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Contents page research

  1. 1. Contents Page Research By Tesfah Watkins-Scott
  2. 2. 1st Analysis The contents page that I have analysed above I feel has a few problems that will affect its appeal to the audience and reader however, the contents page does contain some useful techniques that I will take on board when creating my reggae music contents page as I have stated above. I really like the use of the bright colour for sections of the text on the contents page to allow the important sections to stand out towards the audience. Furthermore, the use of the bright colour against the quite bold and dark colour used for the background of the contents page also allows the bright coloured text to stand out even more to the reader. One of the flaws of this particular contents page is the use of the masthead. The masthead used is very dull and boring but mostly it probably doesntt link in well with the actual front cover of this music magazine, which I feel would be a major advantage for the contents and front cover of the magazine to look appealing to the audience.
  3. 3. 2nd AnalysisThe second contents page that I have analysed above I feel doesnt appealto the reader as much as the first contents page analysed. This is becausethe second contents page lacks the use of a variety of images that actuallypresent meaning towards the actual genre of the magazine. The mainimage used for this contents page is just of a random girl posing with herring which isnt even showed that clearly due to the blur that has occurred.This will cause the audience to become uninterested with this magazine asa whole because the contents page looks very rushed and unprofessional.Furthermore, the images that have been used do not link in at all with thetext that has been presented in the contents page unlike the first contentspage that I have analysed. Instead the text from the contents page hasmany page numbers with a short sentence, but no image to relate the texttoo to give the reader a sneak preview of what is to come in that section ofthe magazine. On the other hand, I do prefer the background of thiscontents page compared to the first contents page. This is because thiscontents page is quite colourful and bright which links in with the genre.This will also engage the target audience to automatically begin readingthis contents page due to the diagonal effect with the use of colours. Also, Ifeel that the way the contents has been designed justifies the actual targetaudience because, as you can see the background makes the contents pagelook quite girly and feminine and for girls who are into glitter and shinyobjects which i feel narrows the target audience down to a small section.Another aspect of the contents page that I like is the use of colours that linkin with the background for the subheadings in the contents page to breakdown the different types of articles that are in thee magazine into sections.However, this could have been presented much better because the sectionsshown have not been placed correctly in columns to make the magazinehave a nice layout and structure. Instead the columns are very unevenwhich makes the text used look very unorganized and messy.
  4. 4. 1st Mock Up The image above is of a scanned rough plan of what I would like my Reggae music magazine contents page to look like. As you can see I will be using 4 images however, I have also thought about just using 3 images and getting rid of the image that would be on the top right hand side of the page. Furthermore, for the images that will be used I will use a number that will link with the numbered sentence in the actual body of the contents page. This will allow the audience to know automatically what that particular page of the whole magazine will be about. Also, the layout of the images used will be varied. For the largest image which is underneath the masthead it will be placed conventionally in a standing up position. However, the rest of the images used will be rotated 45 degrees which is shown above. Since I have created this plan I have thought about adding a black weed leaf behind the slanted images. This will link in well with the target audience because the culture of original reggae artists such as Bob Marley used to make songs about this particular drug and how it brings peace to the world. I feel that this template will be very useful for me whilst I create my actual contents page because, I feel this particular structure will work very well.