, show someone a prospecting card, give them a mag pack, or let our CEO Ramin Mesgarlou give them their first introduction on our Introductory call, available online or as a 1–877 number, free from Canada or the US.  So when someone listens to that, gets a little bit excited and asks you, “Well how would I find out more information?”  You’d say, “I can’t show you the full business plan on the fly.  But, lets set up a time so you can watch a live webinar, self-service online tour, I can get my business partner to show you, or we could even sit down and watch it together online.  And that’s the key… you are in this business for yourself but not by yourself.  There’s always someone there to help you to answer the questions and to make sure that you get started on the right foot.    And then, at the end of the night you give them the gift certificate and, if they’re ready to join now, they can take advantage of introductory offer. Now once you have made that decision, you are ready to get plugged in to all the training and support we have access to.  So that’s a great 1-2-3-4 wealth building strategy that anyone can use.  Go to the next slide,
  • I think you’re looking at this company at an absolutely incredible time. We recently had our very first launch event outside of Canada, in the Caribbean island of St Maarten. We’re going through tremendous growth and you’re looking at GWT at a time when you can be one of these pioneers that’s helping to take us to new markets, whether it’s within North America or around the world.  And when our vision of 100,000 members in 100 countries by 2015 takes place, you could easily have a thousand of those in your team, around the world. Imagine if you had been offered the opportunity to partner with Cartier, Louis Vuitton, or Gucci when they were less than 5 years old, how much money that would be making for you and your family and your vision today? But you didn’t have that chance. Now, thanks to Ramin’s vision, you do – its up to you to take advantage of it. So go to the next slide,
  • Where we want to talk about your next steps.  First, we’re going to get you to fill in a survey for us.  If you’re listening to this live with one of our members, they’ll provide you the survey with just a few simple questions that you can fill out for us.   And if you are online, then there should be a survey link at the side of the page. We want your feedback so we can get better every single day – and you need to fill that out so we can get you your gift certificate. For those of you that are ready to become a member today, ask the friend who connected you to this tour about our Introductory Offer, choose whatever package works for you, and register for your monthly SAC.   Your team will now make sure you get set up- they will fill out a line of support form as part of that Support Bonus, giving you contact information for at least 4 other members as well as your enroller who all have a vested interest in your success. So when you need help scheduling a tour or have questions, you know successful people you can call, and even if your enroller is busy, away, or doesn’t know the answer, you have other people you can contact as well! Your team will set up a time to do your Fast Start training to get you started on the right foot as soon as possible. Your enroller will connect with you and help you order your free business kit online and we have directions for how to do that  in your welcome e-mail you’ll receive from the company, or on InfoCentral. While you’re waiting for your kit to come, you can go to some of those trainings on Info Central, including past webinars and audio available for download, including the Next 30 Days – which along with your workbook in your kit gives you your guidance on your next steps. Its on InfoCentral, as well as every Monday night at 9:30pm ET. So finally, if you go to the next slide,
  • You’ll see that Global Wealth Trade’s members come from all walks of life, from government officials, law enforcement officers, lawyers, investors, housewives, engineers, students and the list goes on. These members are just like you. They were invited by someone who cared, they liked what they saw and made the decision to partner with us. You can read about some of their amazing stories on our website, under the Company tab -> Top Income Earners. (Some of these members are here to share their stories with us.) ( OR I’d like to share the stories of some of the people I’ve met and worked with who are having success in this business.)
  • Thank you for listening to our tour today. The person who got you on this call today will now direct you to the survey, and of course get you that gift certificate. And make sure to get all your questions answered by them and their team. Thank you for your time, and we look forward to working with you in the future! CLICK
  • (If live group tour: I’ll be on the line for a few minutes to answer questions, or to direct anyone to the survey if they’re not sure. You also have the option to show the additional compensation plan)
  • I’d like to take you through an example to show you exactly how powerful the Team Commissions can be. Let’s say you (NAME) decide to get started and you choose the Platinum package, which is 2947 once, and as you can see, puts $2250 into your SAC account. So to get started you’re going to start talking to some people about your new business. Let’s say you talked to two friends, Bob and Mary. You say to Bob, I just found out how we can make an extra paycheque every week. And you say to your other friend Mary, I just found out how we can get paid to wear designer products. So they both say, wow, that sounds interesting, how do we find out more? So you set up a time for them to see this tour – whether its by webinar or online tour like you’re hearing right now, in person at a home or a coffee shop with someone from your team, at a live local tour in your area, or over the phone. The key point is, you’re just getting started, so you’re getting someone else to share the information with them, and especially to answer their questions. That’s the power of the team. So Bob and Mary come over, and then Mary’s brother Joe was looking to buy something for his wife, so she gets him to come along too. So after seeing the tour, and getting their questions answered, they all decide this business is for them, and then they ask you what package you chose. You say, for this reason or that reason you decided on the Platinum package, and Bob chooses the Platinum and so does Mary, while Joe decides on Titanium for himself. As often as not, people do the same things their friends do. Now if you click, You decide to put Bob on your left team, and Mary on your right team, to qualify for the team commissions. And then Mary decides to put Joe on her right team, because she’s the one who introduced him. So now you have three people in your team. So what happens next? If you click, Now you get credit for that support bonus, when you help Bob and Mary to get set up in their business. And you earn your first 150+150, for $300 so far. And then Mary would take what she learned from you and do the same thing for Joe and make her first support bonus. If you click again , now we’re going to calculate the volume accumulated in your left team and right team this week. Click again, and you’ll see that the $2250 from Bob counts for your left team, and the $2250 from Mary counts for your right team. But even more exciting is that the $750 from Joe counts for Mary’s right team AND your right team, so that’s a total of $3000 on your right team. That’s the power of the team commissions – it doesn’t matter who in your team the volume comes from, you get credit for it – no matter how far down from you in the system. So if you click again, We’ll take 1000 from the left, and 2000 from the right, for a total of 3000 with at least 1000 on each side, and you’ll make up to $300 from the team commissions. One difference between the packages I want to point out at the bottom there is that with the Titanium or Platinum package you can make up to $300 for every 3000 in volume, but since the Gold package is a lower investment its only up to $150 for every 3000. So a lower investment, and lower return on your investment for the team commissions only. So if you click one more time you’ll see another exciting feature, because the 1250 remaining on your left side is carried over to the next week, along with the 1000 on your right. Its not like a quota where if you fall just short or go past it its gone. It hold over to the next week, or the next week, or 6 months or a year from now - there’s no time limit. And it could be 1000, 5000, 10,000 or a million. There’s no dollar limit either. It doesn’t get flushed. That’s powerful, because imagine that your left team started growing very quickly, but you got busy with other things in your life – maybe you changed jobs, went back to school, moved, or had to take care of a sick relative, or had a new baby. While you were busy, this volume keeps accumulating, and when you have the time to start focusing on your business again, its waiting for you – and remember now for every 1000 on the other side you’re going to get paid the team commissions. That’s powerful – and even better is if both teams are growing like you saw here – you could be making money while you’re busy in your life. Go to the next slide and we’ll show you how things work as you help your team succeed,
  • Bob and Mary decide that was easy, and want to do the same thing you just did. So Mary talks to Ken, and Bob talks to his friend Amy, and he thinks this could really make sense for his friend Tim, because he’s very entrepreneurial AND he’s planning on getting engaged soon. So after they see a tour, Ken, Amy and Tim all decide on the Platinum package and join Bob and Mary’s teams and get $2250 in their SAC accounts as you can see here. So if you click again, you’ll see that you aren’t the one making the support bonus this week – your team members will be for the people they introduced and help to get started. Now we’re going to calculate the team commissions this week. Click again, and you’ll see that Amy’s counts for Bob’s right, your left, while Tim’s counts for Bob’s left AND your left, for a total of $4500 new volume for your left team which is added to the 1250 from last week. Ken’s $2250 counts for Mary’s left, and your right – so that’s $2250 new on your right team, added to the 1000 carried over. You get credit no matter where it happens within your team. So click again , and the system this time will take $2000 from the left side, and $1000 from the right side, and again you could make up to $300 from the team commissions. Then it does it again, potentially paying another $300. And there’s still volume left over – so here it shows the power of the variable – it takes the remaining 1750 on the left, adds it to 1250 on the right, and pays you a third time – so that’s $900 in potential commissions this week! That’s powerful, because this week you didn’t introduce any of these three people, but they’re a part of your team – and as you help your team have success, it leads to even more success for you. Go to the next slide,
  • Where I’d like to show you what happens if you introduce one more person, say your friend Lisa. Some people ask – does that mean I have to start a third team? And in our system, no you don’t. You’re only working with the two teams – left and right, and you choose which team to put her on, but you get to stay focused on their success. If you click once , lets say she chooses the Platinum package and you put her on your right team, and she would go at the very bottom of your right team – which is in this case on Joe’s right team. And lets say you have another friend Linda, and you CLICK, put her on your left team – she would go under Tim. Now if you click, you’re the one who introduced Lisa and Linda, so you still get credit for the Support Bonus when you get them set up. But if you click again , here’s where you see the power of the team for everyone. Lisa’s $2250 counts for your right team, but also for Joe’s right team – so he’s excited, because he didn’t even get started yet and he’s already accumulating volume and his team is growing. And Mary is excited too because it also counts for her right team – which will make her first team commission. That means that all three of you want to help Lisa to grow her business, because anything that she and her future team ever does will count for your right team as well. So she’s going to get a lot of support in her business. And not just her, it could be her friend’s cousin’s colleague’s sister’s in Hong Kong that sold some products, but that volume will count for every single person above them in the team – which means that every single one of you wants to help them succeed. Similarly, the volume from Linda makes Bob another $300 in teams commissions. So once again we take 2000 from the left and 1000 from right and you make yet another $300 in team commissions. Click again and that’s $600 for this week, and click one more time you see that’s 2100 total for you so far. But click one more time and you’ll see its not just you making money. Bob has made $900 and Mary $600, from a combination of support bonus and team commissions. So by helping them make money, you make money as well. And you want to help every person in your team down to infinity. Imagine a business where everyone is helping each other instead of always competing? That’s powerful. Go to the next slide,
  • Where you’ll see that we have a special incentive in place so you make sure to help those people you personally introduced to the business. That’s our 4th stream of income, the Business Development Bonus, where you make a matching bonus on the team commissions of the people you introduce to the business. If you click once, you’ll see the people that are on your first generation, Bob, Mary, Linda and Lisa. Whenever they make a team commission you make a bonus based on what package YOU have. If you’re at Gold, 5%. Titanium is a higher investment, so starts at 5 but can go to 10%, and Platinum is a higher investment still, so its always at 10%. But if you click again, you’ll see that the Platinum package is the only one where you can take advantage down the road of the 5% matching bonus on the 2nd generation – that’s your people’s people – kind of like your grandchildren in the system. Now that’s powerful. Imagine you introduced 10 people, you’d be getting 10% on all 10 of their earnings, but if they each introduced 10 people, only with the Platinum would you now be making 5% on all 100 people in your second generation. That can add up to a serious matching bonus. And that’s a lot of people you have a serious incentive to help build their business. Go to the next slide,
  • And I’ll answer the question some people always ask me, well how much CAN you make? Is there a limit? And yes there is, on the team commissions. We pay out so much that we have to make sure there’s money in the system every week to pay out. I want to show you the potential with the different packages. If you’re at the Gold package the maximum you can make is, click, $5000. Per week. Which works out to 20 thousand monthly, or 260 thousand per year. Now most people would be pretty happy if their part time business made them an extra 260 thousand dollars next year, but remember, that’s based on only making 150 for every 3000 in the team commissions. Click again, and just for being at the Titanium package, you’d make twice as much, 10 thousand per week or 520 thousand dollars per year. But with the Platinum package, we give you a chance to go even further. Click again, and you’ll see the maximum is 30 thousand per week or 1.56 Million dollars per year. But click once more – because that’s just with the team commissions. On top of that you can make the retail profits, support bonus, business development bonus without any limits, and you can qualify for the incentives too to make the ceiling unlimited. Imagine how excited you’d be when you help someone you introduced to make 1 million dollars per year? That would be 50 to 100 thousand dollars per year in matching bonus alone!
  • I’d like to show you the reasons why the Platinum package is our most popular package. As a platinum member only, as you can see here, you don’t just get one business center – there’s actually 3 of you. You number 2 between you and that left team you build, and you number 3 on the right. Everything your left team does counts for you number 2 and you number 1 at the top. Same thing on the right side. So you get paid for every 3000 with at least 1000 on each side – which means you’re making a lot of money at you number 1. But for 2 and 3, the volume is just accumulating there month after month. Lets say now you’re making 10K per week from you number one and decide to open up the right side of you number 2. You could build a whole new team where every time there’s volume on the right side of you number 2, you get paid at both number 2 AND number 1. That’s powerful long-term potential based on all the hard work you and your team put in already. Or you could sell those spots to someone else, or find someone to partner with who will build that third or fourth leg, and you split the profits. Or give it to charity, or pass it on to the next generation - its all up to you, they’re your assets. But its like having the next two most valuable pieces of real estate next to the big development you just built, each with 10K per week earning potential. Click and you’ll see that the second reason Platinum is so powerful is that people do what you do – so the more Platinums in the team, the faster the volume and team commissions grow. Click again, and of course with Platinum only can you start at 10% match on the first generation and qualify to get 5% on the powerful second generation. And finally, 3 times 10 thousand per week is 30 thousand per week or 1.56 million dollars per year of earning potential, which is enough to satisfy just about any dreams. Put those reasons all together and we call it the Platinum Advantage, which is why over 2/3 of the people in our company are at the Platinum package.
  • Gwt Tour

    1. 1. Global Wealth Trade “ Products You Want, Business You Need.” Please turn off all mobile devices JULY 12, 2010 Introducing…
    2. 2. THRIVING DESIGNER WORLD <ul><li>Designer Houses’ 2008 Revenue (and YTY growth) </li></ul><ul><li>Gucci $9.8B (+8.1%) </li></ul><ul><li>LVMH Fashion $8.4B (+6.8%) </li></ul><ul><li>LVMH Jewelry $1.23B (+5.5%) </li></ul>People love and want more Luxury, Quality and Exclusivity
    5. 5. FERI PLANGSTEN ®
    10. 10. GLOBAL WEALTH TRADE <ul><li>MAKING HISTORY </li></ul><ul><li>Established in 2005 </li></ul><ul><li>Manufacturing heritage & expertise </li></ul><ul><li>in a protected industry since 1887 </li></ul><ul><li>MISSION STATEMENT </li></ul><ul><li>To be the most prestigious luxury designer fashion house in the </li></ul><ul><li>world and provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs everywhere to </li></ul><ul><li>build significant wealth by distributing our designer goods to a </li></ul><ul><li>discerning public . </li></ul><ul><li>WORLDWIDE ACCEPTANCE </li></ul><ul><li>Serving clients in over 40 countries </li></ul><ul><li>In business since 2005 </li></ul>Timeless Excellence Meets 21 st Century Business
    11. 11. ECONOMIC REALITIES Record jobless and bankruptcy rates worldwide – Canada, Japan, USA, China, UK Experts agree you need over $720,000 in savings to retire, government statistics tell us only 5% make it. 74% of the wealthiest people got that way because they had their own business. The Solution Most workers think about quitting their jobs regularly. Intuit Every taxpayer who works a full-time job and does not have a side business is probably overpaying taxes of $3,000 to $9,000 every year. Sandy Botkin, CPA, Former IRS Tax Attorney
    12. 12. YOUR BUSINESS OPTIONS <ul><li> $ 85,000 + Average Startup Cost </li></ul><ul><li> Experience Required </li></ul><ul><li> No Online Presence OR </li></ul><ul><li>Expensive IT Systems </li></ul><ul><li> Buy Limited Inventory in Advance </li></ul><ul><li> Local Market </li></ul><ul><li> Hiring & Managing Staff </li></ul>Traditional Business  $821-3,036 Business Investment Options  Business Mentoring & Support Provided  State of the Art Website & Back Office Software  Access to GWT’s Unlimited Inventory  Global Market  Set Your Own Hours GWT Home-Based Business
    13. 13. THE IDEAL PARTNERSHIP You simply tell others about your new business and dazzling products . <ul><li>GWT takes care of </li></ul><ul><li>Inventory </li></ul><ul><li>Packaging </li></ul><ul><li>Orders & Payment </li></ul><ul><li>Shipping & Insurance </li></ul><ul><li>Guarantees & Returns </li></ul>3 rd Party Appraisal
    14. 14. SO EASY TO SHARE <ul><li>Offer a $100 Gift Certificate incentive </li></ul>As a reward to someone for taking a look at your business.
    15. 15. TURN-KEY BUSINESS InfoCentral Product Website & Shopping Cart Business Website InfoCentral & Webinars Briefcase & 500 Business Cards Back Office GWT Debit MasterCard Ring Sizer Marketing Tools Product CDs Business Start-up Kit Business Start-up Kit Workbook
    16. 16. BECOME A MEMBER <ul><li>Choose your package </li></ul>Platinum investment $3,036* of which $2,250 are Shopping Account Credits (SAC) for product purchase from your own store Retail value up to $5,625 Titanium investment $1,491* of which $750 are Shopping Account Credits (SAC) for product purchase from your own store Retail value up to $1,875 Gold investment $821* of which $100 are Shopping Account Credits (SAC) for product purchase from your own store Retail value up to $250 *All prices USD, Plus Applicable Taxes Choose Your Preferred Package
    17. 17. <ul><li>Built four multi-million dollar businesses </li></ul><ul><li>Mentored eight millionaires and counting </li></ul><ul><li>Built organizations over 100,000 members </li></ul><ul><li>Featured in Networking Times Master Series Article & Training </li></ul><ul><li>Author of Forensic Networker® </li></ul><ul><li>Compensation plan expert and creator </li></ul><ul><li>His vision created the world’s first free-flowing variable business plan </li></ul>TRUE COMPENSATION Ramin Mesgarlou, CEO & President
    18. 18. TRUE COMPENSATION Free-Flowing Variable Business Plan
    19. 19. TRUE RETAIL PROFIT Generate massive retail profit in 3 different ways: Trade shows Home shows Email templates and your website GWT Retail: Member Price: Your Profit: $5,700 $4,350 $1,350
    20. 20. SUPPORT BONUS <ul><ul><li>Connect your new members to the incredible GWT Support System: </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Meet Your Up-line Partners </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Training Webinars </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Tours: Webinars & Live </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Info-Central </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Promotion Site </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>How to Place Orders </li></ul></ul>Our Culture, Our Commitment: “No Member Left Behind”
    21. 21. TEAM COMMISSIONS LEFT TEAM RIGHT TEAM Qualify for Team Commissions so that when you help your team succeed, you are rewarded YOU
    22. 22. TEAM COMMISSIONS Platinum adds $2250, Titanium $750, Gold $100 It is 1/3 2/3… It is 50/50… It’s Variable YOU LEFT RIGHT The system counts your weekly sales volume in your left and right team. Package sales + product sales + SAC purchases = sales volume 2000 up to $300 1000 1500 up to $300 1500 1250 up to $300 1750 2000 up to $600 4000
    23. 23. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT BONUS Matching bonus is earned by helping your team succeed . When your people make team commissions, you earn BDB! Your Team Gold Titanium Platinum 1 st Gen 5% 5-10% 10% Your Team Gold Titanium Platinum 1 st Gen 5% 5-10% 10% 2 nd Gen - - 5%
    24. 24. TRUE INCENTIVES Qualify Once, No Maintenance Dream Getaway Fast Start Milestones Luxury Car
    25. 25. TRUE RESIDUAL INCOME Monthly SAC Investment The Power of SAC – Invest in Appreciating Assets When you invest in your SAC account, you have many positive options to make profits and create value . The RETAIL Power of SAC The GIVING Power of SAC The BRIDAL Power of SAC The SAVING Power of SAC The INVESTMENT Power of SAC The RESIDUAL Power of SAC * Your money accumulates in your shopping account ( SAC) like a lay-away plan and can be redeemed for designer products at anytime. Platinum $150 / month* Titanium $75 / month* Gold $75 / month*
    26. 26. TRUE RESIDUAL INCOME YOU 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 +90 SAC Accounts +90 SAC Accounts +990 SAC Accounts +990 SAC Accounts Every SAC contribution in your team is a monthly product purchase – which creates residual team commissions! Left Team Right Team Platinum SAC Accounts Monthly Residual Income Platinum SAC Accounts Monthly Residual Income 20 up to $300/month Platinum SAC Accounts Monthly Residual Income 20 up to $300/month 200 up to $3,000/month Platinum SAC Accounts Monthly Residual Income 20 up to $300/month 200 up to $3,000/month 2000 up to $30,000/month
    27. 27. TRUE COMPENSATION Up to $300 Support Bonus (2 Members x $150) $1350 Retail Profits from 1 web order! Up to $3000 Team Commissions Package volume from 20 new team members $300 BDB 10% of $3000 Team Commissions earned by your 1 st generation Milestone 1 A Night out with the corporate team Up to $300/month Residual Income (20 x 150 Platinum SAC accounts) Up to $4950 in earnings +$300/month Residual income Imagine Your First Month
    28. 28. UNLIMITED POTENTIAL Unlimited retail sales Up to $1.56 million per year in residual Income* Live the elite lifestyle with luxury cars, Vacations and shopping sprees Unlimited matching bonuses Unlimited support bonuses *Platinum Package potential. Titanium 520K/yr, Gold 260K/yr Imagine the Possibilities
    29. 29. SIMPLE PLAN OF ACTION <ul><li>GWT 1-2-3 Wealth Building Strategy </li></ul><ul><li>Introduce the Products and Business </li></ul><ul><li>The team helps you expose people to our products and business with training, tools and support. Prospecting Cards, Mag Pack, Intro Call 1-877-GWT-CONF </li></ul><ul><li>GWT Tour (presentation) </li></ul><ul><li>Connect your friends and prospects to the Tour of GWT via webinar, online, 1-on-1, or at a live public tour. You reward them with a $100 Gift Certificate Incentive for spending the time to take a look. </li></ul><ul><li>Join Now with the Introductory Offer </li></ul><ul><li>Get Plugged Into Training </li></ul>GWT 1-2-3-4 Wealth Building Strategy
    30. 30. PERFECT TIMING “ I would rather make 1% of a hundred people's efforts than 100% of my own.” J. Paul Getty, 1957 FORTUNE Magazine's &quot;Richest Man In The World.” 2010 Growth of GWT Members 2005 Pre- launch 100,000 2007 Official launch 2009 2012 2015 Imagine if you partnered with Cartier in 1847 LV in 1854 Bulgari in 1884 Chanel in 1909 Gucci in 1921 Where would you or your family be today?
    31. 31. NEXT STEPS <ul><li>1) Fill in your survey to receive the gift certificate </li></ul><ul><li>2) Become a member and ask about the Introductory Offer </li></ul><ul><li>3) The team will help you get started: </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Get your Line of Support form so you can contact 5+ qualified team members </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Receive the welcome e-mail and order your free Business Start-up Kit online </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Connect to online tools & training </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Complete “The Next 30 Days” training webinar & workbook </li></ul></ul>
    32. 32. TESTIMONIALS Government Officials, Law Enforcement, Lawyers, Investors, Housewives, Engineers, Students…
    33. 33. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME “ Whatever you can do or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” Goethe
    34. 34. INCOME DISCLAIMER 2009 Global Wealth Trade members fall in to three distinct categories;   Retailers (22%) are members who have become a GWT member just to have access to member pricing on GWT designer goods. Retailers are encouraged to resell GWT designer goods to earn retail profits. Retailers can now receive Binary commissions and bonuses on the products sold within their team that is equivalent of 16.67% of the maximum GWT Binary commissions and bonuses that is available to Titanium and Platinum members. This upgrade was subsequent to the 2009 numbers below.   Gold members (40%) participate in the GWT business plan on a very part time basis. Due to their part time nature Gold members do not have access to the full Binary compensation plan. Gold members primarily earn income through Retail sales however if they choose to pursue residual income by introducing others to the GWT business plan and designer goods, Gold members can receive Binary commissions and bonuses on the products sold within their team that is equivalent of 50% of the maximum GWT Binary commissions and bonuses that is available to Titanium and Platinum members.   A small portion of the Titanium and Platinum members (38%) are again only product users. They purchased the upgraded package to be able to purchase their favorite designer goods for themselves. However most of the Titanium/Platinum members are interested in building their GWT home business. Titanium/Platinum members have access to the full Binary payout and retail sales profits.   The following stats are for the year 2009. It includes all members whether they have been a member for only 1 day or the whole year.   In 2009 a typical GWT Retailer & Gold member who has purchased between $75 - $1800 worth of GWT products had an average earning range of $300 - $2446.88/year. This includes all non-active members who simply became a GWT member to get access to the full GWT member pricing on the designer goods.   In 2009 a typical Titanium/Platinum member who has purchased between $75 - $1800 worth of GWT products had an average earning of $1100 - $4515/year. This includes all non-active members who simply became a GWT member to get access to the GWT member pricing on the designer goods.   However approximately 6% of the Titanium/Platinum members had an earning range of $4234 - $13848/year   Almost 2% had an earning range of $15,162 – $85,826 in 2009.   And .2% had an earning range of $136,707 – $217,000/year.   All incomes earned are in USD.
    35. 35. TEAM COMMISSIONS Example: Week #1 Getting Started Left Team Right Team * Every $3,000 accumulated group volume earns you up to $300 USD (up to $150 USD as Gold) as long as each team has at least 1,000. YOUR EARNINGS $150 $150 Bob $2250 Mary $2250 Joe $750 Support Bonus $300 Team Comm + $300 Week #1 $600 $2250 $3000 - $1000 - $2000 = $3000  up to $300 $1250 Carry-over $1000
    36. 36. TEAM COMMISSIONS Example: Week #2 The Power of Team Growth Left Team Right Team YOUR EARNINGS Week #1 $600 YOU $2250 Bob $2250 Mary $2250 Joe $750 Ken $2250 Amy $2250 Tim $2250 Support Bonus $0 Team Comm + $900 Week #2 $900 $5750 (1250+4500 new) $3250 (1000+2250) -$2000 -$1000  up to $300 -$2000 -$1000  up to $300 - $1750 - $1250  up to $300 $0 $0
    37. 37. TEAM COMMISSIONS Example: Week #3 Your Growth Helps The Team $150 Left Team Right Team $150 $2250 YOU $2250 Bob $2250 Mary $2250 Joe $750 Ken $2250 Amy $2250 Lisa $2250 YOUR EARNINGS Week #1 $600 Week #2 $900 Bob Mary $300 $300 +$600 +$300 $900 $600 Total $2,100 Support Bonus $300 Team Comm + $300 Week #3 $600 - $2000 - $1000 = $3000  up to $300 $250 $1250 Linda $2250 $2250 Tim $2250
    38. 38. MATCHING BONUS BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT BONUS (BDB) Bob and Mary made team commissions, you earned $90 BDB! 1 YOU $2250 Bob $2250 1 Mary $2250 1 Lisa $2250 1 Tim $2250 2 Amy $2250 2 Ken $2250 2 Joe $750 2 Package BONUS Gold Titanium Platinum 1 st Gen 5% 5-10% 10% 2 nd Gen – – 5% Linda $2250 Bob Mary $600 $300 x10% x10% $60 $30
    39. 39. INCOME POTENTIAL <ul><li>MAXIMUM TEAM COMMISSIONS (Pays out weekly) </li></ul>In addition, you always have the potential to earn UNLIMITED <ul><li>Retail Profits </li></ul><ul><li>Support Bonus </li></ul><ul><li>Matching Bonus (BDB) </li></ul><ul><li>Incentives </li></ul>Package Maximum Earning Potential (USD) Weekly Monthly Yearly Gold $5,000 $20,000 $260,000 Titanium $10,000 $40,000 $520,000 Platinum $30,000 $120,000 $1.56 Million
    40. 40. PLATINUM ADVANTAGE <ul><li>Advantages for Platinum Members Only </li></ul><ul><li>As a Platinum member only , … </li></ul><ul><li>You have two more prime business centers accumulating volume for you, giving you three powerful assets , to sell, partner, will or develop yourself. </li></ul><ul><li>People do what you do, and the volume grows faster . </li></ul><ul><li>Right away, you match 10% BDB on your people’s earnings, and an additional 5% on their people’s earnings. </li></ul><ul><li>Three times the income potential to earn $30,000 per week , which is $1.56 million per year ! </li></ul>YOU #1 YOU #3 YOU #2 $2250 $2250