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LIghting & Location Photoshop Portfolio II


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Lighting & Location features nine images where extensive color and lighting corrections were needed to enhance the communication value of the photographs.

In most instances, without the corrections, the photographs would have been unsuitable for print reproduction.

Have photography needing similar type of corrections? Email me a low resolution copy for review.

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LIghting & Location Photoshop Portfolio II

  1. 1. Color & Tonal Corrections When Lighting & Location Aren’t Quite Right Imaging by: Martha DiMeo
  2. 2. Before & After Objective - To Highlight the Floral Arrangements Best When Viewed at Full Screen
  3. 3. Please Note: Actual Colors May Vary All color corrections were done to SWOP standards, optimized for print reproduction. The physical condition of your monitor, software settings, system settings, and viewing conditions may result in a misrepresentation of the final color. Digital Imaging by: Martha DiMeo Contact Information: 401-261-6969
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