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Double page spread Statement of Intent


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Double page spread Statement of Intent

  1. 1. Statement of Intent (Double Page Spread) Tesfah Watkins-Scott
  2. 2. WHAT layout will you be using for your Double Page Spread (This relates to the use of COLUMNS and GRIDS in planning your Double Page Spread) and WHY?The image shown on this slide is of my first double page spread layoutdesign. I have done this to allow me to picture what I want the finaloutcome of my double page spread to look like. As you can see on theright hand side of the double page spread I have thought about placingmy main image their which will be very big almost taking up the wholeside of the page apart from having the folio at the bottom of the page.This large image will link in with the article which would be presented onthe left hand side of the double page spread. As you can see on the lefthand side of the image a big bold headline will be shown at the top of thepage, this will allow the reader’s eye to catch what the articles will beabout which will hopefully draw the reader in. Underneath this will be asubhead which will draw the reader in even more because it will give the For the Main article in this specific layoutaudience a little bit more insight about the article that will follow. Both of I have not used any columns to structurethese techniques will be very decretive as they have to be as appealing as the text of the article. This will not allowpossible to the target audience. Below this will be the article which will the article to look very appealing andbe linking in with the main image on the other side of the double page structured to the audience therefore, Ispread. This text will start off with a drop cap which will allow the have thought about changing thisaudience to look straight towards the article and keep them reading on. I particular layout to something that lookswill decorate the drop cap accordingly to the colour scheme used for the more organised and well presented . Alsorest of the magazine so that it will target my target audience. In the another disadvantage of this particularmiddle of this article I will include a pull out quote which will be slightly layout is that the masthead from thebigger than the articles font size which will allow the reader to get a little front cover of the magazine is no wherehint about the main article to draw them in. Furthermore, under the pull on this layout design which would meanquote a smaller image will be placed followed by a caption which will tell that this double page spread would havethe reader about the image. This will then be followed by a smaller no link or meaning with the actual frontarticle about the relevant image which may involve a little interview type cover of the reggae music magazine, thisof article to attract the reader and make the article more unique. will also need developing in the future.
  3. 3. The image on this slide is my second attempt at a design for my double page spread for my reggae music magazine. As you can see straight away compared with my first design, this one looks much more organised and structured through the use of columns, boxes and borders. First of all on the right hand side of the double page spread instead of jus having a large image on this side of the page I will include a well designed headline that links in with the main image below the subhead which will describe the article that follows the image to attract the reader to read on. The article that will be underneath the large image will begin with a drop cap which will be created according to the colour scheme of this page. The article would be structured into three columns which will allow this section to look well presented and very tidy towards the audience. Also, for this specific design I have thought about using the colour red for the font in the first column then yellow for the second and then green for the last. This will link in very well with the target audience for my genre of music and also will link in with my contents page and front cover for my magazine.For the left hand side of the double page spread layout design, there will also be another headline to emphasise aseparate article to the one on the right hand side of the page. This headline will also be designed to suit the colourscheme and to appeal to the target audience. Underneath this will be a subhead which I haven’t made any changes tofrom the first layout design that I created. However, next to the subhead for this design will be a by line stating my nameas I have created the article and so forth which will allow the double page spread not to look anonymous to the audience.Underneath this will be the beginning of the article which will start with a drop cap just like my first design. Furthermore,the text for the article will be placed around the image specified for that article using an image margin so that the articlewill go around the shape of which ever image I decide to use for this section. This will allow the text to be attractive to thereader without clashing with the image that links with the text, instead it allows the image and text to look wellstructured and neat. At the bottom of this page will be some sort of interview which will provide a question from me andan answer from the reggae artist involved with the article. This will allow the magazine to look quite friendly andsociable and will allow the reader to enjoy the actual topics of the article and not be bored. The interview would also beassembled into three columns like the article on the opposite page to keep my double page spread organised and un-cluttered.
  4. 4. WHAT image/images will you be using for your Double PageSpread and WHY will it/they appeal to your potential target audience? This will be the main image that I will be using for my double page spread. The reason I have chose this image specifically for my main image is because on the front cover of my Reggae music magazine the model used in this image is the same as the model on the front of my front cover which shows the audience that one of the main articles in the magazine will be about him. Furthermore, the interview that will relate with this image includes topics about the Reggae legend Bob Marley so I thought that it would be a good idea to incorporate Bob Marley into the actual image somehow. Moreover, when my target audience observe this image I feel that they would find the image very appealing not only because Bob Marley is included but because when they read on they will notice that a couple of the questions that will be in the interview refer to my model (Everal ‘Ragga’ Watkins) being almost like Bob Marley’s Prodigy and student so they are connected through Reggae music, so I thought that the image to interpret this should also show the two characters becoming connected with almost the same pose in the close up side angled shot.
  5. 5. WHAT image/images will you be using for your Double PageSpread and WHY will it/they appeal to your potential target audience?
  6. 6. WHAT story/stories will you be including in your Double PageSpread and WHY will it/they be related to the image/images?For my double page spread I will be including one main article and also involve an interview with one of themain artists established throughout the whole product. The interview that I will be creating will consist of 4 indepth questions about the artist ‘Everal Ragga Watkins’s life and career so far. The reason why I havespecifically chosen to do an interview in a section of the double page spread is to give a sense of verisimilitudetowards the target audience. Some of the questions that I will use for the interview include areas about theReggae Legend Bob Marley. I have chosen to do so because, the main image that I will be using in the doublepage spread will be an image of my model (my father) and an image of Bob Marley both at a side angle toalmost seem like a 2 shot. I will then try and merge both images together using the blur tool to almost makethe image look like they are together as one. I feel that this particular interview will engage my target audienceespecially because I have included Bob Marley in the questions which will appeal to the audience because he isalmost like the ‘God of Reggae’.The article that I will be including on the first page of my double page spread will be about the Reggae artist‘Taja Gaza’. The article will basically be about what the artist has coming up in the future to do with her Reggaemusic career and also about how she got into the Reggae Business. For this particular article I will begin the textby talking about the musicians accomplishments so far in her career which will then link in with a briefdescription of the Reggae artists life growing up before she reached her peak as a Reggae artist. This will allowmy target audience to actually be drawn in into the story because by the way the article will be structured it willseem as if the story is full proof without a hint of a lie. For this particular article I will link it in with a sub imagewhich will be found in either the centre of the text or just next to the drop cap that I will be using for thebeginning of the article. The image will relate to the text to the fullest because the mise-en-scene of the imagewill show props, facial expressions and a costume that will all relate to the musical theme but, I want the imageto relate to specifically Reggae music so I will make my model where a costume which involves the 3 maincolours in the Caribbean culture which is red, gold (yellow) and green. This will instantly attract my targetaudience and will instantly urge them to read the actual article after observing this particular image.
  7. 7. WHAT colour scheme (shades, tints and colours) will you be using and WHY?For my double page spread I have thought about sticking to the same colour scheme as the front cover andthe contents page because it will then allow all three sections to link in well. Also, another advantage of this isthat the specific red, yellow and green colours will link in well with my target audience which will be from aAfrican and Caribbean nature and these three colours have been used for the countries and islands flags andalso religion. However, I have had my doubts about using the same three colours again because I also feel thatrepetitively using the same colours will end up boring the audience because it wont give them the same feeland the wow factor that they had when they would first see the colours used for the front cover of themagazine. For the text of the articles I will be creating I have thought about using the red, gold and greencombination as I have said for my drafts but, if this does not looking appealing and I don’t feel that it willattract my target audience I may just use one of the three colours for the text so that all the colours do not getoverused. The use of just using one colour for the text for instance ‘green’ will allow me to use another colourlike red or yellow on a different section of the double page spread like the headline which will allow everysection on the page to link in without looking too bright and colourful. For the background of both pages ofthe double page spread I have thought about using the same background as the front cover as I used thissame background for the contents page. But through the research of different double page spread’s I havefound that they look much more appealing when they use a different background from anything else becauseit allows the two pages to stand out really well to the audience and draws them in. At first I thought that bydoing this, it will make the double page spread look quite random and secluded from the rest of the magazinehowever, if a folio is used at the bottom of both pages with a page number I could place the masthead fromthe front cover at the bottom of the page where the folio is and minimize the size of the masthead. This willautomatically establish to the reader that this double page spread comes from my specific music magazine.
  8. 8. WHAT type of fonts and font sizes (style of lettering used) will you be using for your Double Page Spread and WHY? I have thought about using the font ‘Stencil Std’ for my double page spread for many reasons. This particular font is very bold and eye- catching due to its thick structure. Due to this I have thought about using this particular font for the Headlines that will be placed on my double page spread. The reason why I may use this font for the headline(s) is because I want the headline(s) to be the first aspect of the double page spread that my target audience will look at, and I feel that with this font combined with quite a large font size such as 48 will definitely stand out to the audience which will allow them to read on. Furthermore, when searching for a font that I think would work best for my double page spread, I couldn’t decide whether I wanted the shape to be quite rounded, or stick to a straight lined and square shaped font. Moreover, when I first saw this font I realised that the shape of the font used both types of shaped fonts because, some characters that are shown in the image are quite rounded such as the letter ‘C’ and also some letters are quite straight for example the letter ‘E’. I feel that this will allow the audience to be attracted to this particular font because it contains both types of structure which should appeal to everyone in my specific target audience.
  9. 9. WHAT type of fonts and font sizes (style of lettering used) will you be using for your Double Page Spread and WHY? This image on the slide is of the font named ‘Impact’. I have thought about using this font for many reasons for my double page spread. Although this font is quite basic, I feel that if I use it in the right sections of my double page spread that it could be quite effective. I will use this font for the actual articles in my double page spread because, the font size for the article will be quite small to fit all of the text in the correct places therefore with other fonts the audience would not be able to read the text properly, however with this particular font because it is quite bold and thick even when reduced to a font size of about 12 the audience will still be able to actually read the articles.