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Final edit 2


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Final edit 2

  1. 1. Marcus & Tesfah
  2. 2.  1) Mid shot – Mother calling red riding hood 2) Medium close up – Red riding hood responds 3) Medium long shot/ Long shot – Mother giving red riding hood a basket of patties 4) High Angle shot/ Close Up – Taking a patty (only her hand is shown and patty being grabbed). 5) Close up – Of red riding about to eat the patty 6) Long shot– mum puts her hand on her hips and puts on her facial a expression (Di Rass), 7) Side angle shot – red riding hood frowns and puts patty back in basket 8) Panning shot – of red riding hood collecting basket and walks to the door then looks to wave 9) Extreme wide shot – mum stands at the door and waves at red riding hood and red riding hood would be a slight distance away from the door but she still turns back and waves and then continues to walk into the woods.
  3. 3.  Camera still – red riding hood skips a few yards towards the camera and when she gets close up to the camera she walks out of the scene (camera is still going to be still) Extreme Long shot - red riding hood skipping (just to set the scene) Medium Close up - red riding hood thinks about eating a patty, and then eats one Close up - wolf steps on poo Long shot - wolf frustrated wth stepping on poo High-angle shot - of red riding hood leaving packet trails of patty, Tilts Down Extreme close up - of wolf twitching nose wolf buckles over his legs - tilts down when hes about to move Long shot, camera follows the wolf moving backwards whilst the wolf is walking forwards - of wolf following trails Medium close up - of wolfs hand grabbing red riding hoods basket Long shot - wolf and red riding hood playing tug-a-war with the patties Mid shot - of red riding hood pulling the basket Mid shot - of wolf pulling the basket High angle/ Long shot - both falling to the ground
  4. 4.  Long shot - red riding hood gets up first and picks up basket and runs Side shot/ long shot - wolf runs behind red riding hood chasing her Long shot - grandmas door left slightly open red riding hood runs inside, three seconds later the wolf runs inside Side shot/medium long shot - red riding hood runs upstairs Long shot - red riding hood runs into the grandmas room high angle shot - of wolf tripping over a ball on the stairs (shadow if possible) Close up - grandma hears the wolf tripping over the stairs, her eyes open wide as if shes going to go loco Medium long shot - red riding hood asks grandma for help High angle shot - wolf crawls up the stairs hurt Medium long shot - grandma asks whats going on Camera follows from a long shot then to an over the shoulder shot - red riding hood hides behind grandma and walks towards the door with the basket in red riding hoods hand Long shot - red riding hood hides behind grandma and walks in the corridor with the basket in red riding hoods hand High angle shot - wolf is near to the top of the stairs still on all four legs Medium close up - red riding hood tells her grandma not to go near the wolf Medium close up - grandma says stay back, Ill be fine High angle shot/ pans up - wolfs about to get up now hes on his legs Low angle - grandma gives the wolf a stern look Close up - wolf looks scared Medium long shot - grandma takes basket out of red riding hoods hand
  5. 5.  Medium Long shot - grandma gets the last patty out of basket and asks if its this you want medium close up - of wolf who nods with a scared face camera still - wolf walks slowly to the patty trying to claim it with his mouth Close up - wolf grabs patty and locks on to it whilst the grandma is holding the patty Pans/Medium long shot - grandma swings her arm towards the wall with the wolf still on the end of the patty, little red riding hood in the background looks scared Medium Long shot - Then the wolf slams into the wall that’s opposite him Close up – red riding hood looks scared Medium close up - the wolf is then In some sort of dizzy spell Medium Long shot - Then the grandma gives the patty back to red riding hood to hold Medium Long shot - then the grandma takes off her granny clothes into her karate uniform Medium Close up - Little red riding hood looks in amazement. Medium Close up - The wolf looks in amazement Long shot - Grandma begins to do some Karate Moves at the wolf POV of grandma punching/ Medium long shot/Long shot - wolf tries to duck Medium Long shot/Long shot - grandma kicks wolf downstairs – POV of grandma Medium Long shot/Long shot - wolf is seen lying on the landing Pans from a Long shot to a POV shot - grandma comes down the stairs picks up the wolf (throws him out the door but wont be seen on camera) Side shot - Wolf jumps out the door in jazzy of fresh prince style. Medium Long shot - grandma dusts hands Medium Long shot - little red riding hood praises her Medium close up - grandma asks where’s the patties close up - red riding hood swallows throat Medium Long shot - grandma shuts the door (she may not close the door fully) shaking her head with a smirk on her face, red riding hood in the background Medium Long shot - look through a window or creek of the door, grandma gets a belt out