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Business management consulting response (2)


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Management Consulting Slide Deck for 10 person specialized boutique accounting firm.

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Business management consulting response (2)

  1. 1. Business Management <br />Consulting Proposal<br />Rand/Webster<br />Marcelo Alterman<br />416 894 5930<br />CLIENT<br />May 13, 2010<br />
  2. 2. Scope 3 <br />Overview 5<br />Engagement & Process 6<br />Billing 7<br />Admin Performance Management 8 <br />Monitoring Associate Time 9<br />Associate Performance Management 10, 11 <br />Associate Time Management 12, 13<br />Quality Control 14<br />Account Receivables 15<br />HR, Privacy 16<br />Managing the Business 17 <br />Resources & Professional Fees 18 <br />Next Steps 19<br />Contents<br />
  3. 3. Scope<br />The partners enumerated the following in-scope areas: <br />3<br />Improving Associate Time Management <br />Billable Time reports & work management<br />HR Documentation<br />Privacy Policy<br />Sick leave<br />Legally defensible HR documentation<br />Technology Optimization<br />Associate Education<br />Compensation Analysis<br />Performance based<br />Cost Controls<br />Office supplies, lease/own options<br /> WIP/write-offs and A/R Collections/ AP-AR Rules<br />Monitoring Admin staff <br />Admin staff time management and reporting<br />Quality Control <br />Work product QA processes, checks and balances<br />
  4. 4. Scope Slide 2<br />The associates and admin staff enumerated the following engagement areas:<br />4<br />Avoiding duplicate work with document library*<br />Older files are a nightmare, unorganized w/ no direction*<br />Outsourcing engagement, photocopies & follow-up letters to admin<br />Lunch and learn<br /><ul><li>E</li></ul>Efficiency<br />Workflow is up and down, hard to manage<br />Balancing workload between ees, some drowning and others not<br />Too much work/struggle with work volume<br />Interruptions during the day *<br />Workload<br />Juggling files and deadlines<br />File priorities<br />Rules on how to close a file<br />Planning of the file/Planning memo/file review<br />Files<br />Expectations of partners<br />Vague rules on what times should be booked and what not<br />More clarity on recoverable – this file should be $X and Y time spent <br />Expectations<br />*Multiple employee response <br />
  5. 5. Overview <br /><ul><li>Client is a growing business concern that has seen its business increase in complexity due mainly to increased employee count and work load.
  6. 6. The partners at Client are individual contributors, business developers, ee mentors and business managers.
  7. 7. Many of the current business processes need re-working to accommodate the current and future business direction. These areas include:
  8. 8. Billings, accounts receivable and collections
  9. 9. HR - Basic Organizational development, Performance Management, Compensation, training & development
  10. 10. Business management – business data and analysis, quality control, cost controls </li></ul>The objective of this set of projects is to standardize and formalize business practices in order to increase employee productivity and engagement, improve services, provide business intelligence, lower risk and increase profit.<br />5<br />
  11. 11. Engagement & Process<br />Critical Success Factors:<br />Process (Eating the Elephant):<br />6<br /><ul><li>Commitment from the business owners to work to clearly define and communicate one CLIENT business vision & strategy and a common set of prioritised pain-points.
  12. 12. Clearly defining and communicating the expectations down to the Admin level.
  13. 13. Commitment to the processes that are put in place, including the management and audit of the processes by the partners.
  14. 14. Meeting Expectations of partners </li></ul>The in-scope areas for analysis and evaluation touch on every aspect of the business. Our suggested approach is to divide the project into discrete sub-projects. Each sub-project area has been chosen with the view to discrete analysis, process creation, implementation and delivery. <br />This approach is engineered to provide CLIENT the opportunity to prioritise the sub-projects and monitor complete sub-project results. apValuation will be gauging nine discrete project results over time, giving CLIENT maximum control over the management consulting program. <br />
  15. 15. Billing<br /> Definition of Service: Bills should go out in the first 5 days of the month. Currently many bills go out on the 2nd and 3rd week of the month. <br />Business Requirements:<br /><ul><li>Admin Time Management </li></ul>Documenting Admin work process, setting work priorities, time management analysis and creating a monthly work schedule. By making Admin more efficient, bills will be sent sooner, leaving time for the Admin to complete other duties. <br /><ul><li>Billing process re-engineering</li></ul>Billing Form Review - Current bill requires 5+ steps to produce. Time consumption is focused on the cutting & pasting and reworking of the work completed description. Modified form will save 5-7 minutes per form; bills can go out 1+ week sooner. <br />Studying what stages in the billing cycle can be completed before the 1st of the month.<br />Reviewing and agreeing on a standard letter template. <br /><ul><li>Reporting and control </li></ul>Creating Billing reports to study Admin and partner engagement with the new process, gaps and assumption, reworking process, etc., towards the goal of a 100% compliant 4 day billing cycle. <br /><ul><li>Technology</li></ul>Once process improvements have been tested and approved, we can study technology integration in the billing process. This is initially out of scope because anything but rudimentary use of existing technology requires a project scoping analysis, research, costing, demos, implementation, development, training, reporting & analysis, thereby increasing complexity. <br />Complexity: Moderate – 3-4 days <br />7<br />
  16. 16. Admin Performance Management<br /> Definition of Service: Creating and documenting enumerated and prioritized work <br /> expectations with timelines. Getting Admin acceptance of the terms of service. Putting <br /> processes in place to assist Admin in time management, prioritization and the execution of <br /> duties. Creating a review process to monitor Admin performance. <br />Business Requirements:<br /><ul><li>Admin Time Management, billing process re-engineering and reporting & control
  17. 17. See Billing Slide
  18. 18. Creating work description document with expectations
  19. 19. Including sick days and lateness policy and reporting process
  20. 20. Creating a system of monthly scheduled “to-dos” which would include Billing, ordering</li></ul> supplies, other duties<br /><ul><li>Creating monthly performance management sessions to review deliverables and past </li></ul> performance<br /><ul><li>Doing a run-through of the session</li></ul>Complexity: Moderate – 1-2 days + Billing project time<br />8<br />
  21. 21. Definition of Service: Creating processes to report, monitor and analyse ee time to use as:<br /><ul><li>A business analysis tool for tracking and analysing monthly, quarterly and yearly consolidated results as compared to set targets and past averages.
  22. 22. As a performance management tool, for trend analysis on billing hours and write-off percentages over time, to analyse billing hours and write-off percentages as they relate to set targets and, as they compare to the results of other associates and the average associate at the firm. Data analysis for productivity and salary/seniority comparison</li></ul> Business Requirements: <br /><ul><li>Using the existing WIP analysis and data to create comparative analysis and reports:
  23. 23. Looking to re-work the WIP report
  24. 24. To add a break out for vacation/sick days/ exams
  25. 25. To add profitability analysis
  26. 26. Re-work WIP analysis ratios and targets, add Ave. Associate comparison
  27. 27. Comprehensive total WIP report for all Associates
  28. 28. Create trend analysis information on monthly reports
  29. 29. Create year-to-date reporting
  30. 30. Creating policies on Billing information access and distribution, See Employee Engagement</li></ul> Complexity: Moderate – 3-4 days<br />Monitoring Associate Time<br />9<br />
  31. 31. Associate Performance Management<br /> Definition of Service: <br /><ul><li>Study, analyse, create and roll-out a performance-based compensation plan.
  32. 32. Study, analyse, create and roll-out an associate performance management </li></ul> plan for CLIENT, in keeping with their desired corporate culture and business strategy. <br />Comp. Plan Business Requirements:<br /><ul><li>To create a compensation plan that better aligns compensation to billable hours, write-offs, customer service, team work, technical knowledge, other KPIs.
  33. 33. Studying a plan similar to associate X, working with bonuses based on performance
  34. 34. Creating a communication strategy and delivering the plan.
  35. 35. Creating and presenting the monthly billing reports associated with the performance plan to the associates (see Billing Slide)
  36. 36. Process to deliver report to all associates on a per month basis.
  37. 37. Matching the compensation plan to the overall performance management plan. </li></ul>10<br />
  38. 38. Associate Performance Management Slide 2<br />Performance Management Plan Business Requirements: <br /><ul><li>Creating and communicating clear performance expectations, with role clarity.
  39. 39. Create work descriptions that include the professional behaviour and technical knowledge to be expected at a minimum, Jr., Int. and Sr. Level. Include paths for reaching these goals, such as:
  40. 40. CVB, Other courses, Specializations
  41. 41. Analysis and creation of a performance management process that is fair and consistent.
  42. 42. Use the time/billing monitoring reports as a performance management tool (see Monitoring Associate Time Slide)
  43. 43. Analysis and creation of a performance management process that is fair and consistent.
  44. 44. Create performance rating system to capture areas in need of performance improvement and create a template for the partners to use to help the ee close the gap between desired results and actual results.
  45. 45. Form an action plan to foster a positive environment, work enjoyment, ethics and good peer/staff relations leading to employee engagement and better business results. </li></ul>Complexity: Moderate - 4 - 5 days<br />11<br />
  46. 46. Associate Time Management<br /> Definition of Service: Associate time management initiatives to catch and reduce mistakes and make ees more efficient and productive (I’m stuck..., On-track systems)<br />Business Requirements:<br /><ul><li>Re-drafting the Planning Memo
  47. 47. Timelines
  48. 48. Simplification
  49. 49. Top-level
  50. 50. Investigate check list creation
  51. 51. Setting deliverables with dates on all work product
  52. 52. Creating status report system
  53. 53. Allowing partners to see all task, work-in-progress, time-lines and deliverable dates .
  54. 54. Working from a common scheduling and tasking form.
  55. 55. Creating engagement rules regarding project/task urgency.
  56. 56. To provide associates with uninterrupted block times during the day </li></ul>12<br />
  57. 57. Associate Time Management Slide 2<br />Business Requirements Continued:<br /><ul><li>Analysing associate time by work value
  58. 58. Looking at low-value work that can be handed to Admin or Jr. Personnel
  59. 59. Photocopying and saving emails
  60. 60. Basic technical analysis
  61. 61. Creating rules on what work is sourced, when and to whom
  62. 62. Facilitating knowledge share to reduce duplicate effort
  63. 63. Creating a file index system on complex research topics for closed files
  64. 64. Excel or searchable Sharepoint tags
  65. 65. Quick and simple searchable library
  66. 66. Templates
  67. 67. Creating set templates with paragraph options
  68. 68. Avoids everyone having their own
  69. 69. Easier to cut and paste
  70. 70. Common language and style
  71. 71. Library
  72. 72. Organizing library and adding sign-off pad </li></ul>Complexity: Moderate – 4-5 days <br />13<br />
  73. 73. Quality Control<br /> Definition of Service: Creating a work review system for all associates and <br /> partners to avoid errors <br /> Business Requirements Continued:<br /><ul><li>Analysing standard practices in QC in similar businesses
  74. 74. Creating a system of review that complies with acceptable QC practices but is not cost prohibitive
  75. 75. Explore file check-lists
  76. 76. Implement review system and review</li></ul> Complexity: Moderate – 1-2 days<br /> AA22212<br />14<br />
  77. 77. Account Receivables<br />Definition of Service: Create an A/R structure that is composed of a general A/R approach together with enumerated and finite exceptions. The structure will <br />allow for more simplified administration and root-cause reporting. <br />Business Requirements:<br /><ul><li>Work with partners to agree on a common approach/rules on A/R
  78. 78. Policy on retainers, percent ask, and communication to client of new retainer requirements
  79. 79. Policy on work completed to billed monthly , if more than x
  80. 80. Create rules on exceptions and agree on A/R process for each exception
  81. 81. Policy on client messaging/collections/escalation process
  82. 82. Create billing and structured A/R policy framework/process and, train & implement.
  83. 83. Analyse current customer communication of A/R message at each stage of the process
  84. 84. Work on implementing an effective, repeatable process
  85. 85. Create reports to monitor aging, retainers, balance of accounts and summaries for general approach and exceptions
  86. 86. Conduct trend analysis
  87. 87. Plug A/R data into profit analysis </li></ul>Complexity:Moderate - 4 - 5 days<br />15<br />
  88. 88. HR, Privacy<br /> Definition of Service: <br /><ul><li>Create a basic legally defensible HR filing system with templates and basic on-boarding to facilitate performance management .
  89. 89. To create a privacy policy in line with governing laws and best practices. </li></ul> Business Requirements:<br /><ul><li>Creation of policies on vacation, tardiness, absenteeism, dress, non-disclosure, confidentiality, etc., and communicating those policies.
  90. 90. Creating a privacy policy that fits the apValuation business
  91. 91. Research and conduct privacy policy base lining
  92. 92. Work on creating the policy, communicating the policy and review business processes to ensure compliance</li></ul> Complexity: Moderate - 3- 4<br />16<br />
  93. 93. Managing The Business<br /> Definition of Service: general reports and information that will provide a snap <br />shot of the business, trend analysis, WIP, profitability, employee productivity.<br />Business Requirements:<br /><ul><li>Work on creating KPIs for the business and then reporting the information in a form that allows for quick analysis.
  94. 94. Investigate creating a dashboard with key KPIs and work with partners on defining the KPIs they need to understand their business
  95. 95. Can include profitability analysis per engagement
  96. 96. Total Billable hours per month to monthly target, year total to date
  97. 97. Associate availability and work-in progress
  98. 98. A/R
  99. 99. Trend graphing </li></ul>Complexity: Moderate - 4 - 5 days<br />17<br />
  100. 100. Resources & Professional Fees<br /> Resources:<br /> In addition to the consulting resource, the project requires that CLIENT make available their admin employees as they are necessary resources in the completion of the projects. <br /> Professional Fees: <br />18<br />
  101. 101. Next Steps<br />Meeting with partners to review the proposal with a <br />view to creating sub-project priorities and reviewing <br />scope and, the definitions of service<br />Creating and setting a timeline for delivery of the <br /> sub-project<br />Begin analysis, create processes, present to partners, <br /> implement and train on sub-project<br /> Meeting with partners to review the next sub-project <br /> for scope and the definitions of service<br />19<br />Priorities<br />Timelines<br />Analysis & Implementation<br />Priorities<br />
  102. 102. Q & A<br />20<br />Thank You!<br />Rand/Webster<br />Marcelo Alterman<br />416 894 5930<br />