Tips to Get High Page Rank for Your Website


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Discover a number of great Tips to Get High Page Rank for Your Website

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Tips to Get High Page Rank for Your Website

  1. 1. Because your Success Is Mandatory Today
  2. 2. Tips to get high Page RankWrite Quality Content- Blog for your readers and not just for Google. As Google also values quality content. If your blog post is well written and includes the exact information readers want, Readers will automatically connect to it from their own blogs to your blog.
  3. 3. Tips to get high Page RankGet Incoming Links from High Quality Same Niche Sites When you have high quality content in your blog, half of work is done. You then need to get incoming links from the high page rank same niche websites.
  4. 4. Tips to get high Page RankGuest Posting – Guest posting is one of the best ways to get the high quality backlinks for your webpage. Many leading blogs, in fact most of them are now accepting the good quality guest posts and allowing 1-2 do follow links towards your blog.
  5. 5. Tips to get high Page RankBlog Commenting – Blog commenting is another best way to get high quality backlinks for your blog. Make sure that your comment is sensible and properly relevant to the post you are commenting on. Remember that you must comment on the blog providing the do-follow links for your blog.
  6. 6. Tips to get high Page RankMaintain Outbound Links Just creating the inbound and outbound links is not enough, you have to maintain them. Outbound links are equally important and play a very eminent role to improve the Page Rank. Outbound links in your website will be the authority for your website on that particular topic.
  7. 7. Tips to get high Page RankSubmit Articles in Good Article directories Keep on submitting posts in good article directories and trust me it works. The article directories give a do-follow links for your blogs in return. This helps in increasing your Page Rank and traffic too.
  8. 8. Tips to get high Page RankRegular Site update Google hates inactive blogs and so if you want a good Page Rank for your website; keep updating your blog regularly. Google keep on crawling the websites and if it notices no updates, it leaves a negative impact of your blog.
  9. 9. Tips to get high Page RankSocial Sharing Brings Good Exposure Social sharing is an inseparable part of blogging. Social media is the best mode to publicize your blogs worldwide. It brings you huge traffic and also make your website popular and recognized Highly popular websites get a good Page Rank from Google.
  10. 10. Tips to get high Page RankInternal linking of your WebPages Ensure every post is interlinked with other blog posts. Always try to have the next relevant post linked for your readers. Interlinking of posts gives you more page views. It increases the blogs reputation in Google to further help you to get a higher Page Rank.
  11. 11. Tips to get high Page RankLoading Speed Of Your Website The world is busy and so no one has time to wait for your site to load, not even Google. Slow websites means the reader will move on to other sites which may increase the bounce rate and decrease your Page Rank. Use SEO optimized fast loading theme for your website. Deactivate and delete the unwanted plugins. from your website.
  12. 12. Tips to get high Page RankSubmit your site on RSS Directory RSS means Really Simple Syndication and thus submitting the website on RSS Directory helps to greatly improvingyour Google Page Rank.
  13. 13. Tips to get high Page RankTheme Matters Theme, layout and design of your website matters greatly Recommendation is to maintain a single theme and design for your website. Settle with one theme, keep it clean and it works in bringing your PR up.
  14. 14. Tips to get high Page RankFree Thanks for being here gift. Click
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