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"Putting It All Together" Webinar Presentation 07242009


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Hard copy of July 24, 2009 webinar "Putting It All Together". The webinar provided explanations of Value Stream Mapping, Voice of Customer, and Kaizen.

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"Putting It All Together" Webinar Presentation 07242009

  1. 1. Brown Bag University: Wrapping VSM and VOC Together
  2. 2. Brown Bag University: Value Stream Mapping • Introductions • Review – Current State VSM Process – Voice of Customer Process – Alumni Association Case Study • Developing a Future State VSM – Keys to Developing a FS VSM – Alumni Association Case Study • Kaizen Event – Defining Kaizen – Phases of Kaizen • Questions and Answers
  3. 3. Facilitators Mike Pircer Dan Walker MAP Business Solutions, Inc. River’s End Consulting (248) 379-8344 (248) 770-2554
  4. 4. Value Stream Mapping What is Value Stream Mapping? • PENCIL AND PAPER!!! • Door to Door • Prioritize Improvement Plans
  5. 5. Value Stream Mapping Benefits of Value Stream Mapping. • Creates a vision of the future. • Enables broad participation. • Reduces the risk of creating “islands of excellence”. • Helps to break down communication barriers. • Provides an implementation road map.
  6. 6. Current-State Value Stream Mapping Current- A few VSM Icon Definitions
  7. 7. Alumni Association Current State VSM
  8. 8. Voice of Customer We are going to ask our Stakeholders about: • Experiences with our products and services • Experiences with competitor products and services © River’s End Consulting,
  9. 9. VOC: The Process 1. Build a small team of internal experts 2. Identify what we already know 3. Identify what we do not know 4. Develop specific topics of conversation and generate questions 5. Interview select individuals 6. Sort and analyze the interview responses 7. Take the information forward to future state mapping © River’s End Consulting,
  10. 10. VOC: Case Study 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Define most Understand the Understand Define alumni effective method Understand Define what Alumni impact of online Understand the Objectives: graduate concept perception of for population definition desire in a classes on the perception of of "giving back" to value. communicating of "involvement". community. alumni event value. . value to alumni. community. Tell me why you How do online Tell me what your Describe the most Describe a charity, Please describe a feel compelled to How would you define classes hinder understanding of efficient way to church, group, team good Alumni event give back to Question 1 a community of your participation what the Alumni communicate info that you've been that you've college. alumni? in the alumni Assoc. does. to you. involved with. attended. association? Tell me why you How would an Describe to me What compels How frequently would Please describe a don't feel What would you like established social what the Alumni you to act on the you like to be involved bad Alumni event compelled to give Question 2 to see in a Alumni networking Association info you with the Alumni that you've back to college. community? community should do for you. received? Association? attended. benefit you? To you, what How well was the How would you would be the value of Tell me the value define your Tell me about your What is your desire to Describe the responsibility to value of being a participating in of regularly Question 3 involvement in other be part of a online class member of the the Alumni scheduled Alumni post graduation? organizations. community? community. Alumni communicated to meetings. Association? you? Describe your How would an Tell me about how "connectivity" to What does being established social What types of What does being a you are involved with How do you define a the College based Question 4 a Graduate meannetworking events are Graduate mean to virtual/social community? on the amount of to you? community valuable to you? you? networks. online classes benefit you? you have taken. © River’s End Consulting,
  11. 11. VOC: The Interviews One interview facilitator One or two note takers Written, verbatim notes Very conversational format © River’s End Consulting,
  12. 12. Future-State Value Stream Mapping Future- Creating the Future-State VSM • Voice of Process Review (VOP) • Voice of Customer Review (VOC) • Determining improvement ideas. • Draw future-state map. • Communicate.
  13. 13. Alumni Association Future State VSM
  14. 14. Kaizen A Japanese word that means “Change for the better”. Rapid improvement. Action based.
  15. 15. Phases of Kaizen Blitz 1. Preparation 2. Kaizen Blitz Event 3. Follow-Up
  16. 16. Typical Event (3-5 days) (3- • Examine the process • Sort out the value-added steps • Brainstorm • Setup new process and balance work • Debug and formally document the new process • Report out
  17. 17. Alumni Association Case Study Cate- Required End Task ID gory Task Task Owner Date Status Initat e& Plan Done, WIP, *= Identify name, names or concerns, group To Do IP 01 Confirm event is a Board Approved Produce preliminary budget and confirm IP 02 sponsorship funding IP 03 Recruit Work Team Members IP 04 Launch Event Planning IP 05 Complete Initial Version of Event Checklist IP 06 Create online event registration form Create Info Form for Event & Distribute to Board, IP 07 promoters, operations and others IP 08 Post Event on website for initial publication IP 09 confirm event date IP 10 Event Progr am - Initial Planni ng E IP 01 Obtain & Confirm sponsorship E IP 02 Obtain speakers Get a Production Manager and a back up from the E IP 03 student chapter
  18. 18. Summary VSM VOC Kaizen
  19. 19. Questions and Answers Mike Pircer Dan Walker MAP Business Solutions, Inc. River’s End Consulting (248) 379-8344 (248) 770-2554
  20. 20. Recommended References Books Websites • Learning to See, Mike Rother and John • The Lean Enterprise Institute (eVSM Shook software can be purchased from this site) • Value Stream Management for the Lean Office, Don Tapping and Tom Shuker Training: • Voices into Choices, Gary Burchill and • University of Christina Hepner Brodie Michigan Lean Certification Program. • Synchronous Management, • Villanova Mokshagundam Srikanth and Michael University Lean Six Sigma Umble Certification Program • Throughput Accounting, Thomas Corbett